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    Pussy Loves Me 

    Ever since I was a toddler, domestic animals, and in particular dogs and cats have seen to have an affinity for me and single me out of the crowd. The problem is that it’s not just domestic animals, one time, on a school field trip to the Baltimore Zoo, they were allowing the Ostrich to walk around the picnic area, it singled me out and took the tuna fish sandwich my grandmother had made me as it seemed to menace me in the most unfriendly and disturbing manner. Even at that age, I knew that a bird that big could truly Fuck you up in the worst way because they are the descendents of dinosaurs and raptors in particular.

    When it comes to cats, my ex- wife wanted to adopt this black cat from a rescue group that had him on display at the Pet’s Mart in Lincoln where she worked as the Pet Care Manager. So, I took the kids and we went to meet the cat and when the worker brought him in and sat him on the floor, it was as if he knew I was the decision maker and totally ignored my kids who were calling to him and trying to lure him over to them and jumped up on the bench next to me purring like an American Muscle Car or a well tuned Harley. He knew what he was doing because I signed the adoption papers and paid them the re-homing fee and arranged for my ex-wife to bring him home when she was finished her shift.

    This is Maxie and she belongs to Robert, the ICP House resident monitor who takes care of all the house ground keeping, keeps the kitchen stocked and supervises the residents and prepares dinner for us everday. She has decided that I’m the go-to when she can’t find Robert and she gives me an ear full when this occurs. This happened this morning when Robert was late filling her now empty bowl with food and providing her with fresh water. You would have thought it had been weeks, instead of a few hours by the amount if whining and bitching she did to let me know just how displeased she was and how inappropriate this situation was and that the status quo of her being the queen of the villa must be maintained if she was going to single handedly prevent a return if the bubonic plague by keeping the rodent population in check. That’s her story and she was sticking to it, had I seen any rats or mice? No? Then she was doing her job and us hairless apes, with opposable thumbs had better do ours and fill her bowls in a timely manner.

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    In The hospital, they checked my blood four times a day, before each meal and then again before bed time each night. That nurse would inquire, asking which finger I wanted them to jab to retrieve the small drop of good that was required for the test. Must usual response was to hold up the middle finger and grin which could seem to implicate something completely different then they interpreted, that this was the finger that I wanted them to use. Sometimes, I could see in their eyes and facial expressions that they understood that there could very well be two different and valid interpretations for my actions and that both interpretations could be completely valid at the same time. I could very well be saying Fuck you and use this finger because they didn’t conflict and actually one enhanced the other. I did this because when they applied the lancet and it punctured my skin, it hurt in the same way as getting stung by an insect.

    Now, that I have to check it on my own and I’m the one responsible for collecting the blood sample, I have taken the time to learn the most gentle, least painful and traumatic method for using the lancet. Most times, I can do it and barely feel it, if I feel it at all and thankfully the meter only requires the smallest droplet of blood to get an accurate reading.

    I love that I have figured this out, because my finger tips were always a bit tender in the hospital, which made doing tasks where I had to grip small, rough edges tightly, an uncomfortable task. I hate having to do it, but it has to be done in order to keep control of the disease.

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    Biological Imperative 

    All life on planet earth has one single biological imperative, to make copies of it’s DNA, thus passing on the most favorable traits to the offspring. Fitness is a measure if this ability to make copies of their DNA. All around us, from animals, to insects and plants, everything is having sex. As we slowly orbit the Sun, and the calendar progresses to the fall equinox and the time for the harvest, one could easily forget that the fruit being harvested is the result of plant sex and that flowers are plant genitalia. Many do not realize that bees, that help carry the pollen from the male plant to the female are involved in the sexual act of that plant.

    This is the first time since I was 8 years old that I have been completely without a SLR type film camera, or fairly nice digital camera and it’s because some asshole decided he needed everything that I owned to buy methamphetamine and took them from me while I was trying to do something nice and generous for him.

    The Kodak camera used above cost about $6 at Goodwill and I am sure the person who donated it never got photographs like this, because they require that you know how to operate not just the zoom, but also the manual settings for the camera. The things that you learn using film and a manual SLR. While it might have been able to have been captured with the automatic settings, it wouldn’t have been as sharp and clear.

    Then there is this image of the full moon, which would have just been a bright white circle with the automatic settings of the camera and require a that you truly understand the manual settings and took me a bit of time to get just right and then a little bit of time to manipulate the various values using Google Photos limited built in editor. I take a lot of pictures, randomly throughout the day and when I see the moon, it usually gets a snap or two simply because it’s so amazingly beautiful to me.

    While smartphone cameras have come a long way, the has a lens with moving glass for zooming and focus. This is clear to see in the image above taken on a 5 or so year old Kodak digital camera which was used to take all of the other pictures in this article that were not taken with the Samsung Galaxy S8. The moving glass is why I really want a other Motorola Z Force phone and the Hassleblad Moto-Mod.

    Yes, Lady Bug Sex. It’s real and this is how they do it, because they are still driven by the same biological imperative as a 14 year old teenager in the midst of puberty.

    Some species do it back to back and this picture makes it look like a spectator sport. I wonder if that’s another male and he is just waiting his turn? This is how my warped mind works and this is my blog for this incredibly disturbing Sunday to try and add a little humor to the current tragedies.

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    Jumping Through Hoops 

    When you go to a county Department of Human Assistance office, it’s a lengthy process that seems designed to make the person who is applying spend time waiting in the hopes that they will just give up and quit before they have completed the process without gaining any access to those entitlement benefits. The prices also seems to have procedures that appear to be designed to make the person feel like they are doing stupid tricks like a dog, jumping through a hoop in order to obtain the promised treat. Placer County now also collects photographic and fingerprint information from applicants under the auspices of fraud prevention, to stop people from exercising multiple applications and that this information will not be used anywhere else or shared with any other agency or entity.

    This may be totally true, but keep in mind that it was illegal to use a social security number for identification purposes or to store it in abt commercial data information storage and retrieval system, especially like those used by banks and credit card companies use today. This ban was written in to the original social security actor that was ratified and passed by both the Senate and the House before being signed by the sitting president, Franklin Delano Roosevelt as part of his New Deal.

    We see how well that worked and how well it kept the number from being used by banks and credit card companies and by credit reporting agencies. How long until this database its used for other purposes?

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    Skid Row 

    When I moved in with an acquaintance that I mistakenly labeled my friend in January, I knew that ultimately it would probably not work out and that when I left it would probably be the end of our friendship because this always happens in situations like mine. I could never have foreseen thst the reason I would have to move out would be caused by something that my ex-wife had done during our divorce that created a record in my background that looks like an eviction. So, after having living there for about three months, I moved out like I told him that I would when I was told by the landlord that I didn’t qualify to live there. I had honestly though that my doing that would maintain the friendship because it would absolve him from any repercussions from my staying there. I never thought he would use the methods Mormon Adults often use to chastise and manipulate their youbg adults to convince then to control them. See, the Mormon use a technique where they cut the person off from all contact or any assistance which is spread throughout friends and family to isolate the person in an attempt to get the person to beg to be forgiven and agree to do whatever it is that the person who started this wants them to do. The fucked up part in this is that there wasn’t anything he wanted me to do that I didn’t do, he just didn’t think I did it fast enough. I really couldn’t understand why he acted the way he did and it made things worse in some respects because it tried to sabotage other relationships by telling them that o said things I didn’t. Going so far as to tell my best friend, who has health issues that make her susceptible to the way Jarom was trying to manipulate her and she wouldn’t talk to me for a few days. So when he finally cut all ties with me, he thought he still had her ear and that he would completely isolate me from everyone who would help.me and that ultimately this would drive me to do whatever he asked to get back in his good graces and obtain his friendship.and help. What he didn’t know is that in the time between him making her stop talking to me and then, she and I had started talking again because she realized what he had done. See, she knew I had never lied to her and that I don’t really work that way.l, since he basically told her I said she was working against me. The depression from having to move out combined with the stress of everything surrounding it combined with my not talking to her drove me to where I avoided everyone and everything for more than a week. Then I decided to go find friends that I hadn’t been able to talk to since I had moved in to the apartment.

    Leprekon was the first and as I began looking for my friends, I seemed to keep coming up empty because they were where I was looking for then when and where I was looking for then. Then I found my friend Ell and she smiled and was so happy to see me that she hugged me. I won’t mention that there wss drama that ultimately had her arrested in an outstanding warrant for FTA or Failure To Appear while we were talking. I took her backpack to her friend’s house and left the area because the cops are so heavily patrolling the neighborhood and seem to like to ticket the homeless and those who Pan handle. Although I don’t pan handle and try to keep a low profile when I am talking to the homeless people I know. What I really wanted to do was find my buddy Jon but couldn’t seem to be at the same time.and place as he was even if I waited at the location for a few hours.

    Friday, after I had finished with the attempt to help that chick get in to rehab and she had been taken to the ER in an.ambulance, I decided to stay in that area. The next morning, after I got breakfast, I found Jon where I had been looking for him before. When he saw my car and saw me, the smile on his face was genuine as was mine. We quickly caught up and he listened as I told him about my recent adventures with the drink chick and how it had all left me depressed. He asked if I would give him a ride to do some chores and I agreed. Afterwards, I was in the same spot and another friend, Adam came by and he also had a genuine smile and seemed like he was glad to see me. It was the realization that suddenly made my depression disappear because I knew it wasn’t me or.my fault that she didn’t call me.

    Then I ran in to Ell and she listened to my adventures with the drink chick and when I mentioned that she couldn’t bad mouth me and say anything negative about how i treated the drink chick while she was with me, responded that she knew I treated her like a princess because that’s how I treated her. I replied that I did this absolutely for the sex and she smiled and indicated she knew that was totally not true. When I explained I was sad that she didn’t call me, Ell said she didn’t deserve me as a friend. This made my night and we talked about the crazy man and then parted company.

    I was telling my buddy Chris about the drunk chick and that I had met her through Leprekon and he asked a few questions and realized he knew who she was. As the coversation progressed I told him about being in and out of the hospital with staph infections and he confided in need that he had several on his arm and body. They truly looked bad and I sternly indicated he needed to go to the ER, because it can be deadly. He assured me he was going to go that night. I saw him for the first time in a few days tonight and he explained he had been to the hospital and spent two days getting IV antibiotics and that he almost lost his arm and the doctor said a day or so at most and he would have. Here thanked me for convincing him to go because he wouldn’t have otherwise and that would have killed him. So when he says he needed seven dollars for a hotel room, I offered him the four dollars that I had in cash for gasoline. I know what it is like to get released from the hospital and the need for a shower and bed to sleep in. He was surprised I offered it and promised to give it back to me. I explained that I would appreciate that but at the same time, even if he doesn’t, it’s not going to be something I would get overly upset over. Sure, it complicates my life right now since that was gas money I needed to put in my tank, but this was someone who needed it a bit more and he promised to call me in the morning so I can take a shower. That’s a bonus in and of itself, plus he said I could bring Neal. Neal and I have known each other for a while and we have an implicit trust and understanding that transcends material possessions and this stems for how we think of the other. Since he knows he can use anything I own and simply has to express a desire or a need and he feels the same way about his stuff. So or friendship has continued to get stronger and stronger. He let me know to nights ago that he was in Roseville and it was cold and he was lacking a jacket and on a bike, so I drive to Roseville and picked him and the bike up and we went so that I could get a jacket that I loaned to Dave when I kicked him out of my car so that I could go on this errand to get Neal. When we got back, Dave wasn’t anywhere to be found until the next m morning. Once I the exchange happened we went to find Leprekon and hung out with him for a while.

    It was the realization that I had other friends who better understand what I am going through and have been around me long enough to know who I really am and what I am really about. All of those people we’re glad to see me.

    Then tonight, I got to hang out with this chick that I have always thought was cool and now think it’s amazing. We say and smoked marijuana and talked for a couple of hours and I told her a lier little about the drunk chick because she had heard I was depressed and wanted to know why, so I told her. She is so much more then she let’s on or shares with other people because it’s a safety mechanism and a reflexive behavior designed to deter physical abuse. It was awesome to see who she really is, behind the shell and past the facade she uses to keep people at a distance. I told her how awesome I thought she was and that I didn’t buy the stupid act anymore and hadn’t for a while now. She smiled and seemed happy that I not only believed that but told her that I believed that.

    I’m still not sure we I am going out how I am going to get there, I am pretty sure there is no road map and neither Google Assistant, Cortana, Bixby, Alexa or Siri can find directions which is a relief and reinforces that neither did my former roommate. This knowledge makes me feel better because it’s just another reason to consider him s douche nozzel.

    When I saw Leprekon yesterday, he tried to tell me that he warned me about the drunk chick thinking this would somehow make me feel better. He then said that even as a friend because she was always causing drama and drinking to the point of needing to visit the hospital. He also said he doubted that her shrink had raped her and I explained I knew it wss true because I found the news articles and court transcripts. I didn’t tell him that she had given me all of the information I would need to find most of it with a Google search. One of the things that helped me Excel let IT support was my ability to understand what was wrong with w computer and then Google a solution or search Microsoft for a solution. So when she gave me the information to find a news story, I used that to get everything. I then told him that what take bothered me was that she didn’t call me when she was getting our of the hospital not when she saw Leprekon. He told me she asked where I was and says she wanted hey pills but I told her you left them with hey on the gurney when they took her to the ER. See, I’m pretty sure she knew that and that she was trying to get him to call me without having to ask for my number and that Leprekon didn’t catch this before responding. I am hoping in the next couple of days to run in to her so that I can see how she reacts when she sees me and acts towards me after we are together face to face in a situation where I can ask her questions answered properly guage her body language and posture as she answers them. I suspect that I am not completely wrong and that she was trying to get sober to keep from fucking things up between us. If this is the case, then I have to absolutely think about the concept of helping her through rehab. Unfortunately I suspect that if I don’t do this very soon, it may be too late because she will have forgotten her motivation or drank too much she go to the hospital again. I won’t deny that I really like her and that it’s all based upon the attraction and how I feel around her when she is sober and we are talking and interacting. I am pretty sure she didn’t just give me all the information about herself that she did to everyone else she had met because they would have used it against her. I’m also sure that some of the stories of people mistreating her are exaggerated they aren’t all that way and that means that she really doesn’t have many people she can trust and none that she knows that come closer to me because I didn’t ask for anything and I treated her how I always treat my friends and even further by testing hey how I always treat women and women I am dating. Or as Ell said, like a princess. Yes, I am obsessing and it may be because I am crushing hard but that doesn’t mean that I am letting it cloud my judgement or bong me to anything. It just makes me want to ensure that I don’t give up by throwing in the towel to early and losing out on the possibility that she really is as in to me as she said several times. I haven’t been near internet for the majority of the last few days because I have been trying to be scarce and invisible which is difficult if you’re where everybody knows you. It’s partially depression and partially having to do errands and help people do errands to make cash for gasoline and tobacco. I meed to start getting people who I roll cigarettes for to contribute change towards papers and tobacco because it’s not free and everyone seems to ask and think they are.

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      I really liked what of this I could understand, but it had so many typos I couldn’t understand a fair portion of it. U have friends in low places. Let that b a springboard! 1 of the 1st things that happened to me when I became homeless in ’91, is I got ripped off on a $60.00 loan, so maybe that’s why I’ve not been the friendliest to the homeless, or the friendliest homeless person. Please get to replying to my posts. The hours getting late.


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    Pretty Woman 

    Long before the movie with Julia Roberts and Richard Gere there was the song by Roy Orbison and remade by one of my all-time favorite bands, Van Halen. This song has everything and nothing to do with the movie and the movie sort of has everything and nothing to do with this post. See Leprekon introduced me to this chick and the moment I laid eyes on her, I was smitten. She looked so sad and forlorn standing there and it cost nothing to fulfill his request for me to help her. So, after I was done helping her, we hung out for the rest of the day and through the night and most of the next day. That’s when she told me she was detoxing and needed to go to the hospital and asked me to call 911, which of course, I wasn’t about to do. Instead, I offered to drive her and then drove her to the hospital. As we we’re driving, she was in and out of consciousness which scared me to the point it was all I could do to focus on driving her safely. She had said she wanted to the hospital because ahe was afeaid of dying and people have died from the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal which is what detoxing actually is. When we got to the hospital, she let me help her out of the car and then collapsed next to my car and was completely unresponsive, even when in desperation, i dumped ice water on her. I was in a panic and trying to figure out what to do when an ER nurse saw me. She then had other medical professionals come with a gurney and they loaded her on. As they were loading her on the gurney they seemed to recognize her and began using her proper name. One of the males in blue scrubs said he recognized her by the brown New Balance sneakers.

    I waited for an hour in the ER until they told me they were admitting her and wouldn’t allow her visitors at the moment until they stabilized her condition. When I got back to my car, I realized she had left a bag of her personal belongings in my car and I kind of felt obligated to make sure she got them back. See, if the roles were reversed, I would hope that someone would do the same for me and give me back my stuff when I was released from the hospital. That’s basically how I operate, I try and treat people the way I would want to be treated if the shoe was on the other foot. From our conversations, I realized that other people in my present position in the past had instead used situations like this where they were in possession of her stuff to take advantage of her and steal her things. When I told Leprekon what had happened he said that this is what always seems to happen with her and that I should distance myself from her because she was a crazy bitch. I grew up with two different alcoholic stepfathers and a mother who was addicted to pain medications for about 40 years before she overdosed in 2011. At one of the group homes several of the kids were recovering addicts and I learned how the struggle with addiction and the bad behaviors it causes can manifest. Most of the kids the various group homes were broken from abuse neglect and because of this they often displayed mental health issues that manifested in behaviors that developed as a response to the mental and physical abuse they encountered at home. It was difficult learn to separate the negative behaviors from the child who in many cases were often not cognizant of them and they weren’t consciously doing them. Instead the cause was defensive and in response to what they percieved as a threat. I am addicted to nicotine and cigarettes in particular. I have tried to quit and successfully quit several times, only to find myself going back when things got stressful. My own struggles combined by what I learned about addiction in the health class I had to take for my anthropology degree made me realize that it’s truly a mental disease and that addicts aren’t always in complete and total control of their actions. Since we don’t blame cancer patients for cancer or for having bad days after chemotherapy, we really can’t blame the addicts for their addiction or the bad behaviors they exhibit that are directly and indirectly caused by their addiction because no one sets out to become an addict. This is much the same way that I had to learn to deal with my son’s behaviors which are caused by his having Asperger’s and getting angry with him for those behaviors is counter productive and causes more damage and harm then good. Instead the best way to deal with those behaviors is to explain why they are wrong and cannot be tolerated and why he should strive to change his reactions and actions rather then shouting, chastising and punishing him. I just wish I would have learned this sooner when he was younger because I think it would have gone a long way to strengthening our relationship and lowered both of our frustration levels.

    Like every alcoholic, when she was sober during our time hanging out, it was the bee’s knees and we had a blast just talking and getting to know each other. The moment she began to drink, her attitude and mannerisms would slowly begin change as the alcohol lowered her inhibitions and the negative things that drove her to seek solace in drinking to numb those memories that began to haunt her thoughts. Slowly as her level of intoxication increased the warm and sweet woman began to be replaced by angry, aggressive and bitchy drunk woman while her behavior became more and more erratic.

    I could have left her at the hospital and never talked to her again but she left a bag of important stuff in my car and like I said before, I really liked her and was attracted to her. Part of me felt sorry for her, because she seemed to have nothing and no one who truly cared about her as a person. So I called the next day and she seemed genuinely pleased that I called and told me to call back. When I called back later, she seemed calmer, more rational and sane then she was just before I dropped her off.

    I then called her on Friday afternoon, two days after I took her to the hospital and she told me that she was being released. I told her I would pick her up and she hesitated and then said ok. This should have been a clue that she already had a plan or that something else was going on, but i just dismissed it without thinking about it too much. We had agreed to meet in the emergency room parking lot and when arrived, i waited about half an hour without her making an appearance, so I then called the hospital to inquire about her. The hospital informed me that she had already left and when I asked about how long ago this had happened, they said it had been about half an hour. When we talked on the phone, She had told me that she was planning on walking from the hospital to her storage. So when I left the hospital, I slowly drove the route that she should have walked if she was following that plan and didn’t see any sign of her along the route. So, i decided to parked across the street from her storage in a shopping center where she would see my car and I could keep watch for her if and when she finally made it to her storage.

    When I saw her walking towards her storage a few minutes later, she casually waved and smiled and disappeared in to the storage unit, or so I thought. She didn’t reappear for what seemed like an incredibly long period of time and was all smiles and happiness. She hugged me and thanked me for being her friend and for acting like a friend should act. We drove to Jack In The Box, so I could use the restroom and she pulled out a dollar and some change and asked me to buy her a beer. I hesitated and she said it would be only one, which I knew was true because I had no cash to buy any more alcohol and neither did she apparently. I explained that things had to change because I couldn’t handle any more of the drama she seemed to cause when she was drunk nor did I ever want to have to go through the stress and sadness I experienced dropping her off at the hospital. She smiled and said she guessed it was time to sober up. So, against my better judgement, I went and got her the alcohol she wanted, some nasty malt beverage in a can.

    When I got back to the car and she began drinking the beer, she asked if I could play music and we could go somewhere like a park so that we could just sit and hangout while listening to music. I then went to the restroom and after filled my cup with ice and water from the soda fountain before returning to the car. In the time I had been gone, which was around ten minutes at most, her intoxication level had seemed to increase to the point where she was acting more erratic, and babbling in a way that seemed almost insane. Curious, I decided to see how far down the rabbit hole she was going and realized I needed to get her somewhere where she would be less stressed and reminded of the recent bullshit she had been through. This would hopefully make her less likely to act out and draw unwanted attention to herself and ultimately me because I hate dealing with law enforcement and try my hardest to avoid it at all costs. So I began the drive to a park that I like to frequent between Antelope and Roseville. During the drive, she must have picked up on my annoyance and she was looking for something to get triggered over but I refused to give it to her. She told me to take her home when we were almost at the park and I refused explaining I didn’t want to waste the precious gasoline and was going to visit the park and she could just sit in the car if she didn’t want to enjoy a walk in the park.

    When we got closer to the park, she marveled at the beauty of the trees and lanscaping along the road to the park. Once at the park she got excited and said it was beautiful and thanked me for taking her there. We got out and began walking and when I wanted to take a path that branched off the main path, because there was a fallen tree by the creek we could sit on, she balked. We walked maybe a hundred feet more and she said she needed to sit down and did so right on the path. She told me to go have fun, so I walked about a hundred feet away to see the creek and take some pictures of wild flowers, all the while keeping an eye on her and making sure she was ok. So when she waved to me, I walked back over and she told me she wanted to sleep and I said I would take her home as I helped her to her feet.

    Ever since her attitude began to change and she started displaying erratic behavior she had been hinting at me being part of some grand conspiracy who was working in concert with those who had taken advantage of her. This is a common side effect of prolonged alcohol addiction and high levels of consumption. It should have been a clue that she had already consumed a significant amount of alcohol before I got her the beer and therefore prepared me for what she was going to do and how things were going to proceed that evening. There was another car parked beside the road in front of mine when we got back to the car with a man and woman sitting in it. Instead of getting in the car, she approached them and said something that I couldn’t hear from my position in the driver’s seat of my car. She stepped back and then returned to my car and got in as the other car sped off. At this point her behavior had gotten so erratic that I was beginning to make the plans on my mind to divest myself of her company because I didn’t want to be involved with that kind of drama because it almost always ends with interactions with law enforcement.. She must have sensed that I was put out with her because she said in a dead serious, matter of fact tone that I was her best friend and maybe the best friend she had had in decades. The sincerity wasn’t forced and the genuineness of the response seemed real, like she wasn’t as afraid of me taking advantage of her as she was me just abandoning her. So, I swallowed my rebuke and told her I needed to get some food.

    We stopped at WinCo and I left her in the car, because she said she didn’t want to go in. When I returned to the car, I was irritated because she wasn’t in the car and had left her stuff again and I didn’t see her anywhere. Just before I had committed to the decision to leave, I saw her walk past the car, seemingly oblivious to the car and me sitting in it, glaring at her. As I was deciding on leaving her or just moving to another spot in the parking lot, she returned to the car where she demanded I take her home. Then suddenly she had to go to the bathroom and before I could say anything she got out, closed the door and began sliding down to a squat while trying to push her pants down far enough so pee. She then struggled back to her feet and pulled her now wet pants back up and got in. I swallowed the rebuke for her getting in my car and sitting on the seats with her now wet pants. Once again this should have been a clue that she had consumed far more alcohol then I realized but I was stressed from her behavior and was trying to figure out how to extricate myself from her company without being a dick about it because I truly didn’t want to hurt her feelings or cause her more emotional pain because I knew she wasn’t completely in control of all her faculties. Drunk people rarely are and addicts have even less real control.

    I wasn’t able to get food at the WinCo, for some reason the transaction wouldn’t go through on my card even though I knew there were available funds and as a result I just left the food at the self check-out as I exited the store. I was incredibly hungry and realized it had been about eight hours since I had last eaten and I needed to change that so I changed course to go to the 99 Cents Only store, where I knew my card would work because it had worked there this morning. When I returned to the car with my meager collection of food, she once again suggested I was part of some conspiracy and that she was hot. I said I could fix that and turned on the air conditioning when she went off on me screaming that I didn’t need to make sexually suggestive comments to her which stung as if she had smacked me because during our brief friendship, I had made sure i treated her with respect and dignity. I got angry and snapped at her saying just that and that I didn’t deserve that kind of bullshit. She then said I could just drop her off anywhere and didn’t have to take her home. I asked her what she would do, where she would go and how she would get home if I just dropped her off and she asked why I cared and then told me I should just do it and stop playing games with her. I calmly explained that I cared about her and that’s why I was asking, I wanted to make sure that she was ok and I would take her home.

    As we got closer to her house and she began to recognize the area, she asked me not to take her home right away, so I told her I would find a place to stop and we could talk. As I was driving to the spot I intended on taking her, she told me she wanted to go to the hospital and asked me to take her to the hospital. At this point, I was relieved because this was my way out and it would allow me to exit stage left without causing any direct pain. Casually, I asked how long she thought she would be in the hospital this time and she said three days to a week and then immediately followed up with stating she could have visitors and then asking if would I visit her. I was taken aback, because this was the opposite of the attitude she was displaying before.

    I changed course to take her back to the emergency room where I had dropped her off two days before and as we began to get closer to the facility she asked me where I was going and I told her the ER. That’s when she said I was going to the wrong hospital and she wanted to go to the other one. Suddenly, the reality of the decision she had just made manfiested in my brain and i changed course again to get her there. As I turned a corner she said she had to go to the bathroom and I told her I would stop at the first place I could. Fate seemed to work against us as we caught every traffic light between our location and the McDomalds where she could pee. I apologized as I explained I was doing all I could as fast as I could to get her to the restroom and she looked at me, smiled and said she knew that. After she returned to the car from the restroom break we drove on to the hospital, getting there shortly after sunset.

    The first morning after we met, when she was sober, she told me a story about how she had been raped in rehab by the psychiatrist who was overseeing her case. As proof she told me what to Google to find the news stories and while she was in the hospital, I did just that. It was all true and she wasn’t the only one, but she was the one with the courage to seek out lawyers and take action against the sick doctor. It happened at this facility and the negative emotions she experienced over this looked to overwhelm her. I quietly asked if she wanted me to go in with her and she snapped at me saying yes, that’s why she came. So when we approached the doors, the doors were locked and you had to call and talk to he receptionist who informed me that if I came in with her, I had to stay until her intake was done or she was denied admittance. I hesitated because that’s a scary proposition, but I had told her when she said she would sober up that I would help and support her through all of it and I try not to lie. When we got in to the lobby, I helped her to a chair and went to the receptionist and got the medical forms they needed to have completed but she couldn’t fill them out since she lacked her glasses which were necessary to read and fill then out. So I asked her questions and wrote down her answers until I got to the In Case Of Emergency section and when I asked, she said to put mine, if it wasn’t too much trouble. I smiled and told her it would be fine. I had her sign the form and returned them to the receptionist just as the nurse in charge came over and began taking her vitals for admission. They gave her a oral intoxication test and began asking her medical questions. I didn’t see her BAC and should have asked to see it because this far, I had indicated she had not had that much to drink. I was wrong. |She was so intoxicated that they called an ambulance and sent her back to the emergency room at the hospital. I exited stage left as the paramedics loaded her in to the ambulance.

    I had fully intended to call her in Saturday, but I ran in to.my buddy Jon who.i hadn’t seen in about three months and in the excitement of running in to him, I lost track of everything else and to be honest, I had to decide if I truly wanted to continue to be involved in what had up until this point been a proverbial train wreck. The sting of some of the things she said and or implied on Friday had initially left a sour taste in my mouth and when I woke up on Saturday the taste had switched to bitterness. I also wanted to give her a day or so to get settled in and get to the point she was in her right mind or as close as possible to that state before I called so that when we talked she would be rational and sane. I called the hospital this morning looking for her and was told she was no longer a patient which means she more than likely checked herself out again, which I am not sure how she managed that since the rehab placed a psych hold on her since she said she was trying to drink herself to death. Since I haven’t been hanging out with Leprekon, she wouldn’t be able to find me yesterday or today and I am not sure when I am going to go and hang with him again which means I won’t see her. I had intended to visit her when she was in rehab, as she asked me when we were driving to the facility. Then she asked me again when we got to the facility and had just parked, before we got out of the car and again when I had finished the paperwork. I sort of felt like she was honestly wanting to sober up and detox so that she could manage the addiction with counseling and therapy or Alcoholics Anonymous instead of her current pattern of drinking and hospitalization and release and repeat. During the intake she listed multiple serious health complications that would be exacerbated by the heavy drinking and those combined with the fear that came from her blacking out and being unresponsive from drinking too much or the opposite, detoxing are too much to handle.

    It was partially a test, not calling yesterday, to see if she would seek out my phone number since it was in the in case of emergency form and she could have asked the hospital for my number. My friend Mykl reminded me yesterday morning that this kind of communication is a two way street and that if it is one sided, that one should evaluate the benefits and rewards from the relationship and weigh them against the penalties and costs. At this point the potential drama from associating with her and the fact that she seemed to sleep most of the time she wasn’t drinking and the times when she was sober and conscious seemed to revolve around finding the next drink. Sure, it’s the typical behavior of an alcoholic and if she had of contacted me, I probably would have continued to try and support her in rehab. Since she hasn’t tried to, I will cut my losses and move on. Even if she is incredibly attractive and a joy to be around when she isn’t drinking and isn’t being consumed by the demons that drive her to drink.

    See, at one point while all this was going on, I went through the Captain Save-a-ho fantasy where it was like Pretty Woman and I would help her through rehab and somewhere in the future we would tell the story of how we met and I helped her through her alcoholism and she helped me through my depression. I stopped trudging through life wishing it would end and she stopped staggering through hoping to end it. There’s a little sadness that the fantasy has been shattered by the reality of the situation and it makes me wonder if she didn’t know when she told me to take her to rehab that she had drank too much to get admitted and expected to get rejected without realizing hey vitals would be so wonky that the rehab would send her to the emergency room to ensure that she didn’t have complications that would ultimately kill her. I realize how pathetic this entire scenario makes me look, I’m not proud that I am so desperate for an honest and legitimate relationship of some sort. It frustrates me seeing others that have them while I am so lonely and it’s been an incredibly long time since I had that physical and mental connection to another human and the emptiness from the lack of that kind of relationship aches like a freshly extracted wisdom tooth and when I think about it the void I feel in my soul just makes me feel worthless. Suddenly, I question why I trudge on because the loneliness acts like an accelerant making the pain from the reality of my current situation explode in pain and despair. What makes it even worse is that I know couples who seem to stick together even though one is abusive and the other a cheater and they still stick together and it makes me wonder when or if I will ever find that. Not the abuse or cheating, rather when I will find the commitment where the loyalty to me and the resilience of the relationship binds us together so that it is like us against the world. When we parted company on Friday, I figured I would do exactly what I did in some warped version of the whimsical addage that if you love something, set it free and if it comes back to you, then it’s yours and if it doesn’t it never was. The only problem is there is another version that says if it doesn’t then hunt it down and kill it but that isn’t how I think and operate. I’m a romantic not a psychopath or sociopath and while I may have a lot of shit going on in my life and days like today where the skeletons beating on the closet door seem to be on the verge of breaking free, I know that things can change at anytime for the better and my current emotional state is directly related to being hungry, lost sleep and dwelling on my own situation. Thus is life with anxiety, depression and chronic pain. Sometimes it is a very real struggle and there is no shame in desiring a partner, someone to travel through the ups and downs with you.

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      Wow; that was long and filled w/many typos! I’m betting MWR already said something very like the following to u; but Dude! She got piss on ur car seat/u live in ur car! That would have been end of story for me. Look what the cat drug in!


      • slartyblog 11:29 pm on May 13, 2018 Permalink | Reply

        BTW: It’s really unclear whether she drank the 1st day u met her/talked w/her all night.


        • Old Guy Student 2:30 am on May 14, 2018 Permalink

          Yeah, I need for use a better editor that has actual spelling and grammar checking like Microsoft word. I would rather have unintentional spelling errors then the intentional substitution of a single letter or number for words that is often used by millennials when texting. The curse of having fat fingers and the fact that auto-correct hates us are the source for the most egregious typos. I have refrained from pointing out your spelling and grammatical errors that randomly occur in your blogs because it’s just not important to me to point them out to you.

          Her pants were wet and the seats are leather, so while she was sitting on the seat it wasn’t wet enough to really do any damage. It’s one of these situations where i probably could have reacted as you suggested with no negative ramifications but then I would have to live with myself for that decision. Either you accept that addiction is a mental illness or you see it as just bad behavior. If it’s a mental illness then acting with anger in a manner that potentially punishes the person for their actions is morally wrong when the person has little or no control over their actions. If it’s just bad behavior then you can feel free to punish them for their actions. Considering that she was an addict and that everyone she had met since becoming homeless had taken advantage of her by stealing her possessions or taking her ATM card and using it at their will to several who took advantage of her sexually, I wanted to be as far from that as possible. I wanted to be the one person in her life who didn’t do things for her for what they could get in return, rather I wanted to be that one person she could trust to always treat her with respect and dignity. In the end, even though it has turned out the way it has, if presented with the same situation from the beginning there is very little of my own actions and words that I would change because I know that I didn’t do anything that I should be ashamed of and there is nothing she can say that I would be embarrassed about.

          One last comment about her wet pants, I had two kids and we raised my son without using disposable diapers until the very end of his potty training. Using cloth diapers tends to present more exposure to their bodily wastes. While it’s not something I want to be exposed to, it’s not something I am squeamish about and I think that’s typical of parents. My kids have vomited on me. They have urinated on me and I have had their fecal matter get on me as it leaked out of the diaper and through their clothes.


        • slartyblog 3:33 am on May 14, 2018 Permalink

          “With regard to addiction, enabling means to accommodate the addicted individual in order to protect them from facing the full consequences of their drug use”
          “But then again, you’re not to blame; you’re only human; a victim of the insane.”-John Lennon in the song Isolation.
          I make a distinction between blame-not blame and have-around not-have-around their 2 different dichotomies. Essentially; I DO NOT GET PAYED TO LISTEN TO DRIVEL, and any1 who tries to play me finds this out quite soon.
          Baby’s can be excused. I baby-sat for a living for about 5 years; got plenty of piss/shit/vomit. Baby pissed in my face 1ce. Water under the bridge; but this grown woman; essentially; pissed herself, then felt no remorse for getting piss on ur car. I THINK U GOT TOTALLY SUCKERED!


        • Old Guy Student 6:44 am on May 14, 2018 Permalink

          There is always the possibility that I didn’t get played and if that turns out to be the case, it will sting a little but in the end I am not sure that there is much in my behavior that I would change other than not be the enabler for her to drink. I will be totally honest and at one point the reason for acquiring the alcohol was to increase the positive vibes and potentially prolong the encounter. In other words, I realized after the first alcohol that I scored for her that I was enabling her because she asked for more and then more. So when she was released from the hospital and I purchased the beer for her, I didn’t realize she had already drank more than enough. It’s not really something I had actually had to deal with before.


        • slartyblog 7:19 am on May 14, 2018 Permalink

          OK. I really think u may b too friendly for ur own good tho.


        • Old Guy Student 5:27 pm on May 14, 2018 Permalink

          Think about that statement for a moment, because it’s something that contributes to most of the conflict and strife among humans. There are two types of apes that are very close to humans, Chimpanzees and Bonobos. Studies of Bonobos shows that they display an innate and natural empathy towards strangers that is stronger than what they display towards Bonobos that they know. What this means is that they are more likely to be friendly to a stranger than someone they know and have a collective relationship with and that it starts with how they greet them. They look like smaller, thinner chimpanzees at first glance but upon closer inspection the difference is in proportions where Bonobos are closer to humans in the ratios of arms to legs to height. They walk upright and the females pelvis is closer to humans than chimps. The last difference between them and Chimpanzees is that they don’t have aggression or violence in their culture, instead they use sex for conflict resolution where Chimpanzees use violence and aggression to do it.

          It’s my belief that if you have a vision of how you think the world should be, how people should act, that you set the example by acting that way and thereby become the force for change. I understand how you feel and the idea you are expressing and sometimes when I feel like someone screwed me over or did me wrong or took advantage of me, I will feel the same way for a while because that’s a natural response. Then there are times when I have slipped in to this model of thinking and someone who has made me feel this way in the past will do something totally unexpected and actually give me whatever it was that they owed me.

          After I left the apartment in April, I started hanging out in a different area and hadn’t been in the old area where I hung out for about three months. When I dropped the woman off at the rehab, which is closer to where I used to hang out than where I was now hanging out, I decided to go see who I knew and could find. The genuine happiness and smiles that my friends showed when they saw me reinforced that I am not wrong for being who I am and doing things how I do them.


        • slartyblog 3:28 am on May 15, 2018 Permalink

          My response to ur comment would require more typing than I want to do, but I’d like to take this issue up in our next video chat. The reality factor I’d like you to get is that I WAS HOMELESS MOST OF 24 YEARS, AND I GOT TO WHERE I KNEW EVERY COMMON GAME IN TOWN, AND HAD A PREPARED/PLANNED RESPONSE TO ALL OF THEM SO I COULD GET BACK TO TALKING/DOING TURKEY. CAPISHE?!


        • Old Guy Student 2:44 am on May 14, 2018 Permalink

          Re-read, she drank the first day and then detoxed the second. The worst part is that I enabled her because I allowed her to talk me in to acquiring the alcohol for her and I explained to her after she got out of the ICU that I wouldn’t do that again.

          I tried to make all.of the blogs about her take a passive tone because there is a lot of emotion involved in this topic because I grew up with alcoholics all around me. It’s probably at the root of why I don’t drink and stopped drinking when I moved in with Mykl. Two weeks before I moved in with him, one of my friends got a DUI which I am pretty sure ended our friendship. I was afraid of something similar even though I didn’t have a car and I didn’t want that mark on my record. I also tended to be exponentially more aggressive. Drink enough tequila and i can be a downright prick and that tends to expose the kid who grew up in the projects in Baltimore. So even when I drank regularly, I didn’t drink to that level because I hated having to apologize for the shit I did later when I was sober. ank to the point of being truly intoxicated was the Halloween after I moved our of the apartment with Mykl. Lisa, her step brother Jericho and I went to a party at my friends house and since she was driving, Jericho and I got shit faced.


        • Old Guy Student 2:45 am on May 14, 2018 Permalink

          Wow, I fat fingered that reply. That should say the last time I got truly drunk. Now I have no tolerance and one tall can of beer or alcoholic beverage and I am impaired to the point I know I shouldn’t drive.


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    Everyone dreams of meeting the perfect partner in life and because of the difficulty in meeting people, our choices are often limited to the various groups of people we associate with such as those we work with, go to school with, etc. In decades past, asking a co-worker on a date wasn’t considered inappropriate and even if she said no the first time, asking again and again until she relents wasn’t an issue. Even if the initial hookup came in an empty office after the company Christmas party, where the woman got pregnant and they married because that’s what they did back in the day. There are a lot of us here who wouldn’t be here if the same rules of conduct and what’s acceptable behavior at work were the same as they are today. My mother met my father at the amusement park in Gwyn Oaks, Md when she was 18 and he was a ride operator. This is the same amusement park featured in the movie Hairspray which closed soon after they were forced to integrate.

    I have social anxiety and it takes me a while to warm up to and feel comfortable around people. Back in the day, alcohol was the magic liquid that made it all seem to go smoother but relationships founded on drunken one night stands, regardless of passion, never last. When you’re in the position I am in, meeting women isn’t impossible but the women I am introduced to, seem to have an entire cemetery in their closets and more baggage then you can carry in the largest uhaul truck. So, the longer you hang around them, the more likely that these two things will create a situation where the possibility of more than friendship is unlikely because dealing with the craziness becomes a chore.

    My friend Leprekon introduced me to this chick on Monday and we started hanging out. She has skeletons and baggage which I learned about right after we met but they seemed to be overshadowed by the bright sparkle in her soul, like I could see the person she was and could be through the haze of the reality of who she was right now. Sure, this is the same thing everyone who puts on the mantle of the Captain and while I know the odds are against me, I am a little like Han Solo and don’t want you to tell me then odds.

    It was a wild and rough two days as she spiraled and in my naivety was temporarily an enabler who then had to watch as she did things that were over the top.

    Then she scared me and a trip to the emergency room was required, where she was removed from.my car on a gurney and was admitted with a no visitor oder. When I told the story to Leprekon, he was like “I told you so, this happens all the time.”. Suddenly, I have to wonder if I am not on the verge of insanity since doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome is the very definition. So, I didn’t call her the first night and finally gave in and called to see how she was doing the second night. She sounded surprised that I had called and thanked me for calling, she sounded tired and groggy, and asked me to call back later. Ending the call by stating for me to call back. I called today and she was being released and I told her I would come and get her and she said she would meet me at the emergency room parking. When I got there she wasn’t there and I wanted about a half an hour. When i called the nurses station, she had already left which means she got out and left just left. So I left.

    She knows where to find me and I will leave the ball in her court, since she is the one in control here.

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    Note:. This post was originally supposed to be published on Wednesday morning and somehow got stuck as a draft with local changes instead of being uploaded. Therefore it will seem out of place but should be placed before the last two most recent blogs Perfection and Pretty Woman.

    Over the years, many men have worn the mantle of Captain-Save-Ah-Ho, the masked crusader who swoops in and saves the proverbial damsel in distress and in return she treats him like a pirate and surrenders the booty. It’s a collection of timeless, classic adventures about ordinary men who involuntarily put in the skinny jeans, wife beater and cowboy boots without realizing they have donned the mantle until the wind blows the Confederate flag cape like Superman flying in a hurricane. Ultimately, his attempt to save the proverbial damsel in distress is always an abysmal failure leaving the bruised and battered hero feeling like a fool as he gently folds the jeans, wife beater and cape so they can be stored back in the box. It’s the legend of the Captain and success that keeps h alive through the centuries and it’s the concept of an intimate relationship with an attractive woman that provides the power for their involuntaru transformation in much the same way anger empowers the incredible hulk. No guy voluntarily becomes the Captain and we all kind of snicker at him when we see others wearing the mantle thinking it couldn’t happen to us, that no woman is beautiful enough to stimulate that kind of change until it happens and by the time they realize it is happening. By the time they realize the transformation has started, the power of the damsel.in distress and the male fantasy of saving the world by saving the cheerleader has caused them to go full Captain.

    I thought I was immune until I got s glimpse of the stars and bars in the window of a liquor store as I was walking out with a Green Apple Four Loko. The sight triggered the realization and suddenly the Four Loco transformed in to kryptonite causing Limp Biskit syndrome and acceptance because I did it all.dor the Nookie. I am not sure how this story ends, right now.

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      There are a couple of missteps prose wise but this is clearly your best blog.

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        I need to write the blog, save it and then reread it in an hour or so and edit it. I was trying to write the first blog without giving too much information and without saying anything too embarrassing. The follow up is coming and it’s as good or better.


        • somekindaodd 11:57 pm on May 12, 2018 Permalink

          Should have photos


        • Old Guy Student 11:59 pm on May 12, 2018 Permalink

          I probably wouldn’t put pictures of her as that would be a potential violation of her trust. But I will see about finding pictures to use as most people don’t seem to read and require pictures.


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    Depression & Poverty 

    So, over the last few days the stress and the slowly changing sunrise and sunset times has caused my circadian rhythm to become maladjusted and sleeping has been incredibly difficult. I have been trying to pull myself out of the malaise I have been in and it’s just been incredibly difficult.

    I need to find an envelope so I can mail this SD card to Tad or I need to format a 64gb MicroSD card from ExFat to Fat32 so that he can out it in his phone that tops out at 32gb because the default format for 64gb and above is ExFat while 32gb and below are Fat32. I’m putting this out there to him via the blog to see if he reads every blog I post or not. I was going to offer to put a bunch of music on it as well. Kind of like a Mix Tape from the end of the last century.

    View this post on Instagram

    If you lived in the #cityoftrees back during the #clintonera, and you did the #nightclub scene, then you know this was THE best club in the #sacramento #metropolitan area. #paradisebeach and I went back in the aughts when it wss running under another name, but they had a DJ who had ADD and just seemed to.mix the best 45 seconds of two or three songs together in a mash-up. Back in the day, I had them for America Live, The El Dorado Saloon, Classic Jukebox, Black Angus and Bobby McGee's because I club hopped. There was usually too much drama at the El Dorado Saloon and the regulars liked to start fights about half an hour before last call which can be the cock-block from.hell and cause you to crash down in flames like Maverick in Top Gun when GooSe died. Too soon? Suddenly Whoop There it is! has seemed in to my brain via my ear and is slithering around like a room. Wow. The 90's. Wow. . #Norcal #916 #sactown #sacramento #cityoftrees #nightlife #bbs #afterlife #icandance #igrewupinthe80s #420 #710 #prop215 #staylifted #reefers #weshouldsmoke #marijuana #wedontsmokethesame

    A post shared by Eegore Beaver (@oldguystudent) on

    When I first moved to Sacramento, I had a love hate relationship but the climate, the culture and the incredibly plentiful bounty of the devil’s lettuce made it grow on me. I have a lot of history and memories here and the era had a soundtrack as I had half a dozen of my own mix tapes, some I made and some that were given to me that had a truly varied and eclectic playlists. Many of them were converted to Mini-Disc but the music files were lost in a hard drive crash on my home file server back in the aughts.

    View this post on Instagram

    My long-time buddy Tad has a blog and I am trying to encourage him to do it because as with anything you out effort in to, eventually you will get better at it. He posted this image of a well trimmed bush and you know how I am #spelunkers and everyone should admire a well coiffed bush. It should be complimented and the owner made aware of the admiration with those compliments. Yes, I did smoke the #marijuanas and yes, I might be #lifted but that's not why this is funny. It's funny because we're spelunking. Now turn your light on and hit this. Check hour his blog at: . https://slartiblog.wordpress.com . #Weshouldsmoke #marijuana #wedontsmokethesame #420 #710 #prop215 #staylifted #reefers #norcal #916 #sactown #sacramento #cityoftrees #blogger #socialnetworkwhore #wordpress

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    I often make seemingly perverted or lewd comments but they are so open ended and innocent that only my smirk and tone of voice give it away and mostly it’s because Americans are so repressed about sex and their sexuality. It’s funny to see people’s expressions and reactions when I refer to flowers as plant vaginas, fruit as late-term aborted plants. Or eggs potential chickens until cooked then they are aborted chickens. We use the term miscarriage when nature aborts the embryo, zygote or fetus.

    Why are we still debating the same bullshit political issues and rehashing the same tired and proven invalid and detrimental policies like tax cuts for the rich equating to trickle down economics when in reality the global economy is about to hiccough in a way that is going to make the great depression look like a time of prosperity and peace. What the jobs reports failed to mention ever since the recession began in 2000, after Congress balanced the budget and broke the economy, was that the jobs that were hemorrhaged with the various bubbles like the dotcom bubble or the Enron Bubble or the Sub-Prime bubble didn’t get replaced. Those jobs in the tech sector and the various other service industries that suddenly contracted or were outsourced and then repatriated didn’t replace the same volume or even close to what was lost each time. The jobs that did come in are the unskilled, bottom of the payscale jobs and it’s evident when I see people I know having a hard time finding work where they live and needing to commute further abroad to increase the number of opportunities. Yes, Lisa, I am referring to your blog.

    The current implementation of the economic model worldwide is broken and it’s about to implode which causes me anxiety because it’s hard enough to find a job that will pay enough to survive when your in your late twenties and early thirties but by the time you reach mid-life which I am on the cusp of, it’s even more difficult because the majority of unskilled workers are the younger demographic entering the workforce and if you’re looking to take anything, you’re being judged based on your age in a negative way. It’s difficult to accept that the the gains I made climbing the socioeconomic ladder using my own intelligence and cognitive abilities to secure jobs in the Network Security and or IT Help Desk career paths are gone and I may never get to climb back up.

    See, I am too old and my health issues preclude me from doing the first teir and field engineer work that requires installing cabling and working where I am frequently crawling under desks and in to ceilings. It’s not that I can’t do it, it’s that the continued wear and tear on my body, that aggravates the chronic pain I live with. Some days are worse then others.

    So, ever since my Roommate and friend decided to put even more unnecessary stress and drama on my shoulders, I have been depressed, anxious and the pain has fluctuated from moving as little as possible to walking around to try and ease the pain. Different pain from different sources, namely the warm days and chilly nights. Welcome to middle age and this is why there isn’t a manual for getting old. When I was in high school, my step father would say that growing old wasn’t for sissies after a long day of humping freight.

    I had the above poster on my closet door in High School because I thought it was funny in my youth because I didn’t have the wisdom to know and understand what I didn’t know and understand which is somehow related to the Dunning-Kreuger effect. Now that I am older and have acquired the wisdom and knowledge my cognitive abilities allow me to realize how much I didn’t know or truly understand.

    View this post on Instagram

    There is this myth that CPS and government intervention in to the homes of American families has never been an honorable and good thing for the children it has rescued when in reality it has been anything but. There is an absolute bias in the system that is quicker to remove younger white, desirable children from.their home because there are more open foster homes then for those of color or other minorities. Rich white people want white kids not brown ones. Then there is the other side, the statistics listed here which are probably even worse because of how the statistics are reported send tracked. There should be a tighter threshold to involving children services and there should be more thorough training for guidance counselors and school faculty for the right time to contact CPS and when not to. Often times the rather safe then sorry excuse is used when there is nothing actually.going on and the teacher suddenly found a windmill and became Don Quixote. Scary statistics.

    A post shared by Eegore Beaver (@oldguystudent) on

    In July of 2011 my mother died from a self-induced overdose if prescription pain medication which she had been abusing to more and more profound levels since I was 8 years old and while I could tie my shoes, I wasn’t proficient at tying them tight and secure. So, my mom often tied them for me when helping me get ready for school and one day, when pulling my foot down I tapped her ankle and it opened a sore that wouldn’t close or heal. The pain from those open wounds is intense when they are just wounds but when they are infected with a simple staphylococcus virus it’s even more intensense. The only thing that works to dull the pain, truly make it go away are opiates but there is a price for that relief. My mother and my family paid that price when copious amounts of THC and CBD can achieve damn near the same level of relief without any of the negative side effects or the penalties that come with addiction. My realization that my mom was an addict was shocking and sobering because suddenly everything that didn’t make sense when I was growing up, was suddenly crystal clear like Pepsi. All of my mother’s erratic behavior seemed to be the manifestation of her addiction, as it got worse and that realization took away all of the angst and anger and resentment that I had towards her that had estranged us and kept us from having a close relationship. It did it with her and all of my siblings as well.

    It was when I went to her wake and arrived back in Baltimore that I realised that it was no longer home to me, it was someplace where I had been for a while and that California was truly my home. I had suspected as much when I flew to San Francisco fr St Louis on December of 1999 to ride the arrival.of the year 2000 and the potential apocalypse with my friends who were doing IT at companies in the capital of the silicon valley. The big names like Deloitte and Touche or Yahoo. I realized just being in California made me feel better and ultimately when I moved back in September of 2000, that being in the Bay Area and ultimately San Francisco made me feel happier.

    Believe it or not Sir Francis Drake missed this little gap in the coastal cliffs and beaches when he was searching for the entrance to the San Francisco Bay, that’s the Golden Gate Bridge that spans that opening known as the Golden Gate. I took this a few years ago when I took my son with a me on a good friend’s boat so we could go salmon fishing using my #samsunggalaxynote as we passed underneath the bridge and out in to the Pacific Ocean.

    • slartyblog 7:03 am on April 27, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      I read this/I do read everything u write, if google sends it to my inbox, which it has so far. Don’t have much to say; just stiick in there/maybe get urself a po box, if u haven’t 1 already.


      • Old Guy Student 10:31 pm on May 10, 2018 Permalink | Reply

        I need to find the money to do that. Next week I am going to find a job. Any job. So that I can earn money.


  • Old Guy Student 3:28 am on April 25, 2018 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: cannabis, , Drama, , Instagram, , , , ,   

    In a Box… 

    Even when things are in a crappy place for me, I still will randonly find things that will not just make me smile, but make me amused which I then often feel the need to share with others. I went to Starbucks to use the internet and I can’t say that I am not apprehensive after other encounters I have had at Sacramento area locations.

    View this post on Instagram

    This isn't solely a race based issue and people who live in #sacramento can easily tell how much gentrification and persecution of the #poor and #homeless in that area is. Do the restrooms require codes, tokens or buzzer access or are they free to enter without needing to speak to a barista and pass their judging a book by it's cover using their own prejudicial bias to be granted access to those facilities? How often do Employees call and report people for trespassing, using 911 where they convey that they are feeling threatened or in danger from the individual who is oblivious of the entire situation until LEOs walk up in force because they have been told the person is angry, combative, hostile, etc. The LEOs then use a much more forceful and malignant attitude that causes the resulting encounter to have a totally different tone. Meanwhile none of this is ever usually reported up the chain of management to the corporate office because most corporate offices would be opposed to randomly towing cars of patrons of another business in the shopping center while their employees were parked in 1 hour limited spaces for the entirety 9f their shifts. This is what happens when you give the power of the corporation to bear down upon the private citizen. This isn't what isolated incident, isn't limited to Starbucks and effects all of the at risk socioeconomic demographics. The sooner the working poor realize there is no middle class and that they are part of the at-risk socioeconomic demographics, the sooner this type of behavior will subside. They start with he first group of undesirables and then move on to the next group. It's a times like these that I wish I could roll the world a joint, to pass, always to the left so as to not fuck up the rotation, taking a deep toke and holding the smoke until.peace, love, unity and respect truly gonhand in hand. #plur everything else is inconsequential. #420 #710 #prop215 #staylifted #reefers #weshouldsmoke #marijuana #wedontsmokethesame #norcal #916 #sactown #sacramento #cityoftrees #hippieog #nerdstoner #stonernerd #beatnik #techbologist #scientist #anthropologist

    A post shared by Eegore Beaver (@oldguystudent) on

    But the one that I now frequent is off the beaten path and kind of hidden unless you have been there or search and find it. It used to be completed 24 hours but now the lobby closes at 10pm and the drive-thru window is open all night. There need to be more 24 hour establishments where people can go and meet at night.

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    A friend is someone who will walk a mile through waist deep snow to hang out and an acquaintance will do the same if it's your #weed they will be smoking. You can tell the true caliber of a friendship when situations get normal, which means all-fucked up. It's when they do stupid, selfish shit for no reason that it gets to me. So when I get down at how dark and dreary things are, I can always find respite in the beauty of the natural world around me. It's just much better knowing @tellibear2771 has my back, regardless of how weird shit gets. This image is dedicated to how much happiness and joy she brings to my life. . #420 #710 #prop215 #staylifted #reefers #weshouldsmoke #marijuana #wedontsmokethesame #norcal #916 #sactown #sacramento #cityoftrees #friendship

    A post shared by Eegore Beaver (@oldguystudent) on

    My roommate Jarom has this odd behavior of what I can only call permanent closure with everything and it sometimes makes him do things that seem like he suffers from rectal-cranial inversion. It makes it difficult to continue any kind of relationship because his actions are the antithesis of what a true friend would do in a given situation. I knew this was the possible outcome of the roommate experiment when i agreed to accept his offer and try it out. 9vet the course of the two months I realized that he thrives on drama and the seeming need to be the wiser, more adjusted and stable person who gives sage wisdom to everyone else.

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    Spring is Nature's interspecies festival of debauchery and sex with Bees playing a significant role in the reproduction if most of the fruit and nuts that we eat. Just think about the song in Grease 2, reproduction and where does the pollen go? Up your nose. You inhale it. If you are allergic to plant semen then you'll have fly like symptoms caused by all.of the plant and tree sex happening around you. Keep in mind that flowers are like plant vaginas and the bee in the second image is face deep in that, going to town. Look at the determination in his eyes, he's gonna get that sweet nectar. These images were taken with the #samsunggalaxycamera2 and edited using #googlephotos for your enjoyment. #nature #photography #art #bees #savethebees #420 #710 #prop215 #staylifted #reefers #weshouldsmoke #marijuana #wedontsmokethesame #norcal #916 #sactown #sacramento #cityoftrees

    A post shared by Eegore Beaver (@oldguystudent) on

    But he seems to have this perchance for not reading for comprehension and then chastising and reprimanding people for no reason. To make matters worse is that he often spins situations to make himself look like the frustrated adult and everyone else look like an immature and petulant child. He caused a temporary rift with my best friend Angela and I temporarily had her thinking I said she was working against me or some petty bullshit. So when Angie reprimanded me for it, instead of getting a negative attitude I simply asked her if this sounded like me because I never said or texted anything that could be spun this way. A few days went by and she realized that what I was saying was true when I offered to send her the entirety of our text communications.

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    My long-time buddy Tad has a blog and I am trying to encourage him to do it because as with anything you out effort in to, eventually you will get better at it. He posted this image of a well trimmed bush and you know how I am #spelunkers and everyone should admire a well coiffed bush. It should be complimented and the owner made aware of the admiration with those compliments. Yes, I did smoke the #marijuanas and yes, I might be #lifted but that's not why this is funny. It's funny because we're spelunking. Now turn your light on and hit this. Check hour his blog at: . https://slartiblog.wordpress.com . #Weshouldsmoke #marijuana #wedontsmokethesame #420 #710 #prop215 #staylifted #reefers #norcal #916 #sactown #sacramento #cityoftrees #blogger #socialnetworkwhore #wordpress

    A post shared by Eegore Beaver (@oldguystudent) on

    Interpersonal politics exist in all primate species and Chimpanzees have been known to keep records of wrongs and to gossip or have politics, so this is evidently just a natural reaction to higher intelligence living in groups.

    View this post on Instagram

    My long-time buddy Tad has a blog and I am trying to encourage him to do it because as with anything you out effort in to, eventually you will get better at it. He posted this image of a well trimmed bush and you know how I am #spelunkers and everyone should admire a well coiffed bush. It should be complimented and the owner made aware of the admiration with those compliments. Yes, I did smoke the #marijuanas and yes, I might be #lifted but that's not why this is funny. It's funny because we're spelunking. Now turn your light on and hit this. Check hour his blog at: . https://slartiblog.wordpress.com . #Weshouldsmoke #marijuana #wedontsmokethesame #420 #710 #prop215 #staylifted #reefers #norcal #916 #sactown #sacramento #cityoftrees #blogger #socialnetworkwhore #wordpress

    A post shared by Eegore Beaver (@oldguystudent) on

    My friend Mykl and Tad have had this decades old, on again and off again friendship where they seem to disagree on who was the best and worst friend. It would be amusing to watch if there didn’t seem to be the need for verification from both parties designed to suck the spectators in and that’s easy to do when you’re friends with both because no one is perfect and we all have personality quirks that annoys other people.

    Some people are able to overlook past transgressions and shirk the negative emotions and impact of those events and the behaviors of those involved to move forward. I try my hardest to do this because growing up in a group home with kids who had a far more abusive home then me often had outlandish behaviors that they couldn’t always control.

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    This is an incredible surgery, especially if it actually works and functions in the future, although it raises a bunch if questions about paternity and genetics. It also can literally allow the guy to say I wouldn't fuck you with someone else's dick. Thankfully, in the midst of the shit storm I am in, I can still be amused by #science because it's totally the plot for some high budget porn film and it could be Science fiction as in this allows the guys offspring to survive his bloodline being eliminated or as a horror movie where the evil penis took control of it's host. Then there's my buddy Brandon, who would add s third option, a porn about a guy who gets a penis transplant too big and that having an orgasm with an erection would cause death. I see a TV series where the penis talks to the guy and tells him how much lower his standards are then the previous guy. #spelunkers unite. Turn those headlamps on. This hole goes deep. #Weshouldsmoke #marijuana #wedontsmokethesame #420 #710 #prop215 #staylifted #reefers #norcal #916 #sactown #sacramento #cityoftrees

    A post shared by Eegore Beaver (@oldguystudent) on

    I really don’t have much of a connection to Tad outside of a few scattered and random memories which weren’t all negative. So when we reconnected it wss good to have someone who knew me back then to reconnect with. In the time we have been reconnected, he has been a pretty stand up guy and we have had conversations like I imagine we would have had on the landline back in the day had we not of lost contact.

    View this post on Instagram

    This gives new meaning to being an #organdonor and this is what the family of the man who donated his penis to the veteran had to say on the matter. This shouldn't be this amusing but it is, blame Beavis & Butthead or @southpark. I'm weak with snickering over each zinger. Some give the gift if life, some give the gift to continue living his guy gave the gift to continue having sex. That's literally giving someone the dick. It has to be the #marijuanas becasue this shouldn't be this hilarious. Or it's the relaxing of the stress and anxiety for a moment has made me slap happy before the depression and anxiety return. #Weshouldsmoke #marijuana #wedontsmokethesame #420 #710 #prop215 #staylifted #reefers #norcal #916 #sactown #sacramento #cityoftrees #science

    A post shared by Eegore Beaver (@oldguystudent) on

    As I have said before, in my belief system, what you are ceases to exist the moment the electrical pulses that animate your brain stop pulsing and that life is a frangile, temporary thing that can randomly end at anytime, so the here and now is all that matters. Immortality or the closest one can come is how you are remembered in the historical record and for many of us that is our friends and social networking profile. In the future they will be able to see Trump’s tweets and social networking posts, imagine what Abraham Lincoln’s would have looked like.

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    Sitting in @starbucks enjoying a refreshing beverage and charging my camera gear and using the #googlefiber internet service to surf the net. I don't intentionally try to listen to conversations going on around me, but I'm alert and if you say keywords like #marijuana, #bong, #bowl, #joint, basically anything #weed related, I suddenly dial in and pay attention. So when the lady in red said her doctor recommended she smoke a bowl every three hours, I was already paying attention to hear her friend ask if that meant the most potent kind and she chuckles Green Crack. Suddenly, I was like PC Principal and Strong Woman on @southpark and suddenly @dariusrucker is crooning #hootieandtheblowfish in my ear and it takes all my strength not to start singing along. Come on, I know I can't be the only one and I know there are women who do this too. I just need to find me one. Or two. Ha ha ha . #420 #710 #prop215 #staylifted #reefers #norcal #916 #sactown #sacramento #cityoftrees #weshouldsmoke #marijuana #wedontsmokethesame #nrrdstonet #coffeeaddict

    A post shared by Eegore Beaver (@oldguystudent) on

    So, I try and make my posts in #instagram humorous and snarky in a way that is jovial and not mean or vindictive. I am after all, an anthropologist and that means I really and truly love all things Human and Primate. I am also a long time Medical Marijuana advocate and collected signatures for Proposition 215 back.in the day. Wow, now I sound like Kathy Bates in that Netflix show. So of course, I was amused when the woman said Green Crack because at least it wasn’t Cookies.

    View this post on Instagram

    @myklphotos made this the other day when we were @starbucks in #roseville and shared it with me. #creepy and #hilarious at the same time. I'm weak. Check out my blog post about #friends and #drama and #politics below. . https://oldguystudent.wordpress.com/2018/04/25/in-a-box/ . #Norcal #916 #sactown #sacramento #cityoftrees #weshouldsmoke #marijuana #wedontsmokethesame #420 #710 #prop215 #staylifted #reefers #animatedphoto #notaselfie #imnotweird #socialnetworkwhore

    A post shared by Eegore Beaver (@oldguystudent) on

    • slartyblog 5:59 am on April 25, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Steve; I don’t think I’ve tried that hard to convince u I’m right in my argument w/MWR. If I’m wrong, please explain how so. Didn’t know u were an anthropologist. How much schooling was that?!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Old Guy Student 2:35 pm on April 25, 2018 Permalink | Reply

        The simplest AA degree in Anthropology can be done in two years by recent high school graduates. I didn’t plant to get an anthropology degree, it was by accident. I took a magic, witchcraft and religion class with a classmate I became good friends with and the professor was the most amazing teacher I have ever had. So the chance to take physical anthropology or biological anthropology arose and that counts as a biology class which is required for an AA degree. Then I took archeology because it could also fill.a.core requirement. Then when I tested in to honors, I took the honors cultural class because I could. Unfortunately getting sick every other semester and having to drop classes due to falling behind because of being in the hospital… Anyway, I need two classes to earn a degree from Seirra College and as soon as I can fix things a little.better I plan on doing that. So while I technically don’t have the paper certificate, I aced most of the classes.


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