Everyone dreams of meeting the perfect partner in life and because of the difficulty in meeting people, our choices are often limited to the various groups of people we associate with such as those we work with, go to school with, etc. In decades past, asking a co-worker on a date wasn’t considered inappropriate and even if she said no the first time, asking again and again until she relents wasn’t an issue. Even if the initial hookup came in an empty office after the company Christmas party, where the woman got pregnant and they married because that’s what they did back in the day. There are a lot of us here who wouldn’t be here if the same rules of conduct and what’s acceptable behavior at work were the same as they are today. My mother met my father at the amusement park in Gwyn Oaks, Md when she was 18 and he was a ride operator. This is the same amusement park featured in the movie Hairspray which closed soon after they were forced to integrate.

I have social anxiety and it takes me a while to warm up to and feel comfortable around people. Back in the day, alcohol was the magic liquid that made it all seem to go smoother but relationships founded on drunken one night stands, regardless of passion, never last. When you’re in the position I am in, meeting women isn’t impossible but the women I am introduced to, seem to have an entire cemetery in their closets and more baggage then you can carry in the largest uhaul truck. So, the longer you hang around them, the more likely that these two things will create a situation where the possibility of more than friendship is unlikely because dealing with the craziness becomes a chore.

My friend Leprekon introduced me to this chick on Monday and we started hanging out. She has skeletons and baggage which I learned about right after we met but they seemed to be overshadowed by the bright sparkle in her soul, like I could see the person she was and could be through the haze of the reality of who she was right now. Sure, this is the same thing everyone who puts on the mantle of the Captain and while I know the odds are against me, I am a little like Han Solo and don’t want you to tell me then odds.

It was a wild and rough two days as she spiraled and in my naivety was temporarily an enabler who then had to watch as she did things that were over the top.

Then she scared me and a trip to the emergency room was required, where she was removed car on a gurney and was admitted with a no visitor oder. When I told the story to Leprekon, he was like “I told you so, this happens all the time.”. Suddenly, I have to wonder if I am not on the verge of insanity since doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome is the very definition. So, I didn’t call her the first night and finally gave in and called to see how she was doing the second night. She sounded surprised that I had called and thanked me for calling, she sounded tired and groggy, and asked me to call back later. Ending the call by stating for me to call back. I called today and she was being released and I told her I would come and get her and she said she would meet me at the emergency room parking. When I got there she wasn’t there and I wanted about a half an hour. When i called the nurses station, she had already left which means she got out and left just left. So I left.

She knows where to find me and I will leave the ball in her court, since she is the one in control here.