Needing a Miracle 

For the first-time in months, I have felt well enough to go to the #weedallstars #orbitz show, a #prop215 #mmjpatient event in #sacramento #california on #friday evenings. This #sb420 compliant event is completely free and is the best place to get medicinal marijuana at prices less than those of the dispensaries for medical much less recreational. This is because Sacramento is the city of trees and this event showers shows that the farm to fork reputation also works for medical #marijuana where it is #farm2bong. Since I am currently unable to drive myself there and do not have another means of conveyance, I decided to act like a DeadHead and hold up 1 dinner indicating that I need a miracle. Here is the Instagram post that I made to ask the community for that ride.

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Sometimes life takes you through changes that are almost like a fairy tale. California in the winter has mushrooms, which is the antithesis of the dry arid climate that is the Golden State. Like the mushroom 🍄 I have found a spot that appears to be a place where I can begin to thrive. Now look closely below the mushroom, that green spec is something that has just sprouted and that's the contribution of the mushroom to the world, providing a spot for something else to thrive. Now, if I could just figure out how to acquire medicine. The pain from the weather is acute and once again I am totally dankrupt and wish I had something to pack in my pipe. Anyone or there near Citrus Heights want to help a fellow #mmjpatient out this Tuesday morning and early afternoon? This 🐵 is in misery and could use a smoke out. Just remember 🙈🙉🙊 because it just begets more evil. Stay strong peeps, I think I am on the rebound.

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Now it is just a matter of waiting and seeing if someone will be willing to go a little or of their way to pick me up and take me to the show. Cross your fingers and lets wait and see if I am blessed or not.