Orbit show

This was the second week the Weed All-Stars had a show in their new venue and it was off the hook.  If you don’t know, the Orbit show is a Free private, Prop 215 Patient event held in Sacramento, the city if trees on Friday nights where patients can interact with the growers, extractors and manufacturer of their medication.  This provides a much better pricing structure then the current dispensary models.

Calling all #sacramentodabbers and #sacramentostoners:. Tonight in #sacramento @weedallstarllc is hosting in the #cityoftrees the premier #farmtobong #prop215 patient event held in full compliances with #sb420 outdoors in a safe environment where you can sample products before you buy. What can you buy? Everything you can imagine in a #420 and #710 product line and some you can’t. You will find some of the best #marijuana flowers and #mmj medicines at prices well below those of dispensaries. #staylifted #reefers.

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The Weed All-Star crew are all amazing reefers from Jose the alien leader to Shorty.


Then there is everyone’s favorite reefer, Dank Diggler, Sacramento’s Dankest Weatherman.


I oftwn get there early because back in the day when it cost $10 to get in, it is totally free for patients now, Jose had awesome gift bags. Now they cost $10 and easily contain two to three times that value in medicine and gifts. The line to get in forms rather quickly.


Once inside there is nothing but the best, top shelf medicinal marijuana flowers.


I was gifted an edible donut.


As always Primal Drops was present with top quality, pure and safe medicines at the most affordable and economic prices possible. Cheap in price, high in quality.


Iderb was there and i did a double-cup and got lost.


I got to see Faded Jerry slap a fat dab of SF Labs.


SF Labs always brings the fire concentrates.


This is my Orbit report. Keep in mind i was still in a lot of pain and had eaten a lot of medicine for the pain.


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