Citizenship,  Patriotism & National Security 

I was labeled early in the 2015 primaries as one of them Bernie Bros and couldn’t understand how something like this could have formed so quickly as a universal opposition to a Democratic challenger.   Republicans were using it too.   Then I watched as contests were called and Bernie declared a winner before any ballots had been cast,  the delegates including Super delegates were assigned according to projected polling data and Google searches seemed to report this same data.   Then we came to the first caucus and Hillary was projected to win by a slim margin except she didn’t and lost by a larger margin when you count in the independent block which almost entirely voted for Bernie.

This is around the time that the exit polling  data started to become an issue when third parties made requests of the news media association that pays for and collects the data.   They didn’t want to surrender it and refused so the courts got involved.   The reason the data is important is because it is what is used as the international standard for deciding if there is fraud in an election.   If the polls show more then a +/- of 2% in the results,  fraud is suspected.   There are indications of bigger then 3% margins in some contests and within some contests when votes were cast by ballots where Hillary won. In states where there were caucuses,  in all but Nevada,  Bernie won by several percentage points. 

The Nevada caucus is the single most damning event in the entire Democratic National Convention primary process and shows how overzealous and powerful members of the party can steal a caucus and blame it on the people they silenced for actions that never happened.  See,  the DNC chairperson came out saying  a chair was thrown at the Nevada Caucus causing them to call it early and end the event.   Video shot on cell phone from the back of the room, showing the entire fiasco shows no chair being thrown. 

The only one I have heard thus far make any comments on this has been President Donald Trump and ironically the Republican Party was so busy working  behind the scenes to thwart him that they missed all the dirty,  secretive and potentially illegal conspiracy that was unfolding during  the Democratic primary.   See,  if the primaries had of occurred in another country,  given the anomalies and other issues raised about instate in party voter suppression that they would refuse to certify it.   They wouldn’t allow the process to move forward without major analysis of the numbers and exit polling  data. 

So,  unless you want to drop back to that point and discuss the legal ramifications and prosecutions you have to push forward and decide whom to blame and how to fix it.   The first group to blame are all the media that didn’t report on these anomalies and issues as they occurred and instead chose Benghazi and Emails and trying to make Donald Trump look as bad as possible while stirring up animosity.   The next group are all the politicians and elected officials who didn’t step up and say something.   Especially on the state level who have since moved to the federal level and one’s who plan to do so in the future.   Where were you during this? 

When asking about Benghazi why didn’t anyone ask what role the Ambassador had in civil war that was unfolding in Libya 🇱🇾 that we now know was in silage by Hillary Clinton and her State Department 🏬 which represents the 🇺🇸 United States.   Suddenly this changes the attack on the embassy and everything else,  as it should. 

Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee emails show enough circumstantial evidence to suspect that the party ran a clandestine off books operation to sway the course of the primary and ultimately the general election results.   This is evidence of collusion with media outlets and party officials within state party offices to utilize their rank and position  to squash the efficacy of a large block of voters,  mainly those who would be voting  for Bernie Sanders.  Yet none of this is discussed,  instead we have people who are still upset that the conspiracy failed and Hillary Clinton lost.  She couldn’t believe she lost,  she hadn’t even ever thought about it,  she was that assured of victory that she didn’t have a concession speech.   Like she couldn’t believe the conspiracy failed. Or that people didn’t buy her as being the lesser of two evils when compared to Donald Trump.

I am truly concerned that the witch hunt that is going on to find and report on every  mistake,  to challenge every decision is going  to have the potential to jeopardize national security.  Like it or not,  if you are a US Citizen, Donald Trump was sworn in after meeting all of the legal requirements to obtain the office of President of the United States of America and that makes him,  your president.  It makes him my President.   Now,  I have to support him,  because otherwise it’s unpatriotic and goes against what we are supposed to do as Americans.  See,  I have to hope and dream about him being  the best president ever because that benefits me.   Finally,  I have to ask,  how can we still trust a news media that has been complicit in seemingly trying to hand the election to Hillary Clinton?  The same mainstream media everyone says that they don’t trust because it’s dishonest and political?  The same media that they don’t trust is how they decided Donald Trump. Was a fascist,  dishonest, and bigoted racist even though all of those who would have the most to gain by coming  forward with stories to reinforce it seem to be silent and that says that maybe they don’t have stories because that’s not who he is.  Richard Jewel. Never forget that media can and does paint the wrong pictures of people.   George Zimmerman. End of story.