I rarely use my smartphone while driving because I understand how much it effects my driving.  If I can’t swipe to answer the phone, I don’t answer.  If I don’t have a handsfree and speaker phone mode isn’t loud enough, I don’t talk on the phone.  I keep a wired earbuds with microphone in my sun visor and another in my car bag.  I also have wireless Bluetooth ones.  The law going in to effect will have no change in my behaviors.

On the way to the Orbit show in Sacramento on Friday, I was in Carmichael, a suburb of Sacramento County approaching Fair Oaks Blvd and this car was driving erratically.  I took this picture and posted it to Instagram.

Sunday morning someone liked it even though I didn’t use any hash tags.  It reminded me and I realized I could read the magnetic placards on the door.

So, I was disturbed enough that I decided to contact them through Facebook since they, believe it or not, don’t have an Instagram or one that can be found searching simply for their name.  Notice the Facebook messenger floating head in the screenshot, it was taken after I sent the message right as their response came back.  Here is the exchange.

I am trying to be cordial and succinct to keep from having any kind of negative emotional response.

Fat fingers and autocorrect make me look like I am illiterate.  Argh.

In the age of cell phones putting 800 how I am driving numbers became a thing.  In the age of smartphones, pictures and video have supplemented this and because everyone uses Facebook, the response from the Account Holder was almost instantaneous.

They were extremely courteous and amicable in their response and I applaud them for that and is why I posted the conversation in its entirety.


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