Sometimes, university analyze things and I am.probably doing the same thing here, you tell me.  I was at a #Prop215, #SB420 compliant event this weekend and the overwhelming majority of the vendors are male and almost all of the females are accompanied by males.  At this one table was a line female with some amazing looking outdoor medicinal marijuana flowers.  I was taking pictures using my Lenovo Moto Droid Z Force and a clip on Macro Lens to photograph the buds she had out on display.

While I was doing this and trying not to catch the lady in the images, because she was sitting and only her cleavage would be visible, the guy sharing the table picked up his jar and opened it and began trying to get me attention.  It bothered me because this girl seemed to be taken aback too.  Would he have done the same if it was one of the other male vendors?  She was patiently waiting for me to finish my inspection and admiration of her wares and he saw that I was considering a purchase and he moved to try and shift my focus, using the much more popular Cookies name.

The problem I have is that this could all be perception and confirmation at work.  I really wasn’t looking for Cookies as that’s last year for me.  I was really interested in something I hadn’t seen or smoked before.  So, I bought a gram of Humboldt OG flowers and asked her if I could take her picture.


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