So my buddy cheeks loves Blunts and he prefers the Black Diamond Swisher’s Sweets.  I can take a blunt or leave it, properly rolled joints with either a Randy’s with a wire and or just a Raw Splint and paper.  There is something very enjoyable about the bonding of smoking a joint or a blunt over any other method if imbibing, just think The Breakfast Club in the 80’s at the beginning of the War On Drugs.

I am a tobacco addict as is much of America, although most are “sober” and aren’t at risk of losing their sobriety.  For me, the blunt has always triggered a need for a cigarette.  Any cigarette.  That feeling when you inhale, the burning in the lungs and the rush as the added nicotine and carcinogens enter your lungs like VooDoo by Godsmack.  This has continually caused my sobriety from tobacco especially when my I join a circle with other tobacco smokers present.

This led me to my true selfish indulgence, that is somewhere akin to TastyKake Kandy Kakes, all of them are delicious but the Chocolate or Dark Chocolate with Peanut Butter are my Cherry Pez.  The combination of mentholated tobacco, an equal amount of marijuana and the filter from one of those minty Camel Crush is like the after dinner mint after spice food.  I tend to hand roll a lot of cigarettes and Spliffs.

While I can roll by hand it is difficult and I am as good as it as Rebeus Hagrid is with sorcery or magic which often makes my joints and Spliffs and cigarettes look a lot like Mary on Christmas Eve when there was no to at the inn.  One Christmas I rolled one to smoke with a circle waiting for a bus to Alameda on Christmas day in downtown Oakland.  The multi-cultural group was doing the same and one kid, Hispanic, said it was as beautiful as the Virgin Mary on Christmas Eve.  My smart-ass response was that she wasn’t a virgin by then because Joseph married her anyway.  Just because she is pregnant doesn’t mean you can’t have sex, even if she is very pregnant, doggy style works.  They were all looking at me like I said some heavy ass shit.  And maybe blasphemy.

So, before my friend who is a Grateful Dead, Grill Cheese making, eating and selling, bonafide child of an honest to goodness bonafide Granola Hippy took the time and patience to teach and encourage me to learn to roll, I became a master with those plastic hand rollers and I can sometimes do it with a dollar bill.  When I have a dollar bill, even when I have money, it’s usually in a bank. The acrylic ones use a functional design but pop open as the rolling surface plastic stiffens with use and exposure to the oils on your fingers and they wear out.  Raw includes two sleeves with their roller.  The frame is made of some man made hemp fiber and the tube a thin polymer.  But the design is the same.  I love the IndoShag roller.

That’s what started the idea for this blog, is that a few months ago, I misplaced my several year IndoShag Roller that I cracked and ordered a new one.  Somehow, I have misplaced the cracked one and pulled out the new one.  It is clean and beautiful and pristine.  It really is an amazing design.  It stays closed when you sit it down and it will balance upright when opened and the contents don’t spill out.

When the tube wears out, I usually buy a Raw Roller and use those sleeves in this roller.  It is a simple process to replace the sleeve.  It has a learning curve because too much pressure on the frame and it will crack the top bar.  Eventually it will crack on the other side and leave a gap.  While it is still useful, it makes it a little more difficult to use. I can roll almost any thickness of a joint with it and of necessary can use splints to make sure the burn properly.

My friend Mary J Baggins likes to roll big, thick Blunts and joints.  I can use a Zig-Zag Wrap and a large roller to roll a perfect blunt with almost an 3.5 grams of flower in it.  I have also taken the rap, placed it flat on a clean surface and used a warm metal tool to coat it with hash oil and then coated it with Keef before rolling the blunt. Using a warm surface like a flying pan on the lowest setting of the stove and you can coat the entire thing.  Then dust it with the Keef and place it in the freezer for a few seconds.  Then roll it.  Add a crutch.  Roll using fingers to move both wheels so that the wrapper is loose, but not too loose.  Be prepared for the resin coming out of the end and coating the crutch.


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