I am studying to earn an Associates of Science degree in Anthropology with guaranteed admission to Sacramento State and am applying for two other CS and as many CSU schools starting with Davis.  I believe in science to fix all of the problems in the world outside of social issues.  That’s where humanities comes in to the picture.  But I digress.  Science is holistic with each discipline or branch relying on techniques and knowledge from them that helps them better understand and interpret their own field of expertise.  Chemistry and physics are a major part of earth science and climatology and meteorology are both branches of earth science.  Sort of.  Astrophysics too.  Geology.  Oceanography.  It is all interdependent down to string theory level in many cases with NASA advancing science knowledge and ideas in every area.

As an anthropologist, I believe that the dog and man have been symbiotic for most of our existence.  That domestication happened early and we continue to genetically modify then every time we breed two dogs and alloq them to create puppies.  Selective breeding for whatever traits.  Cats too, to a lesser extent.  Everything we farm has been selectively bred in the same manner from maize to sunflower and canola plants.  Over the last 50 years small, independent family farms that used heirloom seeds have been replaced with factory farms and genetically modified at the DNA level seeds.

They were developed to reduce the level of plowing and labor necessary to grow a particular crop while removing weeds and pests and causing no harm to the crop.  Ingenious and scary and potentially harmful if it were not so scrutinized by the developer and everyone with an interest in it and every credible study shows the current crops provide no discernible difference from their non-GMO counterparts.  Nutritionally they are identical.  Chemically they are identical.  The parts modified by the inserted DNA doesn’t effect the fruit at all.

What GMO crops do is use an herbicide to kill all of the weeds and other airborne natural fauna and invasive fauna in an area which ensures healthier plants and expected yields.  For all of the bad, Monsanto knows exactly how many acre feet per day to put on their crops to ensure the highest yield from the least amount of resources.  Northern California is way different then Kansas or Nebraska.  Yet Monsantonhas seeds that produce popcorn where it produces the maximum number of ears per stalk, maximum size for function and the maximum number of kernels per ear.  If it is popcorn, using their methods and following their procedures it will yield almost perfectly popped popcorn from every kernel.  It’s science and there are margins but this is outside of the scope of this discussion.  For the most part, GMO crops can grow where other crops of the same variety fail because they are designed to use less water and yield the maximums.  This is why they are so prevalent and they aren’t bad.  Organic is a lot of hogwash and new religion that makes an assumption based upon how the idea sounds to them and then resists because they cannot see the benefits.

If you want to have fresh fruits and vegetables year round, you are going to have to embrace genetically modified organics because eventually that is all that is going to be able to be sustainable.  Reduced waste, as I believe the world wastes easily 50℅ of all food grown around the globe. Viewing GMOs as bad is as illogical as denying anthropomorphic climate change or linking vaccines with autism or believing in a flat earth or ancient aliens.  All crazy, crackpot ideas.

If the organic crowd truly wants to set themselves apart, grow the alternative varieties like black garlic, potatoes and purple carrots.  Fill the store shelves with varieties and colors we haven’t seen in 50 or more years, if ever.  Create demand by offering people options they didn’t know existed.  Find new and different varieties of apples, potatoes, and other vegetables we use commonly.  How about hundreds of different styles, colors, textures and tastes of tomatoes? 


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