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    Misogyny & Marijuana 

    Sometimes, university analyze things and I am.probably doing the same thing here, you tell me.  I was at a #Prop215, #SB420 compliant event this weekend and the overwhelming majority of the vendors are male and almost all of the females are accompanied by males.  At this one table was a line female with some amazing looking outdoor medicinal marijuana flowers.  I was taking pictures using my Lenovo Moto Droid Z Force and a clip on Macro Lens to photograph the buds she had out on display.

    While I was doing this and trying not to catch the lady in the images, because she was sitting and only her cleavage would be visible, the guy sharing the table picked up his jar and opened it and began trying to get me attention.  It bothered me because this girl seemed to be taken aback too.  Would he have done the same if it was one of the other male vendors?  She was patiently waiting for me to finish my inspection and admiration of her wares and he saw that I was considering a purchase and he moved to try and shift my focus, using the much more popular Cookies name.

    The problem I have is that this could all be perception and confirmation at work.  I really wasn’t looking for Cookies as that’s last year for me.  I was really interested in something I hadn’t seen or smoked before.  So, I bought a gram of Humboldt OG flowers and asked her if I could take her picture.

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    Tuesday Hell 

    ​I experienced #hell today on my way to class as my day went horribly wrong like something out of Joe Dirt or Deuce Bigelow or The Bachelor Party.  One of those defining moments in life that reminds you there is no god and nature has a fucking dry, raunchy sense of humor.  An experience so degrading and embarrassing that it made me retreat to my safe space, movies, except it was Toy Story and a mission going horribly wrong with characters screaming and yelling to abort the mission.  Then, just as I was about to turn and run in shame, then as if this horror story that my life has suddenly become couldn’t get any worse, it does as reality decides this shit-show needs more character drama and Rio-Linda-Joe shows up and calls my name and asks me when my next class was. I was on the way to class when this situation developed and my life suddenly threatened to descend in to the embarrassing chaos like in the beginning of the New Guy where the principal grabs and breaks the guys aroused penis.   I was so distraught, I couldn’t remember that shit because of the overwhelming shit-storm I was currently dealing with almost made me wish in a higher power. And not the bullshit sold in “The Secret,” either.   If I was a Muslim, I would pray to Allah to get me out of this.  Catholic, Mary and Jesus and finally to God himself.  Protestant, to God in Jesus’ name would I pray.  Job level tribulations hath he unleashed upon me, his most unfaithful servant.

    Buddha’s karmic retribution was unleashed upon me, simply, because I laughed at my smoking buddy, who said tobacco makes him have to take a shit.  He fled our session clenching his ass cheeks because I rolled him an American Spirit from loose tobacco and dismissed his dire warning, so now, here I sit, broken hearted, needing to shit, after I had sharted.  On the way to #yoga class.  Aborted mission, beyond my control.  Command command control, this is Major Tom.  Houston, we have a problem.  #Yoga and #sharting are like 0 rings and the space shuttle Challenger and cold weather and should never, ever be mixed when it can be avoided.
    So, when, I got to the student center restroom, of course, I encountered a line for the stall. This Murphy’s law in action which really didn’t phase me as I had been intending to change anyway, from denim shorts to more yoga appropriate clothing.  Sharting just took the wind out of my sails as this ship sailed head-on in to the doldrums, the horse latitudes.  While waiting in line all wet and squishy, farts are not supposed to have lumps and all those nuts lately, I think half a peanut made it through.  OK.  I have finished shitting.  More in a few minutes.  See ya on the other side.

    When I packed the shorts, I thought I had tossed in more underwear, but nope.  I didn’t and that means I had to go commando.

    Yeah, you got the right reference or did you?  Someone stacked rocks in a rock garden as an art installation.  Zen.  While I was thinking, I couldn’t help but meditate on how many people don’t follow the right bathroom etiquette and violate the social contract by talking to you upon entering and exiting and pissing with their hands locked behind their heads police stop style while talking about cold water.  They have waterless urinal jackass.

    What is the American male and female restroom culture?  If the door’s locked don’t knock.  I hate when people knock or go further and ask you questions.  I don’t fucking answer damnit.  I am taking a shit.  Fuck you.  They call it a throne for a reason, its why you pray to it when you are sick.  It’s alone time.  So, yeah.  I didn’t go to yoga today.

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    Joints, Blunts, Spliffs, Cigarettes 

    So my buddy cheeks loves Blunts and he prefers the Black Diamond Swisher’s Sweets.  I can take a blunt or leave it, properly rolled joints with either a Randy’s with a wire and or just a Raw Splint and paper.  There is something very enjoyable about the bonding of smoking a joint or a blunt over any other method if imbibing, just think The Breakfast Club in the 80’s at the beginning of the War On Drugs.

    I am a tobacco addict as is much of America, although most are “sober” and aren’t at risk of losing their sobriety.  For me, the blunt has always triggered a need for a cigarette.  Any cigarette.  That feeling when you inhale, the burning in the lungs and the rush as the added nicotine and carcinogens enter your lungs like VooDoo by Godsmack.  This has continually caused my sobriety from tobacco especially when my I join a circle with other tobacco smokers present.

    This led me to my true selfish indulgence, that is somewhere akin to TastyKake Kandy Kakes, all of them are delicious but the Chocolate or Dark Chocolate with Peanut Butter are my Cherry Pez.  The combination of mentholated tobacco, an equal amount of marijuana and the filter from one of those minty Camel Crush is like the after dinner mint after spice food.  I tend to hand roll a lot of cigarettes and Spliffs.

    While I can roll by hand it is difficult and I am as good as it as Rebeus Hagrid is with sorcery or magic which often makes my joints and Spliffs and cigarettes look a lot like Mary on Christmas Eve when there was no to at the inn.  One Christmas I rolled one to smoke with a circle waiting for a bus to Alameda on Christmas day in downtown Oakland.  The multi-cultural group was doing the same and one kid, Hispanic, said it was as beautiful as the Virgin Mary on Christmas Eve.  My smart-ass response was that she wasn’t a virgin by then because Joseph married her anyway.  Just because she is pregnant doesn’t mean you can’t have sex, even if she is very pregnant, doggy style works.  They were all looking at me like I said some heavy ass shit.  And maybe blasphemy.

    So, before my friend who is a Grateful Dead, Grill Cheese making, eating and selling, bonafide child of an honest to goodness bonafide Granola Hippy took the time and patience to teach and encourage me to learn to roll, I became a master with those plastic hand rollers and I can sometimes do it with a dollar bill.  When I have a dollar bill, even when I have money, it’s usually in a bank. The acrylic ones use a functional design but pop open as the rolling surface plastic stiffens with use and exposure to the oils on your fingers and they wear out.  Raw includes two sleeves with their roller.  The frame is made of some man made hemp fiber and the tube a thin polymer.  But the design is the same.  I love the IndoShag roller.

    That’s what started the idea for this blog, is that a few months ago, I misplaced my several year IndoShag Roller that I cracked and ordered a new one.  Somehow, I have misplaced the cracked one and pulled out the new one.  It is clean and beautiful and pristine.  It really is an amazing design.  It stays closed when you sit it down and it will balance upright when opened and the contents don’t spill out.

    When the tube wears out, I usually buy a Raw Roller and use those sleeves in this roller.  It is a simple process to replace the sleeve.  It has a learning curve because too much pressure on the frame and it will crack the top bar.  Eventually it will crack on the other side and leave a gap.  While it is still useful, it makes it a little more difficult to use. I can roll almost any thickness of a joint with it and of necessary can use splints to make sure the burn properly.

    My friend Mary J Baggins likes to roll big, thick Blunts and joints.  I can use a Zig-Zag Wrap and a large roller to roll a perfect blunt with almost an 3.5 grams of flower in it.  I have also taken the rap, placed it flat on a clean surface and used a warm metal tool to coat it with hash oil and then coated it with Keef before rolling the blunt. Using a warm surface like a flying pan on the lowest setting of the stove and you can coat the entire thing.  Then dust it with the Keef and place it in the freezer for a few seconds.  Then roll it.  Add a crutch.  Roll using fingers to move both wheels so that the wrapper is loose, but not too loose.  Be prepared for the resin coming out of the end and coating the crutch.

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    Genetic Modified Organisms (GMO) 

    I am studying to earn an Associates of Science degree in Anthropology with guaranteed admission to Sacramento State and am applying for two other CS and as many CSU schools starting with Davis.  I believe in science to fix all of the problems in the world outside of social issues.  That’s where humanities comes in to the picture.  But I digress.  Science is holistic with each discipline or branch relying on techniques and knowledge from them that helps them better understand and interpret their own field of expertise.  Chemistry and physics are a major part of earth science and climatology and meteorology are both branches of earth science.  Sort of.  Astrophysics too.  Geology.  Oceanography.  It is all interdependent down to string theory level in many cases with NASA advancing science knowledge and ideas in every area.

    As an anthropologist, I believe that the dog and man have been symbiotic for most of our existence.  That domestication happened early and we continue to genetically modify then every time we breed two dogs and alloq them to create puppies.  Selective breeding for whatever traits.  Cats too, to a lesser extent.  Everything we farm has been selectively bred in the same manner from maize to sunflower and canola plants.  Over the last 50 years small, independent family farms that used heirloom seeds have been replaced with factory farms and genetically modified at the DNA level seeds.

    They were developed to reduce the level of plowing and labor necessary to grow a particular crop while removing weeds and pests and causing no harm to the crop.  Ingenious and scary and potentially harmful if it were not so scrutinized by the developer and everyone with an interest in it and every credible study shows the current crops provide no discernible difference from their non-GMO counterparts.  Nutritionally they are identical.  Chemically they are identical.  The parts modified by the inserted DNA doesn’t effect the fruit at all.

    What GMO crops do is use an herbicide to kill all of the weeds and other airborne natural fauna and invasive fauna in an area which ensures healthier plants and expected yields.  For all of the bad, Monsanto knows exactly how many acre feet per day to put on their crops to ensure the highest yield from the least amount of resources.  Northern California is way different then Kansas or Nebraska.  Yet Monsantonhas seeds that produce popcorn where it produces the maximum number of ears per stalk, maximum size for function and the maximum number of kernels per ear.  If it is popcorn, using their methods and following their procedures it will yield almost perfectly popped popcorn from every kernel.  It’s science and there are margins but this is outside of the scope of this discussion.  For the most part, GMO crops can grow where other crops of the same variety fail because they are designed to use less water and yield the maximums.  This is why they are so prevalent and they aren’t bad.  Organic is a lot of hogwash and new religion that makes an assumption based upon how the idea sounds to them and then resists because they cannot see the benefits.

    If you want to have fresh fruits and vegetables year round, you are going to have to embrace genetically modified organics because eventually that is all that is going to be able to be sustainable.  Reduced waste, as I believe the world wastes easily 50℅ of all food grown around the globe. Viewing GMOs as bad is as illogical as denying anthropomorphic climate change or linking vaccines with autism or believing in a flat earth or ancient aliens.  All crazy, crackpot ideas.

    If the organic crowd truly wants to set themselves apart, grow the alternative varieties like black garlic, potatoes and purple carrots.  Fill the store shelves with varieties and colors we haven’t seen in 50 or more years, if ever.  Create demand by offering people options they didn’t know existed.  Find new and different varieties of apples, potatoes, and other vegetables we use commonly.  How about hundreds of different styles, colors, textures and tastes of tomatoes? 

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