Wikipedia Fallacy

I discuss politics a lot on Facebook in The Original Mosh Pit that is fairly famous on Facebook and has been rated highly by online media.  I consistently have people respond with a casual disregard when I post a Wikipedia link without any real comment on the article itself using the casual and lazy excuse that it has been wrong and can easily be edited as the reason for not trusting it.  Instead Wikipedia should be like Funk & Wagnalls or Encyclopedia Britannica where it is fairly reliable and trustworthy until proven wrong by another note reputable authority.

If I am researching a movie, or a book or music then I use Wikipedia, IMDB and or the artist’s personal page.  If I want people to buy the item then I link to it on Amazon or Google Play.  For lyrics, I use Google Play.  For the Constitution and Supreme Court decisions, I use the SCOTUS website or Wikipedia.  The reason I trust Wikipedia is they footnote and include the sources for as much as they can in a page.  I often use that to see where the information came from and that way I can better determine bias and spin.

I use it a lot for the second amendment and why I believe the way that I do.  I first share a Penn & Teller Bullshit! Segment on the second amendment and then the Wikipedia link to the actual text that Penn Gillette recites and explains in the video.  Ben Franklin and the founding fathers were eloquent and precise in their writing.  They didn’t add extra stuff that wasn’t relevant so the commas in the version they ratified are integral to the meaning.  That’s how I use the links and casually dismissing them is just a scarecrow or strawman argument that really tries to invalidate by impugning the validity of the source and not the argument with no merit to the accusation.  It’s like trying to use a voluntary threesome a week before a woman is date raped after being slipped a ruffie and saying she wanted it.

Invalidate the Wikipedia article by citing where it is incorrect and providing s link to a more reputable source or multiple sources of equal reputation to counter it.  That’s your job since you are levelling the charges of it being invalid.  As in law submit your brief.