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    Romantic SF Bay Cruise 

    So, San Francisco is considered one of the most romantic cities on the planet and there is a song about leaving your heart there and one time the city had an art installation of giant randomly painted hearts all around the city.  I used to work for the California Welcome Center and worked on Pier 39 for a decade in total with a two year intermission.  When I first visited San Francisco, it was to work on Pier 39 and I had never heard of it.

    It has changed much over the years and that change isn’t good or bad.  There used to be an insane number of street artisans and street performers everywhere and the tips dropped in hats encouraged them to perform daily.  Even in fall and winter there were tons of tourists in the mid to late 90’s.  Not so today.  There are a multitude of options for bay cruises in San Francisco, all with various amenities and value for the costs.

    There is an incredibly cheap one that is probably better then any other option and it’s potentially cheaper then any other option.  San Francisco has a rich history with ferries and the San Francisco Ferry Terminal at the foot of Market Street has been renovated and is an amazing use of the space.  It also still functions to serve various ferries from around the bay area.  The Golden Gate Ferry out of Marin County, ran by the Golden Gate Transition Service which is part of the Golden Gate Bridge Association and it provides daily trips from various places in Marin County to San Falrancisco and then back to their origins.

    One of the coolest rides is to take the Golden Gate Ferry from San Francisco to Larkspur Landing in Marin County.  Taking the Ferry at as close to 4:20 as possible will provide you with a ride that is like the Journey song with the sun setting on the bay.  Bring a heavier jacket and wear it so you can ride outside.  There is a snack bar that serves hot chocolate inside.

    Once in Marin, walk across the pedestrian bridge to Larkspur Landing and the Marin Brewing Company where they have an amazing selection of beer.  Eat dinner there and enjoy Larkspur Landing and then take the ferry back to San Francisco.  Inside the Ferry the snack bar serves alcohol and wine, or did last time I rode it.  

    Once back in San Francisco you will be at the foot of Market Street.  Take the street car to Fisherman’s wharf or walk a few blocks up the Embarcadero and enjoy the waterfront.  If you do this on a Friday night around 9 or 10, you will see the impromptu Rollerblade group.  The Friday before Halloween is always the best show although most Friday nights it is a lights, music and action show.

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    Wikipedia Fallacy 

    I discuss politics a lot on Facebook in The Original Mosh Pit that is fairly famous on Facebook and has been rated highly by online media.  I consistently have people respond with a casual disregard when I post a Wikipedia link without any real comment on the article itself using the casual and lazy excuse that it has been wrong and can easily be edited as the reason for not trusting it.  Instead Wikipedia should be like Funk & Wagnalls or Encyclopedia Britannica where it is fairly reliable and trustworthy until proven wrong by another note reputable authority.

    If I am researching a movie, or a book or music then I use Wikipedia, IMDB and or the artist’s personal page.  If I want people to buy the item then I link to it on Amazon or Google Play.  For lyrics, I use Google Play.  For the Constitution and Supreme Court decisions, I use the SCOTUS website or Wikipedia.  The reason I trust Wikipedia is they footnote and include the sources for as much as they can in a page.  I often use that to see where the information came from and that way I can better determine bias and spin.

    I use it a lot for the second amendment and why I believe the way that I do.  I first share a Penn & Teller Bullshit! Segment on the second amendment and then the Wikipedia link to the actual text that Penn Gillette recites and explains in the video.  Ben Franklin and the founding fathers were eloquent and precise in their writing.  They didn’t add extra stuff that wasn’t relevant so the commas in the version they ratified are integral to the meaning.  That’s how I use the links and casually dismissing them is just a scarecrow or strawman argument that really tries to invalidate by impugning the validity of the source and not the argument with no merit to the accusation.  It’s like trying to use a voluntary threesome a week before a woman is date raped after being slipped a ruffie and saying she wanted it.

    Invalidate the Wikipedia article by citing where it is incorrect and providing s link to a more reputable source or multiple sources of equal reputation to counter it.  That’s your job since you are levelling the charges of it being invalid.  As in law submit your brief.

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    American Culture 

    I realize now that one of my traits that everyone tells me that I inherited from my father and that my mother said with a touch of mocking disdain is my ability to approach almost anyone and strike up a conversation.  More importantly, I have this awesome ability sometimes to place people at ease and have amazing conversations.  Looking back, I realize in a lot of ways, I was even then becoming an anthropologist and seeking to learn about customs and culture.

    One of the things I heard throughout my teenage years as rap and break dancing culture became more mainstream that hip-hop was a dying fad like disco.  The adults in my life all dissing it and saying so with a seemingly vehemence and repugnance that was like something out of the movie Hairspray which strikes an all too familiar chord because my mother met my father at Gwyn Oaks Amusement Park where he ran the Ferris Wheel and his brother, my uncle the bumper cars.  My Uncle danced on the Buddy Deane Show with Eddie The Ice Cream Man. Who knew various members of my family from.different circles and stages of their lives showing how small of a community Baltimore was back then.

    I knew Eddie through my Father and his brother my uncle who were both Ice Cream Truck owners before the opened their video stores.  I met him again because he was the ice cream man in Chadwick for most of my teenage years and I had grown up with him being a mainstay in our lives.  My mother recognized him from the show where her brother, my uncle was a regular and on the council.  I grew up hearing the stories so by the time Rikki Lake and Sonny Bono and Devine stole my heart, mind, body and soul as only John Waters can inspire. It, much like Back to The Future glamorized and did a Tom Sawyer approached and had everyone white-wash the underlying struggle for equality, but I couldn’t because my best friend was Black and I had seen how the world treated him and other Black friends just a little bit differently.  

    I read the majority decision, because there was no minority and it was a unanimous decision that ended segregation with Brown v. The Board of Education.  So, I as a teen, my first best friendship came to Eddie Murphy Comedian.  Then the one before it.  Alternatively in my walkman.  Which I had hidden on the inside jacket pocket and the war pieces ran down each jacket sleeve so I could sit with my hands to my ears and tune out the world.

    My all time favorite scary movie is the original, instant cult classic that inspired a genre, George A. Romero’s amazing Black and White masterpiece Night Of The Living Dead.  Without this film, we wouldn’t have any of it.  He reinvented how the term zombie was used and what it represented, misappropriated from another culture and it’s sacred stories.  That’s totally OK, because this is what America has always done look what we did with pasta after the Italians stole it from the Chinese after giving them syphilis.  Dark humor with truth interjected, thanks Christopher Columbus who was like a Hallmark Card and he kept giving, over and over and over again.

    So, as adults told me that hip-hop was going to die, white record executives pushed to sign gangster style talent over the party, shake your ass hip-hop talent which was both good and bad because it spread like wildfire and suddenly you have White, poor, British youth rapping with Indians who’s grandparents moved to England when it was still a colony with heavy ass Cockney accents offset by a Muslim rapping in a nasal voice about being profiled and stereotyped by society. Wait.  This rap shit, that was a passing fad and was going to go extinct like disco and unicorns is not only still alive and well, it has spread like Thriller, or a Zombie plague around the globe.

    That kid who spent a few years in the projects of Baltimore featured in the TV show The Wire, Tupac Shakur is potentially as famous as Michael Jackson and as influential to modern music as the fabulous four, John, Paul, George and Ringo also known as The Beatles. I had an epiphany about this a few years ago when I found this music video.

    So this is Die Antword and they are from the frowned upon class in South Africa, the apartheid state that resembled America of 1950 up until much later.  They have totally taken Hip-hop, rap and their own style together and the imagery of their music videos is reminiscent of when MTV played music and the videos could be epic.  This is one of the most vital and major contributions that Black Americans have given the world, these underlying tools to create every genre of music possible and imaginable.  The thing is, look close enough and you can see their contributions throughout the last century at various times and the styles they invented and developed.  Jazz.  Blues.  Rock & Roll.  All of it and none of it would have come about without their experience and situstion in this country finding an outlet through art, music and dance.

    I wrote this blog for a friend of mine on Facebook.  See, she got me to thinking about my favorite Black cultural contributions.  See, Night Of The Living Dead had an amazingly strong male lead, a Black man who spoke eloquently and displayed intelligence and when necessary bad assery.  He dies at the end as a casual shot by the posse there to “help.”. Bitter sweet.  Look at the headlines of the time.  Right.  Metaphors.  Parallels.

    See, I think the same thing that struck me with that film was what made Alien so awesome for me, Ripley didn’t have to go without a bra in a wife beater to portray her bad assery.  The women in Ghostbusters don’t have to dress like Laura Croft or Pretty Woman to display their bad assery.  Black men didn’t need gangster to further hip hop but thankfully it did or we wouldn’t have Ice T on Law & Order SVU. 

    See Hip Hop has become the voice of many cultures and the irony is that they all sing a similar song of either discontent or seeking the same goals.  It’s really like old school country music set to electronics with a bit of bawdy lewdness tossed in to accommodate the bitches and hoes.  But it wasn’t really songs like those that truly excelled, it was hilarious stuff like this.

    95 South and Whoot there it is which shouldn’t be confused with….

    Whoop There It Is by Tag Team.  Both equally noteworthy, both a lot of fun back in the day and made my club days so much fun.  But you can jump back to the 1940’s and Andy Kirk and his twelve cloud orchestra.

    Sure, they are singing about the fact the Bureau of Narcotics under And longer had begun cracking down on Marijuana and there wasn’t any to be found.  Jive was a name for Reefer or marijuana.

    See, this is how I view the world.  These are the people I find intriguing because they bucked the normal cultural and societal rules.  That’s why I wrote this.

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    Cash, gas, grass or ass…. 

    When I was a toddler, someone my mother knew was a patched member of a motorcycle club and the title of this blog was a sticker on the back of one of the bikes and I remember it because the owner gave me a ride multiple times and once I burned the shit out of my leg.  I didn’t cry, although at the age of six, I did say “ouch, that fucking hurt.  Oops, don’t tell my mom.”. It actually read “Cash, gas, grass or ass, nobody rides for free.”

    I have been blessed with a car and I often provide rides for cash or glass or both.  My buddy fucked up hard and needed to try and get some quick cash to hustle to get a nut to work like a squirrel.  He decided to sell his notebook which was cutting edge three years ago but today is old and not worth but a fraction of what he originally paid for it.  He doesn’t have identification, so he needed me to actually sell it.

    So we went to Capital City Pawn and Jewelry and they gave him $80 in cash for it, he could probably have gotten at least $200 on eBay.  This is what happens when you need money on a pinch, places like this exist because people use them.  I earned $15 for gas even though we drove completely across Sacramento to do the deed.  I also got Taco Bell, twice because the friend asked me to go get him something to drink and some chips.

    But the pen full of clear concentrate was better then everything else combined as it sells for more from the club and it allowed me to puff and puff and puff while we took care of the shit he needed to do.  Poverty has bunches of people doing this for their friends and family as trickle down economics works directly at the lower levels of the socioeconomic ladder.

    The free bugler of medicinal marijuana from Collective Efforts, an SB420 compliant medicinal marijuana dispensary in Sacramento, California serving all of the 420 and 710 needs of Prop215 patience.

    This little nuglet is beautiful, firm, dense and smells delicious.

    It really is kind of amazing when you look closer.  You can begin to see the dark purple leaves in the flower.

    This combined with Taco Potato Breakfast grilled burritos, NOS Energy Drink made an otherwise normal wake and bake become something almost amazing.

    So, my buddy Mary J Baggins talked me in to signing up for SnapChat.  Now we have been making silly videos back and forth and I made this one for him this morning.

    I made this one the day I signed up.  We had dabbed so much from his dab rig and smoked so much weed through the Yoda Bowl that it made us giggle like school girls.

    Smoking weed has an amazing social culture and it is always a fun time when I smoke with friends.  It is often like a slot machine to see where the conversation and session goes.  Different groups of different people often go different places.

    So, last night Baggins and I met up on the outskirts of Roseville and Citrus Heights and the went to a park near Roseville High School and Denio’s where he proceeded to roll a big, fat ass blunt.  He had me acquire Zig-Zag Blunt Wraps and we sat at a picnic table near some tennis courts and watched middle aged men struggle to play a few rounds of tennis while he finished the blunt.

    I am not making fun of the middle aged men, they were honestly putting forth a valiant effort but I am not sure I saw a volley go over the net, including the serve more then three times, tops.  A guy and a girl kicking a soccer ball around missed and it rolled near us.  Baggins asked the youngling how old he was and he said 18.  He invited the youngling and his youngling girlfriend to join our session.  They sat to the left and the blunt as passed to them.

    Baggins is a youngling, who I met from MrTeaBagz.  Baggins is the brother of Mr.DuffleBagz. TeaBagZ and I met in a film class at American River College in Spring 2014.  I met the other BaggerZ soon after.  The girl had a Pac-Man ghost in the area between the index finger and the thumb and I inquired about it, she just liked the way it looked and got it.  I explained that my step sister Diana had taught me how to play Pac-Man.  See, I member back to this age, because I tended to talk to and hang around an older set of friends and people.

    I don’t view millennials with the same jaded lenses of comparison to the period that I was that age where I let envy over the seeming comfort and luxury they have that I lacked when their age.  Like a parent discussing how they walked twenty-five blocks in the freezing rain to get to school everyday and how kids should be grateful for Nike shoes and water proof gloves.  I remember how the elders, those taking power and those ceding power to the next generation all made shitty comments and comparisons about my generation who was just beginning to enter the career paths.  They sounded very similar to today while they upsold the moon landing, super glue, Velcro and LED technology.

    My generation took the beginnings of their networking labors and built the Internet.  We built the infrastructure so that the next generation could come along anf build Facebook, Twitter and SnapChat. The next generation has brought us Uber, Lyft and WeedMaps while also giving us Netflix and Chill and Tinder, Craig’s List and Plenty Of Fish to do it with.  They are more open minded, more tolerant of people and less tolerant of intolerant behavior.  They see the world and see the disparity and the systemic bigotry and want to change it.  They care.  They are frustrated and eventually they are going to reach their breaking point.  When it happens, they will disrupt their way to victory.  They are flash mobs.  They are protesters.  They understand civil disobedience and the need to video and photograph and share everything.

    I have learned all of this smoking with my friends and classmates at school.

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    Summer Finals 

    Summer classes are intense and having chronic health issues makes taking then much more difficult as it is an entire semester condensed to eight weeks.  I made a mistake and took Algebra and American Sign Language this summer.  Thankfully, I had an amazing teacher.  Ms. Campbell helped a class of kids master the necessary requirements to move on.

    My final is tomorrow and I am nervous and trying to focus so I can go and work on it.  If you are taking ASL at Sierra, I highly recommend her.  She teaches 1, 2 and 3.  She also teaches at the High School level which I think adds to her patience and classroom culture.  She focuses as much on Deaf Culture and Deaf issues to help create advocates of her students while inspiring them to work harder and participate more.

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