Hillary vs Trump vs Horrible Presidents

So, now that it has been proven that the entire Democratic Primary process was patently dishonest and that the agreement they made with Bernie Sanders to not run as an independent was nullified by the conspiracy of Debbie Wasserman Shultz to ensure that Hillary was favored by the party from the outset.  The not so subtle favoritism was seen by many Bernie Sanders supporters from the outset and when they mentioned it on social media or news websites the paid DNC Hillary shills branded them conspiracy theorists, vapid, crazy and bordering on violent without providing any real evidence.  Instead they gained in the methods usually used by bigots and white supremacists by saying most or many of them in regards to his supporters.  They even created a cutesy sounding, extremely degrading level of condescension, Bernie Bros as if only immature, college frat-boys support Bernie Sanders, as if he is the epitome of the white, over privileged male demographic taking a play out of the Republican playbook where they use shame and ridicule to silence those that disagree with them.  All while the news media counted super delegate counts from the beginning while making it look and sound like Bernie Sanders was out of the race from the beginning.  Calls about supporting Hillary if she wins the nomination came well before the midway point with hints of Bernie dropping out and supporting Hillary.  Dishonest and possibly illegal, it has led to the current situation where the majority of one major parties are against both candidates from both parties as are a majority of the independent voting block which truly are the movers and the shakers in the red states.

Hillary supporters and the Democratic Establishment who orchestrated the conspiracy to favor Hillary over Bernie sanders believed they would be able to swing the Bernie supporters who were from that independent voting block even though their conspiracy involved mentioning over and over and over that Bernie Sanders was an independent and had just chosen to run as a Democrat and that he wasn’t a real democrat and therefore he should be discounted.  Good job people, you just told that majority voting block they should pick a side, not ride the fence or some bullshit and alienated them by overselling the Independent angle to the Independent block!  You just added them to the #NeverHillary group, the #BernieOrBust movement.  They outnumber the #NeverTrump movement because you continue to piss off Democrats too.  Nevada was a joke and proved the lies and bullshit the party and Hill Humpers led by Ms. Shultz that stated someone threw a chair and violence erupted when video clearly shows exactly what happened and it was dishonest and fraudulent while it slandered and libeled all those who disagreed with the events that took place.  There were Hillary supporters that changed their support because of it.  She made #NeverHillary soldiers that day.

There is a clear majority in congress that dislike Donald Trump as president and many who only support him because politics says they have to or be shamed and humiliated by someone who I think deserved it but for other reasons.  I have seen what Hillary accomplished while Secretary Of State and it scares me.  I watched her set herself up for scandal, after scandal, after scandal.  I don’t care if they were witch hunts, I care that she made decisions that placed her in the predicament where they could use them in the way they used them.  Benghazi is not a red herring, Congress is just looking at the wrong angle.  What should have been asked is was the State Department or any clandestine organization involved at all with the civil war that broke out in that country and what, if any, role did the Ambassador have in it?  Was this why he returned to the country?  Was he acting in a duplicitous role while publicly serving in the role as the US Ambassador?  You know, stuff that can cause international incidents and basically embarrass our country and make our ambassadors targets.  There is amazing amounts of evidence that shows her State Department, the one she has stated Henry Kissinger has praised her on its accomplishments and how she ran it, caused the Arab Spring.


The current narrative coming from the DNC Hillary Shills is that we can’t let Donald Trump have access to all that power, he might launch nuclear warheads.  Yes, they seriously make these comments.  As if Donald Trump would just order the Department Of Defense to nuke North Korea.  That if he did, that everyone in the chain of command would just go along with it because the President ordered it.  I just can’t understand this level of  stupidity.  See, I believe in the Constitution because it will stop him when necessary/.  The idea that the checks and balances doesn’t or won’t keep him in check  is bullshit.  But this ignores that close to 2/3 of the congress appears to be #NeverTrump and that’s bipartisan.  Many of them are also #NeverHillary which means there is a super majority which gives them far more options then any congress in recent history has truly had because consensus between parties and independents which provide a super majority can propose constitutional amendments.  All it requires to write a law to stop Donald Trump is a super majority.  All it takes to stop his is a majority out of the 8 Supreme Court justices.  The fucking constitution works.

Some try to use George W. Bush and what him and Dick Cheney did as proof Donald can fuck some shit up.  Problem is that Bush clearly had a majority of congress supporting him and enabling him to fuck shit up.  Hillary Clinton was one of those who voted to enable him to invade Iraq.  The reason they were successful is they had one major party almost completely behind them and a large portion of the other major party scared shitless that they would be made to look unpatriotic, liberal, anti-war and weak.  Fuck them, look at what they fucking started and where we are now and a shitload of this falls directly on Hillary Clinton’s shoulders.  Don’t come at me like that brah.  I am a Bernie Bros.  I will fucking destroy you in how fucking wrong about us you are and in doing so prove how fucking wrong you are about politics completely.  Both parties created this bullshit shit fest scenario and now we have to all deal with it.  Fuck you for trying to make the comparison about Al Gore and voting for a third party.  Where was your outrage when they stole the election from him?  How was the corruption and seeming conflict of interest in the person in charge of something major in Bush’s election and in counting the votes was in charge of his campaign in  that state.  This happened in many states in that election with him  Same seems to have happened in multiple states in the primary this year.  Don’t brah.  You called us conspiracy theorists and wing nuts back then.  You, Democrats who were supposed to have our independent backs.  Fuck you.  Suck it.  Another white guy is going to be president before a woman does because you chose to lie, cheat and steal to get it.  Fuck you.

I am an American and all I am loyal to is the process and the country, parties don’t mean shit to me.  Neither does the lesser of two evils and that masturbatory mind fuck doesn’t work with me, I love dystopian fantasy..Personally, I would love to see Bernie use this conspiracy to nullify his support of Hillary and his promise not to run as an independent and that he should announce his running as an independent.  He should get his grassroots campaign to ensure he is on the ballot in all 50 states and US Territories.  Then he should ask Jill Stein to be his Vice President and take her offer of the Green Party nomination for President.  They would poll high enough that they would have to be allowed in the debates.  Bernie could set the tone and dominate the debates.  Jill Stein could handle her own in debates against any of the other candidates in the Vice Presidential Slot and she brings a bunch of support to Bernie that he wouldn’t already have.  Add to it that there are half of the seats in congress are up for grabs this cycle that the Green party could potentially take enough seats to control the house by relegating one of the other parties to the minority and the remaining one to being inconsequential in the power structure.


Even if that isn’t possible, Trump wont be the end of the world, the end of this country or any worse then we have had since Kennedy was assassinated or since Roosevelt died.