I have a T-shirt that came from Carl’s Jr when they introduced Hardee’s Breakfast Biscuits that says “We wake and bake every morning!”. I got it a few years ago when the Ravens and 49ers played in the Superbowl together hosted in New Orleans and the power went out.  I went an hour before kickoff to get food and got home right after kickoff and the order was totally screwed up.  I complained and when asked what I wanted, I named the shirt and the District manager located one for me.

I wear it to school frequently and I can tell when walking around who understands the shirt and who doesn’t.  I usually get a knowing smile, nod or comment.  It has led to sessions with complete strangers and as most stoners know, that can lead to amazing conversations.  I love talking to and meeting new groups of stoners, the pot smokers sub-culture is diverse, regionally unique and as diverse as the American culture.

This week, I met a classmate who rolled and offered to smoke a blunt with me after class.  So I went to the parking lot and we drove to a nearby park and met a few of his friends.  For the next twenty minutea we talked and passed the blunt.  It was the perfect social bonding experience as we each tried to make the others laugh.  Being silly.  Being self deprecating and making jokes about each other.  Then we stood around for another ten minutes talking but the heat and cotton mouth cut it short.  I was quickly dropped off at my car and left to do homework.  All in all, not a bad day.


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