Anyone But Hillary Clinton 

Back in 2008 when the Presidential Election cycle began, I had reenrolled at American River College with the hopes and dreams of reinvigorating my career with new industry certifications from Cisco and CompTIA.  At the same time, California was being ripped apart by the Conservative Christian element who sponsored Proposition 8 which would define marriage in the state of California as being between one man and one woman.  Up until this point, my relative action in politics amounted to discussing it on the internet and voting in every election. 

This began to change when the Associated Student Body, the student government on campus, elected a new, conservative, Russian Immigrant s president.  He placed his Christian faith before the needs of the school and the entire student body when he pushed forward an amendment stating the American River College Associated Student Body endorsed a “Yes” vote on Proposition 8.  The negative attitudes stirred up in the student population boiled over and targeted Gay Students.



It was a profoundly sad and stressful time on campus.  Ultimately, I made the decision not to continue with school because after taking the entire Cisco curriculum for the CCNA exam, I had had such little time actually using the hardware that I couldn’t pass the troubleshooting portion of the exam.  All of the CompTIA classes were taught at a level that was significantly below my current skill level after my 20+ year career.  To add insult to injury, I often caught the professors stating incorrect and outright dangerous information.  Many, thanking me afterward for the candid corrections because I didn’t just state how I felt, I backed it up with the opinions of industry recognized experts of which, I am a certified member.


When I started back to school in 2013, I decided to take the classes necessary to transfer to a four year university.  I decided that I wanted to move up in to IT Management from the actual trenches of the engineers.  So, I started taking the basic education classes necessary for transfer with a business management degree.  In the Business Law class, I met MooSe and we became good friends.  He asked me the next semester to take a Magic, Witchcraft and Religion class and I agreed.  Little did I know that the professor from this class would literally change my life and college focus.  Shortly after the semester started MooSe’s wife was diagnosed with terminal cancer.  Shortly after she left this world leaving both MooSe to mourn her passing.  I being the dutiful friend, mourned her passing as she was also my friend and family while being a crutch for MooSe to lean upon.  He would have dropped all of his classes and left school had I not of convinced him to talk to the professors.  He did and they gave him exceptions and ways to make up for missing classes.  No professor we had expressed more genuine concern for MooSe and I as people and not just students then Professor Casper-Denman.  This combined with her style of teaching and her true belief that there was never a stupid question made me feel more comfortable in her classes then I have ever felt in my life.  I changed to Anthropology as my major because I suddenly found the subject that had been calling me my entire life.


As part of the requirement to transfer and to earn an AA Degree, I had to take a political science class and I decided to do it during the summer semester.  Unbeknownst to me, I wasn’t eligible for any more Pell Grant that year, so I didn’t have money for the textbook.  I didn’t want to drop the class, so I figured that I would take good notes and use google to fill in the blanks.  I had worked hard to get in the class, coming the first 4 classes and participating to get the Add code.  I soon realized that I knew the subject matter better then any of my classmates and didn’t really need the textbooks.  I was familiar enough with the American Political and Government structure to understand the new information she provided and she provided a lot.  I understood things about how the Federal and California state governments function that very few of my contemporaries that I discuss politics with seem to.  I passed the class with an A and a thank you for my participation from the professor.  I had learned to participate frequently and often from Professor C-D and it carried over to this class.  Finally, I took an Honors US History class focusing on the period about 100 years before First Contact and the end of the Civil War and an anthropology class focusing on Native American Culture.  All of this combined to give me a very unique and new appreciation for Native Americans and Black Americans and their history in this country.  The good, the bad and the ugly.  I understood how American went from the idea of White English settlers and Native Americans living and working side by side under the gentle rule of English law to white nation that had purchased and enslaved darker skin humans.  The rise of “racial bigotry” to justify and support the growing peculiar institution of slavery.  I learned to separate the mythology of states rights as a cause of the civil war to the reality that it was simply about maintaining the status quo of the thriving peculiar institution of slavery.

So when Obama announced his candidacy, I was fully prepared to take him at his word.  So when the Republicans gave us Coke & Coke Zero as candidates, Obama looked a lot like Crystal Pepsi, the clear choice for a transparent administration and of course, Change.  I was wrong and what we got was New Coke and that may taste like Pepsi but it is nothing like the Crystal Pepsi we were promised.  I am not saying Obama didn’t do a good job, I am just saying that a lot of his foreign and domestic policies seemed to follow the same direction that George W. Bush had set us upon in the days following 9/11.  Yes, he may have had amazing job growth, but the overwhelming majority of those jobs are significantly below the median income in this country.  Sure he may have gotten Osama Bin Laden, but he also authorized a drone strike on a US Citizen travelling abroad without due process, without any Judicial oversight.  Sure, you can argue and justify the naturalized citizen shouldn’t have been travelling where he was and consorting with the people he was alleged to consort with but the constitution is pretty clear on due process.  Even if I give you him and say, ok, he was a naturalized citizen and could have had complicit loyalties.  His under the age of consent, sixteen year old native born citizen son who was killed two days later in a second drone strike is a totally different discussion because this clearly places the sins of the father upon his son.



Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton was Secretary Of State throughout most of this, which means she was briefed on and helped make the decisions in situations like this.  It means she was part of the decision to execute United States Citizens abroad without providing them the constitutionally guaranteed right to due process.  This alone makes her No Bueno for me.  But this isn’t the only thing she has done wrong in her tenure as Secretary Of State.  Regardless of how I feel about the email scandal, she made the decision that opened the door to make this an issue and her provided reason for doing so was so intellectually or technologically challenged as to be laughable because she said that her decision was made because she didn’t realize you could have multiple email addresses on the Blackberry. The Blackberry’s claim to fame was its ability to process and handle email like no other device at the time.  When combined with carrier and corporate server add-on support software and it was the hands down, easiest and most reliable system for corporate executives and leaders to use for email.  How could a device like this NOT support multiple email addresses?  Almost every device made since the Palm Treo has been able to have multiple email addresses.  The ability to do this predates the iPhone and the Blackberry devices.  So either she is fabricating a false narrative or she is completely and totally technologically inept.  Neither of which is a trait that the leader of the free world, holder of the key to all our nukes, should ever have.

Now, outside of the E-Mail scandal, their has been continued calls by Republicans chanting Benghazi and referring to Ambassador Stevens’ death and the hopes that something in her E-Mails will provide them with something with which to hold her accountable.  She is responsible, but nothing in her E-Mails will provide the evidence because her guilt lies in her policies as Secretary of State where she incited insurrection and fomented civil war.



Ambassador Stevens got caught up in the civil war that was unfolding in Libya, a civil war instigated by Secretary Of State Hillary Clinton and our clandestine operations guided by the CIA.  They were behind the entire Arab Spring uprising throughout the Middle-East and North Africa that gave way to the rise of the Islamic State.  This is basically the same methodology and policies carried out by Secretary Of State Henry Kissinger, whom Hillary Clinton has called a mentor and a friend.


I am openly a Bernie Sanders supporter because I believe in almost everything he professes to support.  I also feel similar to him when it comes to gun control.  What immediately makes him a better candidate then Hillary, who seemed to take her role as Secretary of State directly from Henry Kissinger, Bernie Sanders has said that Henry Kissinger is no friend of his and that he would never take advice from him.


Some people believe Henry Kissinger was guilty of war crimes and worse.



But even before all of this, in the beginning when Hillary was first announced as Secretary Of State, I asked what qualifications she had for this position because her short tenure as a US Senator was definitely not enough of a career training to qualify her for this position.  Then it dawned on me, what qualifications did she have when she left the White House after being First Lady for 8 years?  Keep in mind that First Lady is only a title of politeness and carries no weight or value.  People like to cite her work on Health Care Reform, but that shit didn’t amount to anything.  Essentially for the eight years Bill Clinton served as President of the United States, she was a stay-at-home-mom for their daughter Chelsea.  Regardless of the career she had before he took office, she went from being “dead broke” and a eight year career gap to running a successful senate campaign after moving to a million dollar upstate New York house.  A successful Senate campaign starts at ten million.


If this wasn’t enough to convince you, keep in mind that Bill Clinton was a Rhodes Scholar along with Robert Reich whom he provided a cabinet position as Secretary Of Labor. Robert Reich explains where Bill Clinton went wrong.



Finally, what has Hillary accomplished in the Senate or as Secretary Of State that makes her a viable candidate for President?  Nothing really stands out except the scandals and sadly that’s what this looks like, the plotline of the Shonda Rimes TV Show, Scandal where the First Lady is offered a Senate seat and then the Presidency if she stands by her husband who had an extramarital affair.


Hillary has taken money from Wall Street and from large corporate and special interest donors.  The Democratic National Convention establishment endorsed Hillary from the beginning to the detriment of all the other candidates.  They worked using the establishment machine to first, coin cute and derogatory names for Bernie Sander’s supporters labeling them “Bernie Bros.”  Then they created a PAC or charged a PAC with paying Hillary Supporters to trumpet this and other messages in the comments on Social Media.


From the beginning Hillary and the DNC Establishment has said that Bernie is unelectable, that he cannot win the general election and therefore should not win the nomination.  All throughout the process there has been a plan to try and shame Bernie supporters in to shifting their support to Hillary by repeating this mantra and calling for him to drop out so that the party can unify behind Hillary.


If all of the above were not enough to prove her connection and debt to the establishment, lack of skills and credentials to hold the office, her connection to Henry Kissinger and her failures as Secretary Of State that seemed to look a lot like those Kissinger had then maybe her campaign’s contacting former President George W. Bush’s donors telling them she is closer to their political views and ideology then current Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump.  Thinnk about the message that she is actually sending to those donors.  She isn’t something new, like say Rockstar! Cola Flavored Energy Drink.  She is just Coke in a 16 Ounce Can and she is will to admit it for money.


Tese are the reasons that I am ANYONE BUT HILLARY.  Because she is a lot like Mitt Romney and John McCain where she will say anything and promise everything to win the nomination.  What backroom deals did she have to make to get the funding to run for the senate?  What about her first and now second run for the office of President?  What was she promised to take the Secretary Of State position?  Either way, she has brought with her scandal, after scandal that has choked up congress, the press and seemingly added to the difficulties that Obama had as the first Black President by fueling the discord and anger of the Republicans and Tea Party.  Do we really need even four, let alone eight years more of the Republicans raising scandal, real or imagined?