So my daughter Kethry will turn 10 in 3 days on the Idea Of March or March 15th.  To celebrate we went to the Mikes Incredible Pizza in Roseville, California.  It was a cold, windy and rainy day and this place induces meltdowns in kids in a magical way.  It also brings out the best in some and the worst in others.

When I went to get an Icee when we first arrived and this young girl jumped in front of me and stuck her finger up the spout and then in her mouth.  I could not stop myself and said “hey, keep your fingers out of there young lady.” As she ran off and this kid behind me started laughing, not on the that’s funny way but in the “wow, I can’t believe I just saw that and a conspiratorial that is some bullshit kind of way.

Now, besides the games of chance masquerading as games of skill, this place has a few small rides, all designed to cause projectile vomiting from kids who gorged on the all you can eat buffet after they stuck their dirty, disease ridden fingers in it.  Oh, you don’t think my disease refer once is valid?  Have you forgotten the measles outbreak at Disneyland last year?  Ok, them I rest my case.


Tell me this isn’t designed to make kids feel sick so they get the ball out.


This is for the younger ones.  After all that soda, ice cream and desserts after all that pizza.  Hello, diabetes.


This is played with quarters in Nevada and is considered gambling, but replace the quarters with chips, excuse me, tokens and add in loyalty cards and it somehow changes.  This one was partially out of order.  Elvis has left the building….


They hope it will be fixed soon so it can continue to trade kids money for tickets.

So, Hello and I went to get a drink of water and while I was waiting by the soda machine for my turn, just as it is my turn this kid darts in front of me in the same way that was home does when they speed all the way down the lane that is ending while the lane next to them is stalled and force their way in.  I was like “Hey.” Stopped myself because there was an insult coming next.  I heard the guy behind me say “yeah, that just happened.”  I turned around and grinned at the guy.

So, I needed a break and used putting my camera in the car as an excuse.  On my way out, I passed a mom with a child in full Chernobyl on the verge of Fukishima.  When I got to my car and started rolling a cigarette she got to the car and deposited the kid in the back seat.  Then she called someone on the phone to blow off steam.  I wonder if at that moment she was thinking, man, I should have swallowed.


I tried not to listen to her conversation but couldn’t help it, there was no other sound but the rain.  Sadly, I listened as she used a third party to defend her to her kids because she misunderstood what her daughter was saying when she mentioned she had already been there once this week and rode the rides.  It came down to the mom not having the money and she took that as the kid saying she wished she was with her dad or that daddy was better then mom.  I listened as the child told the other adult she wasn’t trying to hurt her moms feelings and she wasn’t bashing her mom.  She was just happy and excited about the fact she got to go there twice in one week.  She understood that her daddy hadn’t paid child support and that is why mom couldn’t afford to pay for then to ride the rides. This child may have been 7 or 8 years old and I felt so sorry for her because mom was placing this drama on her.

I can’t even begin to explain what is wrong with this situation where Mom’s male friend discusses something like this with her daughter.  Who is this man to discuss this girls father in such a manner?  That’s just not right and shouldn’t ever happen.  I got out of my car and returned to my kids.  We had a blast playing four way Pac-man and Monopoly.  I also was asked by Kethry to spin the wheel for her.  Since I could spin it and it would spin for like a minute and a half.  It toyed with my emotions by making us think it would give us 250 or 100 tickets only to give us 4.  Kethry, Rachel and I rode the vomit comet together and spun it as fast as we could.

All in all we all had a blast, ate too much pizza and all got some cheap trinkets.  I got a Chinese finger lock and a hackey sack ball.  All way overpriced when considering how much the tickets cost.


Although there is a security risk in this place….


Located on the floor behind the Monopoly machine was a network switch with open ports.


That’s not something I would be comfortable with if it were my network.


About Old Guy Student

I am a 43 year old IT Consultant who has decided to go back to school and get a degree.

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