Wasted Mondays 

So, when I awoke this morning, I went to #Starbucks and waited for the testing lab to open. Then I went to my doctor next door and got the lab form and went to the lab. Since I had resisted the urge to buy #Coffee, I was still fasting except my medication this morning including an aspirin, blood pressure medicine and the antibiotic which has one day left. Of course it also included pain management which consists of #marijuana as allowed by #Prop215 and #SB420. I was dispensed narcos and have taken them only once because I don’t like how they impair me and make me feel. Some people do, but I don’t understand that.

In the waiting room was a mom with two of her three kids. I don’t know what it is about other people’s kids, but they annoy me. Especially if they are loud, demanding and display poor social behavior. Her youngest slapped, hit and threw things while screaming all while the mother ignored it and worked to appease her. Just as I thought I was going to break some woman showed up and went through her purse to distract the older child so mom could have the iPhone to mesmerize the younger one. I always made Haplo and Kethry take books when we went to the doctors and avoided letting them play in the playroom. We never allowed them to raise their voices or act out while in public, always banishing them and one of us to the car until we regained control. Once, I was standing twenty feet from the car and a police came up. They told me I could be arrested because I was too far from the car and it was against the law to leave your kid in the car. This was Haplo my son, who figured out how to open doors early, and who could get in to the car all on his own. We never coddled our kids using strollers or carrying them once they could walk. We made them walk holding our hands. In San Francisco, up and down hills.

The law was written for people leaving children in cars where they froze death or died from heat or asphyxiation. This wouldn’t have happened because it was too warm to freeze and too cold to die from heat. The car was off and the Windows were cracked. The police intervened because of the law when there was no endangerment of the child, The car was parked in a parking lot that wasn’t very busy, the child could clearly exit the vehicle on their own and I was no more then 100 feet away, inside the restaurant if I returned. It’s why we decided a parent had to go to timeout too.

Capitalists always talk about the gridlock and slowness and inefficiency of government and how much better the private sector is at everything trying to argue for the privatization of government services to inspire competition, reduce taxes and make things better. Several states have implemented urine testing of applicants for public assistance programs and they use labs much like this one where speed and efficiency are not part of the corporate culture. It took me 45 minutes to get blood drawn as a drop in and someone with an appointment was ten minutes late being seen. Another woman dropping off a sample had to wait ten minutes to be processed.

The phlebotomist was not very good at her job and I can say that because I have been poked and prodded a lot in the last few months with weeks of daily blood draws and none of them caused as much pain as this woman did. She was also slow, like she had all day to do it and nothing else in her schedule. Her bedside manner consisted of drink more water before coming next time. I have water lady, I got to per like a race horse. I have also lost bladder capacity if that is possible or the ability to hold it as long as I used to. Hydration is not really a problem as I drink a lot of water to supplement the #Starbucks which was my next destination.

I need to go between classes tomorrow and see about a book voucher and check on my financial aid. I also want to see about on campus employment or tutoring of some sort, maybe Anthropology since I got an A in almost all of those classes and a B in the ones that I didn’t. I could also probably tutor in almost all of the computer and IT classes except programming. If I could get twenty hours a week, even at minimum wage, I could get out of the hole I am in. I also need to go to counseling and add the lab for the Earth Science class and this will be the Earth Science semester.

I am a science major and want to ultimately teach high school science or want to at this moment in time. This means I should know the topic and the lab will ensure that I do. I also want to take an astronomy lab and should have when I took that class. I also should have out more effort in to that class but Financial Aid and working to get an A in the political science class and not having text books made that difficult. It’s why Sierra College has a book voucher because disbursement happens after classes begin. Everything will come together as soon as that happens but until then I can get the book voucher since I need books and #mathlab to successfully do this semester.

Sierra seems to have an entirely different focus on things then ARC and Los Rios. For instance, they subscribe to Office 365 which grants each student a license to use it for the semester. They have the book voucher until financial aid arrives. Meanwhile, ARC makes a bad business deal with the mismanaged Regional Transit Authority that is facing serious operating cost shortfalls and a downturn in ridership. They are talking about raising fares to make it the most expensive transit system in the world. It has always burdened the poor and working class with higher rates. At one time General Assistance forced every adult to buy one by reducing the cash grant by twenty dollars while Federal, State, City and County government employees have their transit passes either fully paid or subsidized by the government entity they work for as part of the collective bargaining agreement. Or they get a parking stipend so they can park downtown or at light rail stations.

Look at the system Map and operating times and you can see that the primary premium service is designed for the commuters which are those government workers. Everyone else pays exorbitant rates for daily fares or insane monthly pass fees. The system itself really lacks full.service outside of the commuters and after the commute ends leaves people stranded or taking multiple buses all of which wastes an incredible amount of time and energy. I know because I did it for decades and the thought of it kind of leaves Mr a bit queasy and uneasy because I was pick pocketed in standing room only several times. And that type of crime has always been an issue on the entire system without enough police and fair inspectors to truly police the system.  They only inspect fares outside of the commute periods which they claim is because checking them then would potentially disrupt service and inconvenience people.