So, yesterday I slacked most of the day instead of trying to get in to the one unit Earth Science lab. I may try to get in to it today, it is one day a week on Wednesday. I also took the 9 Unit Algebra class at ARC textbook to my friend Josh, which allowed me to swap cameras with my other friend. It was an odd day, spent outside of a Starbucks near campus.

I remembered to stop and get change for the parking permit today. I stopped at a gas station and then forgot to get change so I had to go back in. I needed some supplies, namely rolling papers and a big black Bic lighter since my current one is like the Elf in Gauntlet and is about to die. It’s incredibly frustrating to not have a lighter because matches and marijuana smoking don’t go well together, even if it is to light a joint. I know I probably shouldn’t have spent the money, but life without a lighter is extremely frustrating.

The thing I have noticed is even fewer people smoke in Rocklin and on Sierra College’s campus. This makes finding someone with a lighter more difficult. The rolling papers are a necessity, since I need them for medication. Marijuana is my pain medication, I have pain pills but prefer the doctor’s recommendation under California Proposition 215 and State Bill 420. Basically this allows me to substitute marijuana for opiate based pain relief. It also relieves stress and anxiety. It’s what let me accomplish everything I did on Monday, by calming me down, mellowing me out and letting me focus on what I needed to do. On Tuesday it helped me face rejection and the anxiety it brings to get off the waitlist for all but one class. It empowered me to talk to the professor for the class I didn’t get in, ASL 1.

Yesterday I got to go to the Starbucks by ARC and found out one of the Baristas is in my Earth Science class. She was really happy and excited about it and we discussed how different Sierra is then ARC. It’s looking like it might be an interesting semester after all. I posted a new Facebook profile photo, getting rid of the Mad Jedi picture and posted to a group about the last few months. I don’t usually share stuff like that so publicly and only did so because so many of the group are close, real life, real world friends.

Weight Lifting has left me tender and tired which is a sure sign I put forth effort. The warm-up was followed by an initial strength test by bench press. I did 95lbs three times as did two other people in my group. I like the coach and my classmates seem to be really nice. There are a couple of Russian women older then me in the class. It makes me feel less awkward.

Earth Science discussed things that I already know about how stars and planets are made. Then back to my car to finish my Starbucks because finances preclude eating on campus today. It’s kind of depressing and scary because I have so little finances. While sitting in my car lamenting how the life of the poor sucks, it started to rain. So, I had to walk across campus in the rain for my Algebra class. Yeah me, I made 15 minutes, with as much time to spare.

Algebra is in the very beginning stages and I don’t really have to pay attention but am doing so to keep from falling asleep. I am on break writing this and am not sure when I am going to be able to post these.


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