So day two started off at 6am and a trip to the local Starbucks in Lincoln to use the internet to see my schedule for today. Then a trip to the Starbucks in Rocklin to get coffee and wait until 8:30, an hour before my first class, weight lifting where I am on the waiting list. Cross your fingers and toes that I get an add code. My ginger Facebook friend who bakes awesome Lego cakes bought my coffee this morning, which made my morning better. I am still under tremendous stress until I get in all the classes and have my financial aid.

So, the parking machine only takes dollars and credit cards, gives no change and costs three dollars a day. Today I lost a dollar. Paid with a card and forgot the receipt and had to pay again. This is chaos and it’s these little things that could cause me to pull back. First Day of a PE class is usually twenty minutes at most at ARC. Role call, syllabus, waivers, etc. Second class is when it all begins. It is going to be interesting to see the differences in culture between ARC and here and what a first day class is like. Hah, there is the anthropologist in me.

I wasted most of the half hour before walking to class Zen period I tried to create with the parking ticket fiasco. As tight as money is, I really couldn’t afford to lose those funds. I did get to finish yesterday’s blog and begin this one. I plan to walk to class a half hour before the class begins at 9:30 so that I am early and can figure out where I am going. The stress and anxiety are effecting my ability to focus on the here and now. The best part though is that The pain and soreness from all the walking yesterday have gone away overnight. I woke up about half an hour before everyone else and just listened to everyone wake up. Time to walk to class as I parked in the same area.

So far, two minutes in to class and the instructor isn’t here. The school mascot is a wolverine. Do wolverines eat bearers? Success, I got the add codes. PE instructors tend to add as many as possible because they like to encourage people to be active. But it is still a success. As soon as he said form a line, I almost teleported between where I was standing and the spot. It was like the master of time and space and I had stopped time. I think I heard the guy behind me say “Wow, that old dude moves fast.” Yeah, the cane or walker is a front.

So it was pretty much the standard with attendance being the focus of the lecture. Need a hand towel. Water bottle ok. This is the football coach which reminds me of yesterday after I settled my schedule. I was sitting on this rock walk in the center of campus when these two Black males came and sat beside me and one was talking to his father about wanting to punch the coach and how he was racist. From the conversation I gathered he was either late or missed a meeting and the coach called him on it. Maybe cut him from the roster and how he was going to go over his head. Then he talked about losing a year in jail. I just cannot fathom the coach I just met as being racist or being an asshole. The coach used about 40 minutes of the hour and twenty minutes allocated which gave me time to go back to my car and grab the next class and add this to the blog.

So my next class is Introduction to Earth Science. I am on the waiting list and will leave early to get to the class and plant my ass in a seat. Crossing my legs because I need to pee, which I will do on the way to class. Hey, don’t judge. You don’t buy Starbucks coffee, you rent it and then donate it to the nearest toilet or urinal.

So, I to the Earth Sciences class but didn’t get in to the ASL 1 class, yet but there seemed to be a lot of people who didn’t show up and two people were already added. You never know and I am going to keep attending until the last day to add the class. Today was a good day and I walked all over campus and back to my car and to campus again three times. I am physically and mentally tired. I don’t have classes tomorrow but I am thinking of adding a one day a week, Wednesday one until lab class to go along with the Earth Sciences class. It is only logical since my degree will be a science one. It will let me understand the topic in a more thorough manner.


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