So today began my first day at Sierra College in Rocklin, California. I haven’t been on the campus since Mykl and I went on adventures there and I really don’t remember much except to realize it has grown tremendously. My stress level is through the roof because I got denied Financial Aid by American River College even though the academic issues were caused by medical issues that resulted in 4 ER trips that admitted me for a week. The head of the department said there was nothing he could do and endorsed the Sierra switch but pushed for another Los Rios campus. Derp.

Ironically my lazy fat ass parked in the parking lot furthest from the center of campus as possible and I had to meander to find Student Services but once I did, getting an appointment was easier than it has ever been at American River at the start of a semester or even mid-semester with drop in appointments. It sort of reminds me of ARC in the 90’s when Sierra was a baby college and now Sierra seems to have grown with multiple campuses. It was awesome to see friends who hadn’t seen each other greet on campus, the joy of rekindled friendship is empowering. I suffer from stress induced depression which leads to anxiety and withdrawal. My job and friends have always been a way to pull myself out of myself. Then school did and I have made some amazing friendships.

This is scary for me because I do not know anyone. I am not very good at the initial introduction or how to strike up a conversation. Usually my friends are former classmates or people I have crossed paths with that led to direct interaction. Some classes provided an entire block of friends. I rarely ask my friends for help or anything because it is just how I am. I instinctively say no when I want to say yes. I am weird. Luckily, I have amazing friends who have supported me and helped me get this far and I suspect they will continue to do so. Thankfully they know who they are and they know how much I appreciate it.

So, I have a 1:00 meeting with a counselor who will help me take the shortest path to a transfer degree to the University. Armed with my transcript and my desire to see this through to the end, I should be able to get registered for the classes I need and have a game plan to move forward. I still need all the math and that’s the major classes I have flubbed. It’s probably going to mean a semester and a half with two algebra and stats. Plus I need photography and us history for the win, Alex. Or whatever they say. Finally I need two anthropology classes for the degree. I only took the math classes the semesters I took them, 9 units is grueling and if you are sick and fall behind you can’t easily catch up. Anxiety ate me up during exams.

Now, I am healthy and I want to get healthier. I want to see if I can potentially add some PE classes as I have used them in the past to get in better shape. My health issues would be reduced by the exercise from the classes and the fact that it is a class is more motivation because I have gotten A’s in them in the past. This is the semester I get back in to walking all the way across campus multiple times a day between classes. This is the semester where I completely quit smoking and don’t even smoke the occasional one or vape. No nicotine. And much like Zombie Land, more cardio. I have done this before multiple times and I can do it again. I have friends who did it with assistance and they have inspired me to do it on my own again. This plan will get me there, back to when I took midnight pictures of the ARC Beaver Stadium and the campus lights after walking all the bleached steps down and back up and up and down both back sets. I want to be able to walk five flights of steps without dying. 🙂

I have also set this goal of ten pictures a day to go along with some random thought that composed the picture in my mind to help people see the world like I do. 🙂 Time for the meeting, more on the other side. I left myself a half an hour to walk from the lot to the Student Services building. I will eventually learn all the names for the buildings here. I would also like to try and wrangle sign language out of this if I can, like I originally planned in spring 2013.

Made it to the office in 27 minutes and took two five minute breaks. My ankle objected to so much work in such short order, a good sign of the pain to come. Resting for a few minutes all but dissipated the pain, although it is still a bit tender and sensitive to how I walk. I have another minute before check in and I am trying to use this blog to swallow the anxiety and resist the urge to say Fuck It and leave. I know it’s irrational and stupid and counterproductive but anxiety makes me have odd thoughts.

The difference in demeanor and attitude of this counselor versus any of the ones I have ever talked to at American River was night and day. The best was the Dean and the only reason she handled my drop in appointment is because I waited for 5 hours for the drop in appointment and I requested to speak to her. This counselor was not only knowledgeable, she was also helpful in picking the classes for this semester and setting the quickest path to my goal. I lost two semesters to trying to rush through the math classes because my health and personal life issues. No matter how I tried, I still had three semesters at ARC, even completing the 9 unit math class. So, I now have a chance to take American Sign Language again and get all three years to become fluent. I don’t know why, but I want to learn it and be fluent in it. I inspired MooSe and Robert to take it. Robert has begun to teach his kids and his toddler who only has just begun to speak signs for several things. I helped make that happen. MooSe has gone on and taken ASL culture and Deaf Studies courses. He inspired me to step outside of my comfort zone and take Anthropology classes where the professor developed my inner anthropologist.

So, I am currently enrolled in a late afternoon math class and on the waiting list for a weightlifting class, ASL 1, and an Earth Science class. I wanted to take the Physical Anthropology lab but all of them had high waiting list numbers. The PE class is it’s replacement this semester. Next semester I might see if Professor C-D is teaching it at ARC and take it there instead if I cannot get in to the class at Sierra.


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