So, I have no real problems with math and can do most math calculations fairly accurately in my head most of the time.  My problem comes to remembering the formulas and operations necessary to isolate the right variable.  It also comes from just an overall lack of confidence on my own skills and abilities from lack of use and reliance on them.  The Spring 2015 class that I failed taught me I just need to buckle down and do the homework and study the quizzes.  Right now, I am fighting the nerve wracking, fingernail biting anxiety that tomorrow, I have an exam.  If I do not pass it, it could very well be the beginning of the end of my college career.  Oh, great bog narrator, guess what you just made me realize.  Thanks asshole.

It’s been a weird year, with a very mild, warmer and dryer winter last year, a very warm and dry summer and suddenly cooler September.  It was downright chilly this morning.  The red pipe is nicknamed Harvey, after the Elf that wanted to be a dentist, as you can see, I have an abominable snowman.  Open-mouthed smile  The benefits of an ex-wife who works at Pet’s Mart and knew I liked him.   The Isle of Misfit toys was totally my favorite part because I always felt like a broken and misfit toy growing up.  The few friends I had accepted that I was odd and left it at that.  Today, I realized I am normal and that quite a few people feel this same way.

It’s why so many people identify and laugh at the Minions or at least share memes with words and attitudes that do not really coincide with those characters in any movie or any minion in any animated movie.  Social Networking has always been what being popular has always been about and that is likes.  Like High School it makes bullies and trolls come out at the same time it makes people less conscious about the tone and words they use to communicate.  Trying to pass off being blunt when instead it is just rudeness presented as snark.  There are two places on Facebook where I can avoid people like this and most of the negative attitudes, a comedy group and a kindness group.  My Cyberfriend James Clarkson founded the kindness group and together we made the comedy group.  Much like a Comedy show, a certain amount of heckling and ridicule is to be expected and allowed.  But never something that could hurt someone’s feelings or make them feel uncomfortable.

So, most of my friends are either stoners, or Prop 215 patients.  This happens when you are a stoner who is also a Prop 215 patient.  It is now legal for recreational use in four states, although Colorado’s gets the most publicity.  I often trade rides, for marijuana that I then trade for friendship, fellowship and food.  Providence often accompanies it and I end up sharing an amazing time with almost absolute strangers, smoking a blunt or two.  I did this yesterday twice for a total of four blunts.

I often let my guest choose the method of consumption or choose based upon the amount of or type of medicine that we are smoking. My buddy Josh likes to use the bong, I prever the pipe but will frequently use the bong with Josh. Often, it is a joint or a blunt because those are the most typical for social settings. I personally prefer joints to blunts and think that all joints should ne smoked in pairs of two, usually smoked in between smoking two other joints. The object is not how high can we get but rather and far more important is how long can we remain high? The difference in end goals means you smoke less per session and have more frequent sessions depending on how large the group is. I have sat around on top of Hippie Hill in San Francisco and passed around joint after blunt after bowl after dab pen after whatever. The anthropologist in me is very interested in the culture and the practices and beliefs of most stoners and medical cannabis patients. I want to know the origins of things like 420, which I believe High Times actually has the best and most likely response. I like turning on my friends to stoner humor they might not otherwise know about like A Child’s Garden Of Grass or The Great Smoke Off. (I need to edit this blog later and put links to the source and subject matter.) I have always been in to standup comedy and comedy in general, watching John Belushi on Staurday Night Live re-runs on WBFF, Channel 45 in Baltimore at like 1am.

This is what the hippie stoner’s in the 70’s listened to and made jokes about. This was what a lot of people had playing on their hifidelity record players and the mixing plays with the left and right channels in ways that are kind of fun to experience, especially when getting high as often the jokes become more readily aparent once you listen to it while high. Heck, most were obvious to me once I heard it after being high. It’s still fun to listen to and you should listen to it at 4:20 as you smoke.

So here is a link to a Facebook Page for my Blog.  I was never a try a new service just because it was a new service kind of guy.  I gave up on ICQ when I couldn’t retrieve my password or account.  Moved to AOL Messenger because most of my friends used it.  Then Microsoft made MSN Messenger log in to AOL servers and I was hooked.  Then I found Trillian and added other accounts.  Most of the names arose when I needed them for something online.  IRC caused a lot of name changes because people be stupid and weird.  Channeling my buddy MooSe there for a second.  I have been Online a long time and have lived all over the country and most of the time my handles and nicknames changed with localities because they were already in use in a new locality and I wanted to avoid confusion.

Most of my names settled when I moved to Sacramento and joined Afterlife BBS one Friday night.  It was an 18 and over adult oriented BBS that had online games, forums and a chat area.  They also had regular parties and get togethers or in the local vernacular mupts for modem-user pizza thingies and various BBS and clicks had them.  Sacramento had a thriving online community back in the 90’s.  Most of my friends that I have had for the longest times, I met during that era.  Some of them were rocks, and foundations for much of my life.  But change is often painful and my life went through a bunch of tremendous changes in the last 8 years.  Wow, 8 years.  I miss some of my lunatic friends more then I can ever possibly explain and I see no way of even opening the dialog between us even though I know multiple ways to contact him.  Part of it is huberis, not wanting to admit I was wrong, the other part is realizing that I wasn’t totally wrong and feeling afraid he might reject any overtures.

I would really like to find friends of mine from the 90’s in Sacramento’s Dell Paso Heights, we lived on Grove Avenue in an apartment complex owned by John Dyer.  The mother’s name was Jennifer and she was Hispanic, her husband’s name was Robert and he was a Black Vietnam Veteran and together they had an awesome son named Xavier.  They were my people for a long time and we lost touch of each other as I was transitioning from Del Paso Heights to San Rafael in Marin County.  Rob and I used to sit for hours and hours smoking grass and bulshitting about everything and nothing all at once.  It’s been at least 18 years since I saw them last in 1996. 

So if you read my blog, you should like my page on Facebook and go to this post on my page and drop me an email saying Hello.  Feel free to follow me and comment on Instagram.  Eventually, I am going to link some Tumblr posts in to my blog as well.  Trying to get people to like me on all my social media accounts.


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I am a 43 year old IT Consultant who has decided to go back to school and get a degree.

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