There is a truth that positive people tend to have more positive experiences. Why is the cause of debate but a lot of people tend to agree that being positive, and trying to be a force for positive change in your world attracts like minded people.  Together you positively effect and enrich your own lives at the same time you are doing the same for others.  Humans do it for their friends and friends of friends all the time.

Life is a struggle for me right now and I have online friends, I have real life cyber friends and I have real life friends who all have made it a point to provide pats on the back, social interactions and real life interactions when necessary to make sure that I know that there are a bunch of really groovy people who think I am kind of awesome.  Totally and radically awesome and kewl.  Some of them I identify them by their pets, and Yes, Ollie, I am talking about you.  Does Emily know you are reading my blog?  Seriously, there are others I think of by the personal and private things they have shared with me.

So, as school has started, I am having to sort of justify my existence and 20 years of various random semesters at community college.  I never found the niche where I was getting out as much as I was putting in.  Especially the IT stuff as I was already far more advanced then most of the professors.  I have reached the credit limit on that visa card.  So no financial aid.  Work I have done is awaiting payment from the pimp who still hasn’t collected it from the John’s PayPal yet, it’s like they live in Nigeria.

So on Monday, I was sweating gasoline when a kid I talk to at school mentioned needing a ride and I offered.  We had talked and I explained how screwed I was about financial aid.  I asked for gas and filled my tank and drove him home.  Another friend needed a ride to work and I traded him a ride for some marijuana.  Then I went to my friend’s house and shared two joints with that circle of people.  I then went and smoked out another group of friends.

In all yesterday, I shared with a half of a dozen different people.  Each one of these sessions helped people relax, respite from the stress and strain of their daily lives.  I also helped people just live.  This is who I am and who I want to be.  I tried to lift those people up and for a few moments, I succeeded.  As a result another friend bought me Starbucks coffee and another have me a Stuart Twinkie.



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