Summer 2015 Begins 

When I started at American River in 2009, the first classes I took were the Cisco CCNA Training Classes.  The professor often made comments about the school’s IT Department, their policies and procedures.  Since that time, almost every professor has seemed to have the same level of confidence in the internal IT Department.  When I restarted in 2013, I put my Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 on the school’s wireless and it was a convoluted procedure because the school was using a self-signed certificate.  Once you got it working, it would work on most of the campus.

Last semester, I noticed that there were quite a few classrooms and common areas around and in Davies Hall that you could connect to the wireless network but packets seemed to go nowhere and there was no DNS responses.  When they repaired my tablet last year, they reset it to factory settings so when I tried to connect it to the Network this semester in Davies Hall, I was unsuccessful.  I took it to the LRC or Learning Resource Center Help Desk and asked for help.  The Help Desk Employee asked me to unlock the tablet and I presented him the Windows Desktop.  I watched as he did everything that I did and suddenly it worked.  I asked about the certificate and the guy responded and I didn’t understand, I asked for clarification and still didn’t understand his answer.

At this point, I became frustrated and explained that I have 20 years experience as a Corporate IT Consultant and I have worked with and for multiple high profile Fortune 500 companies on IT Projects, that I carry multivendor certifications so this should NOT have been this difficult for me.  I explained that this wouldn’t work in Davies Hall and he said it would now.  So I walked back to Davies Hall and walked around until I could find a spot where it worked.  Unfortunately there were far more locations where it wouldn’t work.  The sad part is that I know from last semester there are classrooms in Davies Hall like this as well.  It made it difficult to access D2L for the Honors History class while in the classroom.  How can an institution for higher learning that trains people to design, install and maintain infrastructure like this have such a horrible configuration?