My amazing friend and her sister who came to support MooSe in saying goodbye to his wife.  This was a moment of revelry and laughter which punctuated the event and made it that more special.

Flame Boy, MooSe and Alaska Girl are twice of my crew.  Like Leverage or The Mystery Men or some situation comedy like a mashup of Cheers, Friends and Community with a heavy dose of Trailer Park boys thrown in for good measure and served smothered in South Park and Family Guy.  My current studies include film making, archeology, biology and primatology.  My professor has put the idea of tree sperm and punishment bones in to our studies.  They are all tied together by me, that red thread that pulls us all together like Jake did in that television show with Keifer Sutherland called Touch.

I try and live like Bill S. Preston, Esquire, and Ted “Theodore” Logan espoused on their most excellent adventure and the unfortunate bogus journey: be excellent to each other.  I try and do that every chance I can. I also try and surround myself with other people who do the same. I lead by example.

Today, MooSe and I were late because Flame Boy missed the bus he needed to get to work on time.  So MooSe and I rolled two joints, jumped on the road to ferry Flame Boy to work with time to spare. We were late but did score.a.yummy sugar free vanilla chai tea along the way from Peet’s at a higher price then Starbucks per ounce. Sadly, Starbucks don’t have it. It goes up there with It’s A Grind Coffee Iced Coffee. The Roseville It’s A Grind changed names and I haven’t been back since the draw was the iced coffee.

So MooSe told me twice that he was glad everyone who showed up for him did. It doesn’t matter how it came together but it did. All of us in the city of San Francisco then as necessary because that is what friends do.and funerals are for the living.


About Old Guy Student

I am a 43 year old IT Consultant who has decided to go back to school and get a degree.

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