So, the last two weeks has been stressful as the impending scattering of MooSe’s wife’s ashes quickly approached.  Yesterday after taking MooSe on an adventure full of errands related to this task, I saw this sculpture and replied I had to take a picture by the giant head.


Me standing beside a random sculpture located on the corner of 65th & Folsom in Sacramento, California.

We decided to eat at the Famous Burger across the street.  The owner was a friendly guy and I could not place his ethnicity and enquirer about it.  He explained he was Iranian and asked about mine.  I got the Panoramic Burger and MooSe got a double bacon cheeseburger with avocado.  Since they had an extra half, they gave it to me so it wouldn’t go to waste.

While we were eating he told us a story about how last year he went to the Apple Store and they refused to repair his Iphone under warranty after they found out he was from Iran.  No shit! He said that the Apple employee at Arden Fair mall told him there was an embargo in place restricting trade. He was so adamant and outraged about it that he showed me a link to another article and through goggle, I found references to a guy in Sacramento on the Huntington Post.  Apple hates Iran and lets their employees profile its customers and refuse them service based upon their ethnicity.  Even Chick-Fil-A will sell gay people chicken sandwiches.

As you can tell, my friends all appear in my posts with either their real nicknames or the ones that I make up. Think of my blog like an episode of Dragnet where these blogs are based on real life events but names and places have been changed to protect their anonymity and innocence.  Flame Boy, Hipster Flame Boy as Goggles calls him is dating another friend who is younger and we all were apprehensive about how her parents were going to handle it.  Alaska Girl told her mother the story about how she gave Flame Boy his name and her mother said to make sure he was a good kissers because her father was not and it was her only regret.

My awesome #friend Goggles. I am blessed to have her in our group. 🙂

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Alaska Girl is truly an amazing person and when she is telling a story that she is passionate about her entire body transforms to become a giant emotional speaker thumping out her joyful excitement like some street racer with a sound system pumping out drum and base lines.  Flame Boy and I became friends last year this time when our paths crossed at Starbucks like so much flotsam ejected from the middle class during the Great Recession.  During that time we have grown close through conversations over coffee, cigarettes and Taco Bell.  I introduced them and like a time traversing anthropologist travelling back in time to study this century as a computer engineer, I got to watch the human mating ritual unfold.

It is spring in Northern California and Nature is singing that Nirvana song, In Bloom as nature whores out all the species that reproduce in the spring. It’s really bad here with tree and plant sperm levels in the air at such a concentrated level that it causes allergies in people who come here in the spring who have never had them elsewhere.

I had been joking all January about the impending tree sex outside if of the Physical Anthropology class and my classmates all thought I was just being funny until the teacher referred to all of the there pollen as tree sperm and the comparison is applicable as both are gametes.  Spring here in Sacramento while being enrolled in school always makes me think of Michelle Pfiefer and Grease 2.

Northern California driving along CA 99 from one end to the other is the music video for the song God Bless America.  It starts with the majestic purple Sierra Mountains through the fruit plains in the central valley to the amber waves of grain and the humid rice fields. There is a mantra in this region, food grows where the water flows and we are in a serious drought here in California and there are farmers who have tore out a substantial portion of their orchard because they are afraid of paying for watering them only be denied water in August.  But for right now, the equinox has passed and the spring mating ritual is in full swing and two of my friends have found comfort, solace and happiness in each others presence. This makes me happy although a little jealous.  Not jealous of their relationship. Jealous they are going to San Francisco today to see Repo with a live cast ala The Rocky Horror Picture show while I am stuck here in Sacramento inhaling the scents of spring sex.  We will all meet up tomorrow at Lands End in San Francisco, and yes, that is the spot where the brand got it’s name, to stand with MooSe and that my friends is all that matters: friends and family. And just remember that even if Spring hasn’t sprung where you are yet, People are still having sex!


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