Here is this is the week 3 writing assignment for Anthropology 372 – Primatology Field Studies with Professor Casper-Denman.

You just learned about saki monkeys, who are from the New World (Central and South America).

1) What other species of New World monkey would you want to observe in a fieldwork setting and why?

Wooly Monkeys have become my new favorite new world monkey, primarily because of size but also because they have prehensile tails.  The idea of a prehensile tail intrigues me and I just kind of like the way that these monkeys look.  Until I started this class, I was unaware that only new world monkeys had these kinds of prehensile tails and I think it would be amazing to see how they utilize this in their daily lives.  I was extremely surprised to see how little reputable sources are available on the internet for new world primates.  It would be my hope that through documenting my observations

2) Find a college-level appropriate website that showcases this New World monkey that you selected and explain in at least four sentences why you consider this site to be good background research for your fieldwork observations.

I found the following website: with information on the Wooly Monkey or Lagothrix lagotricha.  The information provided includes a description of the general appearance, characteristics, diet and social group.  This information is documented and that documentation can be used to locate the sources for the information provided.   I then compared it to the information contained at the website you provided in the ANTH370 notes and they appeared to agree.  I was surprised at the lack of credible websites dedicated to New World Primates in general and this species in particular.  I spent a few hours trying to figure out why one of the names used for this species is Humboldt’s Wooly Monkey and where it came from or why it was used in reference to them.  I want to know which Humboldt it refers to and why.

This assignment should be spell checked, written in full sentences (with a minimum of 6 sentences) and emailed to me in the body of an email (NOT as an attachment) by 9am on February 8 for full credit. If your assignment is emailed to me between 9:01am and 6pm on the due date, you will receive partial credit. Any assignments not turned in to me by 6pm on the due date will earn a zero.


This is one of the reasons I am seriously considering declaring Anthropology as my major and Primatology as the focus.  I understand the subject and I enjoy it.  These two things combined with the grades I receive make me truly love the subject.  Not to mention that I truly respect and adore the professor because of who she is and how she acts.  When you combine that with my admiration for her knowledge and understanding of the topics that she teaches, you can quickly see why she is my favorite professor.


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