This week we watched the Mongoose Lemur.  The paper that was due this morning at 9am was with them in mind.  Here are the parameters for the assignment:

You just learned about more of our lemurs at the Sacramento Zoo. Sometimes there are new species of nonhuman primates still being discovered. Read this article about lemurs:

Explain three specific benefits of housing endangered primates in captivity and three specific problems.



The three primary benefits to keeping endangered species in captivity is that you can create the most favorable conditions for the animals by removing the threat of natural predators including man and create a habitat that is more like their natural setting.  Since these conditions are favorable and you control the diet, this allows those keeping the animals to exercise a high level of control over the offspring and thereby ensures that overall survival of the species.  Keeping them in captivity, in places such as a Zoo, provides a chance for the average person to see them.  At the same time, keeping them in captivity should never be an alternative to working to preserve their natural environment and natural diversity.  One of the problems of keeping animals in captivity is the overall effect that captivity seems to have on the mental and physical health of the animals.  Changes in the animals behavior will result from their life in captivity.  In the case of primates, regardless of how endangered the species is, life in captivity is cruel.  Finally, even if every zoo had an active, breeding population of every endangered species, there still might not be enough diversity to ensure that some natural pathogen or disease might not wipe them out.  The only way to ensure that something like this doesn’t wipe them out is to ensure that there are enough wild populations to provide enough diversity.


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