Sometimes I think life is a giant RPG which Random Chaos being the Dungeon Master and I am trapped inside.  About a month ago, the DM rolled the die for a random encounter at an Tavern and he quickly became a party member.  Then today we were sitting and plotting our next raiding adventure, much like pirates on the ocean we go hoarding in Azeroth, when we realized that we had previously been active group in a different city.  Now keep in mind that one night after raiding, I lacked a sleeping bag and mentioned this to my clansman and he happened to have one.  Sure, it may have been scavenged from the body of a dead Troll or pilfered from some merchant Ironforge but when you are freezing your little Dwarven jewels off, these gestures from your comrades strengthens that newly forming friendship and reinforces those bonds while helping to build trust.

So imagine my surprise as we were sitting outside of the Tavern in the wagon waiting for 4:20 in the afternoon to pass and he told me his nickname.  In that instant, memories from years ago when I lived near that Orange Bridge and hung out in the park named after that bridge.  And there, was my friend and his then pregnant wife. Notice how the term slowly changed from Clansman to Comrade and now Friend?  It is because we have been on the circle of the same group of friends.  We had also adventured together, broken bread together and partied together.  This is totally awesome. See, now I have a route back in to the Guild if I want it.  He is still in touch with the Guild Brother whom introduced us and even called him today although he did not remember me.  He claimed to be hung over and I think the context is what was off and maybe not the memory.

Ok, seriously.  About a month ago I met this guy at Starbucks and we became quick friends, it was almost natural.  I went over his house one night with another friend when Starbucks closed.  Then I went and got Hash with him the other night.  So when he told me his Nickname, I was like HOLY SHIT.  We had become friends in Golden Gate Park.


About Old Guy Student

I am a 43 year old IT Consultant who has decided to go back to school and get a degree.

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