So when the Spring semester ended and MooSe and I decided to take the same classes, I only did it because I wanted to hang out with MooSe like we were in college.  Yeah, I know.  Anthropology nor religion were my thing but I figured it could be interesting and entertaining.  Especially with a title like Magic, Witchcraft and Religion.  Then I met the teacher, and

found that she is the department head. Holy Shit!  No seriously, Holy Shit.

The first class she embarrassed, teased and ridiculed Bruce and I.  Like some crazy masochist in a weird fetish dominatrix relationship I fell in lust with her personality, her her mind and who she is.  I honestly love the class and each session I learn something knew about her.  Today, I learned she knew sign and I told her I used to just like her but noenI loved her and that she was my favorite teacher.  She adores MooSe and I if the volume of harassment she levies on the two of us.  She caught MooSe and I signing to each other during class and put the smack down.  Everyone,  including MooSe and I chuckled like school kids.

She makes each student participate each class forcing the anthropological idea of participant observer to its logical implementation fot her own seeming amusement.  MooSe and I usually get ours out of the way within the first 10 minutes while she extracts answers from my classmates like Steve Martin as the sadistic dentist in Littleshop of Horrors while wearing this bemused smirk.  After I admitted that my admiration had slipped over in to false idol worship,  she smiled, hugged me and told me that she was truly glad that I was in her class. New. Favorite. Professor.  In the spring semester it was the Business Management Department head but she retired after inspiring me and then changing my life.

So today, she thought she had finally found a topic where MooSe and I would debate but alas, I misunderstood and we agreed.  So in frustration she says “Anyone? Anyone but Bruce or Steve have an answer?” Which just sort of fits with how my life has been for the last few weeks.  Anyone but Bruce or Steve.

Little does she know, we are now her fan club, Bruce and I.


About Old Guy Student

I am a 43 year old IT Consultant who has decided to go back to school and get a degree.

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