So this evening has been full of me just being in a blah mood.  I am not sure why, I am in this funk, but I am.  Sure,last night was beyond awesome and had a profound impact on me.  Seriously.  I know you are doubting my sincerity but it truly is genuine! After leaving McDonald’s tonight, hey they have free wifi, and I got close to In & Out and the smell hit me the sensation was one of desire but not of food.  Yup, I desired the taste of a single with cheese and onions smothered in tongue.  Or would that technically be the other way around?  Either way the smell was arousing. And i wasnt hungry, I was horny.  As Ay-Ay-Ron would say something about Russell now while MooSe and I are making our own sign slang and this feeling is dubbed “camping” because the sign for camping is making a tent shape.  Ala pitching a tent.  I know. Hilarious.

Back to the Ace plumber, who appears to be every bit the competant individual as Joe The Plumber.  He parked facing the wrong direction and slapped the curb. As my Onion Tasting friend would say, a douche.

Now before you think I have gone all wonky or something, we spent all day randomly texting each other so of course she was and is on my mind.  She is kewl and I enjoyed hanging out with her.  Friends are kewl and getting to know someone when there is a mutual attraction that creates a tingle that sparks is awesome.  Making someone laugh makes me feel.good and seeing their genuine smile because of me makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.


About Old Guy Student

I am a 43 year old IT Consultant who has decided to go back to school and get a degree.

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