So the one thing I hate about school, is homework. Doesn’t matter that we would have to do it in class otherwise. Illogical, I know. Everyone has one or a dozen attributes like this.


Right now, my main place to study is Starbucks. So I drink a lot of unsweetened green tea or iced coffee with sucralose aka Splenda.

Tonight’s homework is American Sign Language sponsored by Starbucks because my beverage is on them tonight and oh what a beverage it is: Venti Salty Caramel Mocha frapp with 1 regular and 3 decaf shots of espresso. 550 calories of luxurious bitter sweet and salty goodness. Cost:$7.95. Ouch.
As many carolies as a value meal and a higher cost. Thanks for dinner Starbucks.


About Old Guy Student

I am a 43 year old IT Consultant who has decided to go back to school and get a degree.

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