So my best friend had a job in Chico and needed a ride so I volunteered because that is what Friends do and that is how I would want my friends to act.under different.circumstances towards me. I was a mallrat in high school and was always at the local mall.  To waste time, I wandered around the mall and came to my lifelong favorite mall store: Spencer’s Gifts.


This was always the kewlest store in the mall with all of the random stuff including black lights and lava lamps. Then I noticed the adult section and now that I am an adult…. It is hilarious….


I am not sure which items are gag gift toys and which are truly.meant to be used and secretly, I think they might all be for some sort of use.


Of course this makes me think my Facebook harem, that is the nickname I have given to this amazing group of women who participatein my social networking online life.  These are women I respect, love and adore both publically and privately. While there may be innuendo and risque comments, I try to walk that fine line that afford them respect while making them laugh


Sometimes other people like to inject or feign offense or outrage at my humor and at times like those, it helps to remind myself that 50 Shades Of Grey started it’s life as an erotic short story involving the characters of a teenage romance novel that involved sparkly, androgynous vampires and high school girls with self esteem issues who find necrophiliaa tad bit easier then the high school dating scene.


Seriously, some of these items have to sell in a pretty good volume to justify devoting the floor space to this category of merchandise. I wonder how many relationships and marriages.could be saved by just opening the door and embracing our sexuality? Sadly, we keep it taboo while placing such harsh restrictions on women calling them a slur if they admit to thinking about it, talking about it let alone doing it.


Maybe if more women were comfortable telling their partner that they like it that way there might be less mystery and mythology surrounding women, orgasms and hot sex.  Sadly, we have both men and woman who are afraid of their sexuality and would like to see other people feel the same way or at the very least stop them from.enjoying sex as often and as much as they do. This is why Boner Pills like Viagra are covered by almost every insurance plan without anyone making any kind criticismor harsh comments even though there is only one real use for these pills: to let men have sex.  Most men act and talk like they believe birth control pills work the same way.


About Old Guy Student

I am a 43 year old IT Consultant who has decided to go back to school and get a degree.

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