I have heard people talk about the LRC at ARC and never had a need to go there until now. I have to write about a painting for the Art History class that I’m taking this semester.


There is this amazing mural that covers an entire wall outside on the path to the LRC.


The LRC was built in 2006 and everyone who agreed to spend tax payer dollars on this project wantwd credit for their efforts and expenditures.


Rules and a map to guide you. Hey it is almost like an RPG….


Trail markers to ensure you don’t get lost.


Additional lore and information to assist you on thr quest for knowledge…..


This was a really cool picture but the lighting did not lend itself to a good photograph.


These two were really cool but they did not speak to me in the right way.


So I settled on this one which is a huge canvas and I genuinely like the painting. I will post the paper when I have completed it. It is 3 quiz grades so I need to do well on it. All of the artwork pictured here was created by the faculty in the ART department….


About Old Guy Student

I am a 43 year old IT Consultant who has decided to go back to school and get a degree.

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