American River College holds student government elections every spring and they take office immediately.  Evidently tonight at 5pm they are hosting a catered awards banquet in the student center where the food service is provided by students enrolled in the appropriate programs. Funded with school funds which is really cool qhen you think about it.


So they were setting up this area and it looks awesome. Yet I have seen nor heard anything about the awards or this banquet and no way to get myself invited for a free dinner and revelry.


Thw tables are pretty amazing looking.  It makes me a tad bit envious and wonder what the meal qill consist of considering the chafing dishes, plates and silverware.


Maybe I should try and run for student government in the spring. If I start campaigning now, I can get my name in everyone’s minds and assure my invitations to events like this.

The school runs a fine dinning cafe on campus staffed by students, I think it is called The Oaks.  This is who is catering the event and it will probably be excellent food and a very merry event.  Yeah, I am a little green with envy and hungry from my fitness class…..

Although I probably won’t because in 2008 the Christian Russian Immigrant Kids took over the student government and passed a resolution in support of yes on state ballot proposal 8, defining marriage in California as being between one man and one woman. Christians,  people who were organizera of the school Christian group, acted in a very UnChristian like manner and this put me off on campua activities really.


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I am a 43 year old IT Consultant who has decided to go back to school and get a degree.

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