Who knew that the first autobot I encountered would be a Dodge Charger.


Bad Azz

So it is a Bad Azz Dodge Charger Autobot. Was Bumble Bee a Dodge Charger?


More than meets the eye.

This car really was More Than Meets The Eye. The Owner of this car just went where only truly the most nerdy dare tread at this level of fandom. This is serious Brony level fandom.


Awesome Custom Rims

Even the customized rims completely compliment the bad azz theme. Normally I think custom rims are a waste of money but in this case of bad azz custom nerdy theming I say it is awesome.


The custom theme is readily apparent and fits with the overall look and feel of this awesome TARDIS. Tires And Relative Devices In Street.


Robots In Disguise

Ok, there ia not an 80’s kid alive that does not now have the “Robots in disguise” mechanical voice in their heads. Even if the “More than meets the eye” above did not do it.


My handwritten note

It made me smile and I wanted to share that with them. The owner of this car is a fellow nerd and I think my letter and this blog will hopefully make them smile. It would be awesome if they introduced themselves in a comment.


My note tucked in to the wiper. I never touched the car as that would have been rude and impolite in my opinion.


About Old Guy Student

I am a 43 year old IT Consultant who has decided to go back to school and get a degree.

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