So today is the first day of classes after spring break. April Fools day. As I was walking around the nearly empty campus,  I could not help but notice all of the small annoyances.


The first thing I noticed was how much of the New concrete that was seemingly not level in the newlt finished construction.  Sure, it is a small thing but this is also typical for construction done on tax payer funds. The new Student Center was fully funded with tax payer funds when the economy was booming and then built at the last minute, seemingly before the funds might be reallocated.

Can someone please explain to me why there is a braille placard by the door? I have never seen a blind person use them, if someone knows a blind person, are these signs useful to you? I am not being sarcastic,  I truly want to know if these are useful or just making the people who legislated them feel good.

They placed 6 of these awesome, name brand Samsung displays. These were put up the first week of school and yet they have never bewn turned on. At a conservative $700 a screen, that is $4200 of waste without considering the cost to install them. Our tax dollars at work, thanka board of governors.

Finally the LED display board outside of the school library has been displaying the baud rate of the serial port since January 3rd when I came to campus before classes started. The power thos device uses is minimal maybe bit it is still continuously sipping the power and doing nothing. Why is it not being used or at least powered off? These are the things that make me go Hmmmmmm.


About Old Guy Student

I am a 43 year old IT Consultant who has decided to go back to school and get a degree.

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