So today is my 44th birthday and my daughter Kethry celebrates her 7th Birthday today as well.  The best part about my birthday so far has been all of my Facebook friends and family wishing me well.

The text messagea this morning from my friend Angela to the messages from my friend Chelle made me feel amazing.  Then again who wouldn’t like having awesome women like them give them attention.  It’s pure titty sprinkles.

Yesterday was American Pi day as well as thr male version of Valentines day called Steak and BJ day and some of the women in the D30DD group are under the misguided belief that they are supposed to get steak. They don’t realize that they are supposed to cook the steak and provide the bj.  I got no pie. No steak and no bj.

The equinox is coming and I so wish I had the ability to throw an Equinox Party to roll in the lengthening of the days.  These holidays make more sense to me than religious holidays like easter and st patricks day.  Speaking of daylight one of the best parts of my birthday is that it usually signifies the emergence of cleavage from its dormant winter slumber, especially, on the campus of American River College.  It is as if the girls think that exposing it to the spring sun will make their boobies grow.  I just love cleavage and boobies. It is why I like Wonder Woman ss Linda Carter was awesome.


So as I was leaving my house to get a cup of coffee and lunch, I discovered a box on my front porch from Bill Slack.  Thanks Bill for the blanket and bacon tease greeting card.


So I am sitting at Starbucks trying to do some homework.  I just wish I have either the power of teleportation like Nightcrawler so I could just blink andbe in Vancouver.  Since I don’t and also do not have a delorean, flux capacitor or 1.1.gigawatts of electricity I will do my homework now.



About Old Guy Student

I am a 43 year old IT Consultant who has decided to go back to school and get a degree.

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