On Friday, I will start my 44th year on this rock and to celebrate it, I decided yo visit my friend of 20 years.  He in turn suggested we go to Ikea and since I had nevet been, I agreed. I am glad that I did.


It seems that everyone has a free loyalty membership card and Ikea gives free coffee and tea with theirs.  They even have an amazing kiosk to sign up and it prints the cards instantly.


Suggestive Rules.

So, we ate at the cafeteria. Swedish meatballs, horses meat be damned. They actually had a sign saying they used American suppliers as if that made it less likely to contain horse meat. Not only do you have yo build their crap when you buy it, they make you bus your own tables when you eat there.  The Swedish Meatballs were pretty amazing and kept making me think about Jamie Lee Curtis. (Can anyone explain why this is?)


My friend Mike noticed that the shelf holding the tools for do it yourself assembly were hanging funny it made me laugh. Thanks Mike.


I am not quite sure what I think about this. It ia hilarious though and I used to know a joke about dogs and why they sniff each others butts that makes this hilarious.

Thanks Mikey for spending my “Birthday Outting” with me.  I am so glad we finally found the exit.


About Old Guy Student

I am a 43 year old IT Consultant who has decided to go back to school and get a degree.

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