So, I am taking a management and I am learning a lot of things about Management, Leadership and myself.  One of the things I need to w0rk on is being able to just walk up to someone I have no connection with and introduce myself.  It’s something I have always had a problem with and only a little bit of alcohol has ever allowed me to be gregarious enough to do it in public.   At the same time I learned how necessary this was to being a good manager and a successful leader, I realized I needed to work on it.

Then my friend from High School, Sean called me out of the blue, although we do talk about politics via Facebook.  I haven’t talked to Sean since High School where we were friends and it was like no time had passed.  During the course of the conversation I commented I might make and give out cupcakes.  Sean said I should, so I did.  On Wednesday since I did not have to go to school on Thursday.   I also made cookies.  Here’s the pictures with comments to prove it.

20130212_174508 20130210_130154

So, I am not an experienced baker and my first attempts were really not so awesome looking but everyone said they tasted great so,,,

20130213_135105 20130213_134959

It is amazing how difficult it is to give away free cookies this close to New Years with everyone’s resolutions still carrying over.


Some people had genuine smiles, and my approach was simple, I walked up and introduced myself and finished with “I am weird.  Let’s just say I lost a bet and now I have to give Valentines day Peanut Butter and Chocolate cookies to beautiful girls,” and smiled.


This young lady was sitting with a group of friends when I sat down and explained the deal.  She smiled and look how beautiful she is!  Her name is Brieanna.  She liked the picture so much she asked me to text it to her which made my day.


Some of them smiled and blushed which made me smile and giggle like a 13 year old school boy.  Yeah, I am that nerdy.


The first girl was amazingly cool and thought the cookies were awesome and smiled and laughed when I got all giggly.  The second girl just seemed to act like it was painful.


Some people were really cool about it.


And the girls in my Business Law Class got them of course.

20130213_133644 20130213_133930

So at this point, one of my friends on Campus was following me around and making fun of me, thanks Arturo. See, I remembered your name this time. Hah.


So Arturo told me that the blond girl’s boyfriend walked up and only caught me giving her a cookie and talking to her and that when I walked away he whispered curses at my back.  I saw him walk up and I didn’t even acknowledge his existence, and I could see him shifting and flexing and acting all aggressive by showing his chest.  Look, I am a nerd, I know enough about animal aggression to see the signs.   And I knew he was all bluster and no action.  But it was funny.


These three girls were awesome.  They took the cookie, split the cookie and ate the cookie.  I only went over there because the amazing girl on the left had a really, really short skirt and these boots that went all the way up to, well, where I probably shouldn’t be looking, so enough about that.  They were all totally awesome and seemed amazingly happy that I told they they were all beautiful.


This trash can was by the door near the Starbucks.  National Condom Week the same week as Valentine’s Day.  No condoms needed for Steak & BJ Day.  The majority of cup cakes were handed out at my ASL Class later that night.


About Old Guy Student

I am a 43 year old IT Consultant who has decided to go back to school and get a degree.

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