I live in a small town in Northern California called Lincoln, and it’s only reason for existing is to provide a place for the trains to stop and rest after coming out of the foothills in to the Sacramento Valley.  It was a small, predominantly white, poor cattle farming community.  In 2006 Lincoln received the All-American City Award and the boom was on.  In 2006, the In-Laws bought a house in the Sun City Lincoln Hills community.  In late 2007 we relocated my family to a modest home in ‘Old’ Lincoln.

After moving to Lincoln from Alameda, California where there are no longer any Nuclear Wessels anymore but does have an Aircraft Carrier called USS The Hornet.  First it was realizing that the reason that this city was not terrorized by crime was due to community and government diligence.  Lincoln is a true country town right out of some old school western.  We have REAL Cowboys and REAL Indians.   The central park is ironically named Mc Bean Park.  All of the old people who frequent the local businesses like Target and Home Depot are a pleasure to live around.  Especially when they are charmed by my daughter Kethry.  People look you in the eye, smile and say Thank You when you hold the door for them and they will hold the door for you.  These are the things that make Lincoln a nice place to live.  Unfortunately, for all of the good things about Lincoln.

We chose to use an alternative online method to home school my son Haplo while we worked on the issues that Autism Spectrum Disorder adds to his educational process.  It was also partially in response to some issues we had with the school to which he is assigned, First Street School which has failed the No Child Left behind program and is being federally monitored.  It is also because there are so many English As A Second Language students in the school and I think that is fundamentally a burden on a GREAT school let alone one that is struggling just to keep it’s Federal funding.  It was also because kids in his class kept taunting him and saying that he was going to hell because he didn’t know who Jesus was and didn’t believe in him.  If we had to choose a religion it would be Judaism but really both Rachel and I are true scientists which basically means we are atheists.

So when it came time for Kethry to go to school, we decided to try Kindergarten there and then see how things went.  Several times I have had to comfort Kethry as she cries and tells me she is not pretty or not as pretty as the dark haired, dark eyed kids in her class.  She is the only child in her class with blonde hair and blue eyes.    So I tried to show her my amazing sister Jessica but her hair isn’t blonde enough to trigger Kethry’s empathy.  So today during the ride from school to afternoon Daycare, she said something again about not being pretty.  A few months ago she saw a picture of my friend Sandy dressed as Snow White in which I had been ‘Tagged.”  She saw Sandy and said “Wow, she is just like me!”  I smiled and said “Yes, and isn’t she beautiful?”  Which gave me an idea and tonight I sat down with her and went through my Facebook friends list and found all the Blonde women and showed them to my daughter.  I explained to her that these were my friends and family when I was growing up.  She thought they were beautiful.  Thanks Girls. Smile


About Old Guy Student

I am a 43 year old IT Consultant who has decided to go back to school and get a degree.

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