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  • Old Guy Student 1:19 pm on June 14, 2011 Permalink | Reply  

    HP Envy 17 3D – Musings So Far 

    So far I have really been pleased with HP’s level of service although I think Lloyd is an offshore employee that hasn’t effected anything but the time differential between where he is and where we are and how long it takes things to get accomplished.  This would be a totally different scenario if he were here in America because there would not be so much time and distance between him and the rest of the company.

    As for the malfunctioning Notebook, I realize how amazing the technology is and how small of a glitch in the manufacturing process can lead to issues like this.  It’s not new and really has been a persistent problem since the invention of Notebooks.

    I am still waiting for HP to return my call from Yesterday.

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    HP Envy 17 3D – The New Unit Arrives 

    So HP finally came through today and sent the correct unit.  I have boxed the other two up and unboxed this one.  Although it looks identical, the Out Of Box Experience (OOBE) is different and the software load is different.  Windows Update took forever and required too many reboots to count.  After all of the updates, the unit is experiencing weird issues and the USB 3 port isn’t working properly.  After talking to Lloyd, I have agreed to reset the Notebook back to the OOBE and start over.

    The first attempt, the USB 3 port functioned fine on booting up the first time.  I then installed all Windows Updates which broke the USB 3 port.  Upon searching I found an updated driver that resolved the problem.  After all of the HP and Windows Updates were installed, I started to install WoW and the unit would lockup while downloading.  Rebooting and restarting WoW created the same results.  So, back to the OOBE.

    The second attempt I didn’t install any updates and immediately tried to install WoW and once again it would hang randomly.  So I uninstalled WoW and redownloaded the downloader and everything seemed to work fine.  But launching the game causes random lockups.  So yesteday I called and left a message for Lloyd.  Someone else from the team called me to let me know he was off yesterday, Monday the 13 June 2011.

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    HP Envy 17 3D – The First New Unit Arrives 

    So the replacement unit arrived this evening via FedEx.  I have to shout out to the driver because he tried once when I was not home to deliver it and then came back right before he was scheduled to return back to the depot.  I opened the Notebook and set it up and have begun the OOBE and installing Windows Updates only to notice that it is not a different model and is identical to the one I already owned.  So I called and left Lloyd a message about this.

    I then called my best friend who came over and installed WoW on the new Notebook and we began to play WoW.  When mine had gotten to hot, the new unit was very warm but had not been running WoW as long as mine because it had to download the game content.  It eventually got just as hot.

    When Lloyd called me back, he was unsure why I got this machine.  He got everything worked out and HP was going to ship me another replacement and this time it would be the correct model.  So I agreed to send my unit back in the box the first replacement came in and that I would send the replacement unit back in the second raplacement units box.  Putting a description of the problem on each box.

  • Old Guy Student 1:00 pm on June 14, 2011 Permalink | Reply  

    HP Envy 17 3D – The Box Arrives 

    So the box arrived today and I began the tedious job of backing up all of my data and considering I have about 500gb on this machine, that is going to take a significant amount of time.  Luckily I have a drive that is just big enough at 500gb, a notebook drive in a USB case.  The only problem is its going to take 48 hours to copy all of the data at Sata speed or so Windows thinks.  So, I swap the drive with an E-Sata case and plug it in that way which reduces the tranfer time to a few hours.

    I now turn my focus to the box that has arrived and open it.  Inside are two pieces of foam that fold to hold the notebook in place.  I fold them and get everything ready to send to HP.  As I am watching the backup, I get as telephone call from HP Research’s Lloyd Hamilton who wants me to send the Notebook to his team and in return he will send me a brand new notebook.  Not the same model, rather the new one will have a faster processor and a bigger hard drive and that I should ship my unit back in the box this unit comes in.

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    HP Envy 17 3D Problems…. 

    In March, I used some of my tax return to replace my thinkpad W510 Notebook with an HP Envy 17 3D unit and a 3 Year Extended Warranty with Accidental Protection Insurance.  The money I spent will ensure that this notebook, if treated with care will live for at least 3 years.  The main reason for the upgrade was for a larger screen and better video card, the 3D was just an added gimmick.  Or so I thought at the time.

    Then I played World Of Warcraft Cataclysm in 3D and I was hooked.  The only problem is the notebook would get too hot to use the keyboard.  It was uncomfortable to touch.  So this went on for the last few months as I tried everything short of building a liquid cooling system for it.  I read Tech Forum after forum with a growing dread because this seemed like it was a common problem and that the right cooling pan helped a little.  So, in desperation I decided to call HP Support and there was really nothing the first level help desk could suggest that I had not already done, so they recommended I send it in for repair.  Keep in mind that numerous other people had already tried this to no avail, so I asked for a supervisor.  Since I have the CarePack mentioned above, my supervisor is here in the US and is a Customer Service Representative and not technical.  So as I explained the problem in detail to him and also explained how I had read in numerous technical forums that this problem was seemingly common, his response was along the lines of you cant believe everything you read in a forum.  I then replied “This is true, but when they are A+ and Microsoft Certified then I tend to believe they have credibility.”  So he told me the only option was to send the unit in for repair, and I agreed so he sent me a box via FedEx.

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