Becoming a 49er

My 49th year in the third rock, around our inconsequential and so insignificantly normal as to not have a binary companion wearing this bioelectrochemical meat suit and it’s been a spectacular ride. The last few years have been getting hard as more and more of the elders who raised me both celebrity and personal have checked out for various reasons. As the list has grown, so has my knowledge and understanding of the world as I assimilated the information I was being exposed to in the pursuit of and associates of science degree from Sierra College with classes also taken at American River College. That’s where this blog, and all of the associated accounts come from and many of the people I follow have shared things that have influenced my knowledge and how I view the world. It’s the natural side effect of socialization and social networking is more influential then anyone realizes. Last month was Black History Month and it’s the shortest month if the year with only 28 days. Think about the subliminal and intentionally symbolic nature behind this because it is undeniable. I am an anthropologist and as such, I understand culture and how it spreads and mutates. So when I look at the internet and YouTube and social networking, I see Human Culture spreading like an STD at a burning man.

If you follow me, you know that I use the movie Back To The Future as a Tom Sawyer style white washing of American History and they made us enjoy it. When Marty McFly landed in 1955, Jim Crow and segregation we’re still in full effect and the civil Rights era was just beginning to become more organized and prevalent in the news. Goldie Wilson couldn’t eat in that restaurant he was sweeping, while Biff Tannen and crew wouldn’t have gotten too much punishment from lynching him. Goldie needed the white, middle-class kid from the suburbs of the future to inspire him that in the future he would be able to become mayor at a time when he didn’t even have equality. I am not saying they even needed to mention it, but when they did, the way they did was patronizing sentimental bullshit from the people who lived as teenagers through it.

Growing up, early Rap music was all about partying and dancing. I loved going to clubs and it didn’t matter the type of music. I have been the only white guy in an all black night club with Public Enemy on stage performing a song from an album titled Fear Of A Black Planet without a fear because I knew so many people in the club. I was lost in YouTube watching LMFAO music videos and then Redfoo videos and then Rockwell’s video when suddenly there’s Sir Mix-a-lot and oh, my gawd Becky, look at his gutt, dude got fat. What’s interesting is that he is in front of a prominent, meaning large, symphonic orchestra and from his verbiage he is about to do Baby’s Got Back and he asks for women in the stage. As expected it’s mostly middle class soccer noms in expensive dresses and heels and I am sure from my description and your imagination they are mostly white or very light skinned. I’m not surprised all of them knew the lyrics and the lingo when the song started but there was only one who knew how to truly dance and shake her money maker in high heels with the skill.and grace of someone who has wrapped her hands around that pole where a dollar determines how far she gyrates and strips off her clothes. Sorry. Distracted. Shit happens at 4:20, it’s 6:56 and this is all I have written so far and I started at 9 am.

Seriously though, all of these women knew the words and the symphony played along and Sir Mix-A-Lot rapped and had a good old time with the audience singing along. They arrested 2-Live Crew for vulgar language in the early 90’s and a performance like the one in this video would have gotten arrests by local authorities and FCC fines if televised because a white woman was gyrating her backside against a black man’s pelvis like Janet taking it from Dr Frankenfurter and suddenly I’m in a time slip. That’s the realization of just how far reaching the impact of Black Americans and their contribution to our cultural identity where middle class forty-something soccer-moms are shaken their money makers like they did after high school and college trying to get the right guy to take them home that night like the pop song indicated. Which one? Your pick there are so many. The got up on stage with s fat, old black guy to celebrate their middle-aged asses.


Self Doubt

Growing up, I had the sense of humor and the timing.but the topic, the truthfulness.and honesty in the sarcastic and over the top perverted comments made some.adults feel uncomfortable because it hit too close to reality for them. The same with some of my contemporaries and friends but significantly less often with guys and men unless women were present. I was raised to treat adults respectfully and especially women. Now that I have a daughter, I work even harder st it because I want her to see that this is how men are supposed to treat women. I never refer to their mother as a bitch or insult her. I simply say, you know how your mother is and that let’s them do the rest. I also don’t do it because for all of the distance between us, she was my best friend at one time and I truly and respect her regardless of the other bullshit. She is the mother of my children, without her, I wouldn’t have them.and believe me when I say to you that I think they truly are spectacularly amazing examples of primate offspring. Perfect little invisibly fine haired apes.of the first order who have the ability for sustained upright bipedal locomotion which is such an important thing they made a song about it in the 80’s and if people did more locomotion we wouldn’t have this obesity epidemic. But that would lead to weight loss and more sex.

There is one group of people on #instagram that I feel totally comfortable saying whatever pops in to my warped mind.  I used to filter and hold back for fear of offending women or their husbands until that awesome #stonerchick who makes #copmagnets posted something that made me blush. Instantly, I realized I wasn't down here below the gutter, in the deep darkness of depravity alone and I could hear people breathing and moving around in the dark.  People we're spelunking without headlamps in the total.darkness out of shame that they had what many would label as a perverted sense of humor.  That to them, using a feather was erotic, but using an entire chicken was kinky.  Then I realized @nonameextracts_ was using an infrared lamp and night vision goggles so he could see everyone else and there were a lot of everyone elses. The friendly smiles and warm greetings that I get from you people in real life really is why I do this. Your friendship, support any or real life relationship are truly my reward for taking the pictures and writing the shit that I do. I read it and sometimes I crack.myself up and sometimes self-doubt creeps in and I think it's all shit. So I slow down and then something happens and I see one of you in #Starbucks or somewhere else in real life and you remind me that most of the time, my shits funny. Then you remind me of the sense of community we have here in #norcal in the #sb420 #prop215 #mmj family. So, if you're still reading this, thanks. You really don't know how much I love and appreciate you all. Thanks for providing me such a rewarding diversion from the adversity of life, the universe and everything. My you never lose your towel. If you want more details, there's a blog about this post st aka the link in my profile. #spelunkers unite

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Seeing that people read and like my blog entries and when they go even further and follow my blog, it’s very rewarding. My friend Mykl pushed me to revive my blog and perpetually encourages me to blog more. He tends to do blogs about the length of most of my #instagram posts. Where my blogs tend to be longer and contain more information. I am also a whoring which means I need to let people know about it, so I use hastags and cross platform notifications. I share the links to the blog on other social networking sites like my Facebook, Google + and Twitter accounts sometimes. I am not very active on Twitter at the moment as it just seems nonsensical and there isn’t anything I have important enough to a limited number of characters. So when I do get the occasional.likes and follows after posting, I know that it’s the content and that it somehow resonated with the people clicking like. So it’s like a one person standing ovation until the next person clicks like then it’s two people.

My friends want me to read and comment on their blogs but in many ways their blogs are very bland and the obvious spelling and grammar errors make it very difficult to read. Sometimes the verbiage they use makes them sound pretentious instead of intellectual.

The worst part is that neither one of them wants any kind of feedback because they don’t want you to point out grammar, spelling or verbiage issues in their blogs. They also don’t truly want critiques in the content because when it is offered you can almost hear it being crumpled up.and the sound of the swish as it goes through the net and in to the circular file known as the garbage can. So, I read and try and think of the simplest least obvious kind of comment to make so that I don’t have to get in to a conversation.

Sadly, if either of them took a moment to plan the blog like they do a term paper instead of just trying to do it off the top of their head, the result would be much better received. If they used Microsoft Word to spell.and grammar check before they posted the blog to WordPress it would improve the readability of the final text. If they invested some time and learned how to use #hashtags in their posts and in the description they would attract more viewers. Unfortunately they don’t have truly captivating enough content because they haven’t or don’t set the stage by introducing characters before they write blogs about them. No hook. No character development.

The rain this blog is happening is because I keep finding myself in a situation where I am being by asked by people to listen to and evaluate someone’s music and it’s so bad that I have images of the Gong Show with the judges fighting over who gets to hit the Gong. White guys who think they can rap and they do it like they dance which is without rhythm. They always have it over some “beats” which h translates to the actual music and they are often arranged in a manger that clashes with or is counter to the rhythmic pattern of the lyricist. Another asks me to read a poem and what he hands me is a paragraph of prose that is his vision of a romantic scenario. No measure. No meter. No rhymes. It’s not poetry and when this is mentioned a word salad on how it doesn’t have to have all of those things. It doesn’t but it has to have one or more of them. So, I just smile, nod and grin a lot and agree with them because I don’t want to discourage them.

Deep down, I know how hard criticism can scar you, look at how I view my writing but I know my writing is impressive because I have been told so over and over again. A high school friend posted and I replied and criticised my own writing when I did, only to have his aunt reply that she was an English teacher and the sentence I was referring to was grammatically perfect and from a readability standpoint interesting and easy to do. Now, I like most humans have a war with the artificial intelligence known as autocorrect which combined with my fat fingers leads to #instagram posts that 9ften have horrible substitutions and or misspelling. Oops. So, I am sure that will eventually come up since these friends read my blog and they now know how I really feel. I just hope they don’t take it personally.

Meanwhile, as you can see in the image, I have gotten more and more validation. Woohoo. Let’s fist bump manwhores.

Six Years A Blogger

Somewhere in my late twenties, I realized that time stopped dragging by when waiting for a bus. I initially attributed it to #marijuana until.i thought about it. I had just gotten older and the percentage of my life that a minute, hour and day represented decreased significantly and my perception of time changed. Logic. I was just told by WordPress that I have been blogging here for six years.

My personal blog was on the #microsoft blog platform that they retired and I chose that platform because at the time, I had a #windows mobile phone and it had a mobile program. When they shut it down, I moved it to another platform for a few months and they shut down and the option was #blogger or #wordpress. I didn't want to give #google even more of my data that could possibly be lost which became an issue with Google+ as many celebrities and internet bloggers saw this happen to their own accounts. The achievements have me aching to finally do what I was intending to in 2015, roll my tech blog, personal blog and Old Guy Student blog together in to a new single blog that would encompass all of the social networking presence. The reason for this would be to start truly generating content and whoring myself out like Nicholas Cage did back in the aughts when he was having tax problems and made any movie they would pay him for. Blame @fine.cali.herbllc because I think his #weed was infested with #memberberries so now I am #lit and want to #makeamericagreatagain because #thelastjedi sucked and no amount if #medicalmarijuana can dull the pain. Ok, you got me, I will get to the point and roll another joint while I take another dance with Mary Jane. RIP #tompetty #weshouldsmoke #marijuana because #wedontsmokethesame #reefers #420 #710 #norcal #916 #sacramento #california

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Which is kind of an amazing statistic but ignored that there are posts older than that in my blogs than that which were imported when I was forced to change services as older services were shut down by their owners. In the long time I have had blogs, I have reached 200 posts on one.

Social Networking is like a real life video game where most of the apps try their hardest to use achievements like Massive Multi-Player Online Role Playing Games to encourage participation, some like the SnapChat Speed Filter can be deadly. Most of the time i use social networking like one of those aforementioned video games where real life achievements and interaction are the desired outcomes. The majority of people I follow and actively participate with, have some sort of really life connection to me where they aren't just people on the internet, they are real people because I talk to them in real life, I smoke, drink, vape or eat medicinal #marijuana with them. Many of them are #mmj vendors that specifically produce natural remedies for #prop215 patients in #norcal at shows and events that are fully #sb420 compliant. I started this blog because my return to school almost ended when a financial aid hiccough almost ended my taking classes that semester when someone I didn't know that we'll sent me a $500 #amazon giftcard and made me promise to see it all the way through. I started the #wordpress blog, #tumblr and the #instagram account to post random updates and say the snarky shit like i do here. James didn't know it, but his #roak or #randomactoflkindness was one of the factors that caused my conversion to the #CultOfHumanity and the religion if #Anthropology. Ever since I dislocated my shoulder and, the universe and everything set in as if I had just received a crystal fish bowl etched with the words "So long, and thanks, for all the fish!" I have neglected my social networking accounts and slowly retreated from online life. Now that things are changing and things seem to very slowly be sliding in to place like some weird life size #tetris game, I need to try and step up.and get back to being the social networking #whore you all know and love. #staylifted #reefers and #weshouldsmoke because #wedontsmokethesame #916 #sactown

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So this is how Blogger and other social networking applications and services hook you in, it’s a system of rewards not unlike a spot machine, free to play and paid video games and other things use to keep humans obsessed with their item. It’s more powerful than.a fidget spinner. I spent all weekend hanging out with a buddy I made via #instagram as he did what he does which this weekend included more than 600 miles of driving.

Helping @fine.cali.herbllc do what he does and doing what I do best, smoking #weed rolled in #backwoods while rolling with friends. Had a blast this weekend watching @jaiswift videos and smoking #marijuana rolled in Backwoods, of course. I had been on a #tolerance break, primarily because I couldn't afford it. They almost got me, but I hang strong and hit every #blunt at least once but I smoke to get high with the concept of how long can you stay in #orbit and not how high of an #orbit can you achieve. The best part was smoking with people because as you know I think that #weshouldsmoke and since we don't smoke the same, #culture and #traditions vary, for the #anthropologist in me, this was an amazing chance to see who people are. I met some really cool people, this #dog that I didn't like, ok, so I totally fell in love with her because she was aggressive in making me like her. And we laughed, socialized and just did what friends do when having to drive an insane amount of miles. We must have killed 10 packs of honey Backwoods and the purple package ones. That was totally a continuous #420 weekend and I was totally owned by this bitch, because she has such an outgoing personality, like Miss Piggy. Ha ha ha. Good Times in #NorCal #sf #commute

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I know so many truly cool and amazing people that I have met via the Northern California Medical Marijuana community and it’s fun to see their artistic endeavors and how they have grown in to themselves and are deciding who they going to become.

When I know the artist performing s song or video, it creates a different feeling and appreciation for the music or video. That personal connection causes a more detailed analysis and understanding of the lyrics. So when Nate contacted me to hang out, I was just trying to get to Orbit.

I have posted this every #Friday for more than a month and never get any inquiries but get likes which makes me believe the majority of my followers don't drive or else I must smell bad. Seriously though, who is going to #orbit and would be willing to pick me up and then off after? I don't have any schedule and I am.willing to go and stay for as long or as short a period of time as you desire. #marijuana is our bond. It's like a #420 event where we could imbibe on #710 for hours reveling in being a #prop215 #mmjpatient and his #sb420 event is the best in #norcal and might be why #sacramento was known as the #cityoftrees and has made #sactown the farm to bong capital. So who is down to help give me a lift? #staylifted #reefers and #weshouldsmoke because I am #dankrupt which means #wedontsmokethesame since I don't possess any #weed and I really want to go see all my friends in #orbit

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There was an issue with the cracked digitizer on the #ZTEMaxXL that too it out of commission.and forced me to start using the #motorola #droid Z Force without a screen protector. Thankfully I do have a case to protect it from my clumsy nature.

I got this #boostmobile #ztemaxxl aka #ztebolton from a friend and the digitizer read cracked and all of the repair places wanted $40 in parts and 30 more in labor plus tax which would be somewhere between 70 and 80 total when the phone was selling new for $99 so I didn't fix it. Not sure what I did, but it the screen is now truly messed up and to fix it is 70 and the phone sells new for 70. I used it as a media player and not a phone since I couldn't get it activated on #assurancewireless because they have such strict policies about which devices they will activate even though they should activated any #sprint device since they are part of #virginmobile which runs on the aforementioned #sprint network. My Alcatel phone had a cracked digitizer and the replacement device was a ZTE device that runs on the 3G network of CDMA and EVDO not the 4G LTE network. So the two gigabyte of internet they give would be worthless since 3G is barely as fast as Dial-up. The very limited selection of devices that can be purchased and activated on their network is illogical. Anyway, the fact that repairing the device is less than replacing it is a problem out society and culture need to deal with because it leads to global warming and ultimately more pollution being dumped in to the environment. #stonernerd #nerdstoner #android #photography #technology #disposablesociety

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So, now I just need to figure out how to motivate myself to actually write and finish blogs because many times I get distracted by other things going on and either save s draft that I never go back to or the distraction leaves me in a different mental space then I was when I began writing and when I back to it, I just don’t know where to pick up. This is a common problem that writers face. These are the small set-backs that keep me from generating content for #socialnetworking because the negative feelings from the understanding and knowledge that I somehow made the situation worse adds to my inherent #depression and raises my level of #anxiety. Add to the fact that I don’t have enough of a following on all of the various platforms to result in a dozen likes or comments to provide that reward feeling that makes me want to generate more comment to get more feedback. The impetus for being a social network whore. Although I do seem to get more random followers and comments on my blogs than my two friends which I am positive has to do with how I promote my social networking sights using hashtags and keywords. Or it could just be that I an a better writer and I make my babbling appear more interesting than it is.

Week # 2

So I am at the end of week number two and a little closer to acquiring gainful employment. I have also begun walking around the neighborhood and around the community.1

This week saw the rare convergence of three separate moves of the lunar dance the moon takes around the earth every twenty-eight days. The bluemoon which is when there are two full moons in one month, the afternoon when the full moon occurs at the perihelon, or it’s closest point to the earth. Finally this is all happening at the same time that the earth is acting like that fat lady with big hair and 8 dirty, viral incubators often referred to as kids. Yes, I have my own offspring germ factories and I don’t deny them. This woman keeps getting up and down at the best parts of the Last Jedi and you just wish for a brief moment that you could have command over the power of the force so you could give her granny panties full briefs a yank returning you to middle school laughter over the atomic wedgie. Seriously though the earth is acting like those granny panties and hiding the glorious nature of her gluteous maximus and the human ability at sustained upright, bipedal locomotion. As a result it will be big and a sickly, Donald Trump orange color. Man, this is some good shit, Maynard.

This is why I love this community, the #NorCal #Sacramento #prop215 medical #marijuana family because they put their actions or there. I needed medicine. I went to#orbit but missed my buddy @weedallstarllc who is a funky little 👽 wearing a human meat suit. Like Edgar in Men in Black except he is more like the pug than that alien in Edgar. That dude didn't have friends in high places and therefore his dankruptcy was full of over priced mids. But this local pirate rowed in to the core and delivered an early birthday present. My roommate got concerned because he said I reeked of #weed and I was like "oh, what's that smell like?" and grinned. He wasn't happy, but he understands that it is the only thing that truly relaxed my mind and body enough to work to reduce the pain. Like it or not, I have been smoking and on the internet since my junior year in High School when a co-worker ordered me to take bong rips. I inhaled like a smoker who had been jonesing behind a desk for 5 hours and just got to solace where they could spark up. I then hocked up an alien symbiotic life form or the biggest lung booger you have ever seen. Then I forgot time for a decade. #staylifted peeps and #weshouldsmoke because #wedontsmokethesame #420 #710 #cityoftrees #mmjpatient #916 #nerd #nerdstoner #stonernerd

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This is a homeless birthday present stolen by a pirate and traded for a favor and fame by same as a belated Christmas present because everyone knows Santa didn’t leave anything, he was jacking houses and got caught but that’s a different blog.

So, one of the habits that I had developed when I began back to school in 2013 was to just walk for the sake of walking, listening to music and exercise. As life changes and health issues have plagued me, I stopped doing that and allowed the pain to dictate when, where, how and what I do. Tonight, I just decided to walk around the neighborhood and that spread to walking the intersection by the street that my complex is on and the next intersection. On the seemingly random and meandering route, the across and sound parking lots in being off strip shopping centers. Here's some random snapshots I took while walking. Look at the time spent moving and I didn't plan that, much like the walk was an attempt to find someone to share this bowl of amazing #marijuana I got from a pirate who's only command was to make sure shared it. I didn't tonight, but I certainly tried. #prop215 #mmjpatient #reefer #420 #710 #weshouldsmoke because #wedontsmokethesame #staylifted #nerdstoner #stonernerd #sactown #916 #cityoftrees #sacramento

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This is a Google Tracks of my walk last night. It’s S product I used a lot then Google took it out back and shot it in the head. It’s dead Jim. I know it’s illogical, Spock. I haven’t found a decent replacement. Any suggestions and hit me up.

Thanks to an Angel 👼 on the other coast, I had enough cash to get a pick of tobacco and an extra package of rolling papers. These a aren't things you can afford just anywhere, while most convenience stores attached to gasoline refueling stations have cigarettes, cigarillos, blunt wraps and an overpriced selection of rolling papers, they said never have loose tobacco for roll your own cigarettes. For this to have to go to a bodega or a liquor store. I went to Sam's this morning and as I entered, I noticed the counter was empty. I was looking for an energy drink and heard a voice all of they could help me and I explained what I wanted and the nice guy directed me to refrigerator number 8. Awesome. I read looking at a Bic lighter but individually they are too expensive when you can get them for less than a dollar at Wal-Mart. I try not to do cheap lighters as I have had them leak in my hand. Plus Richard Pryor. Just saying. The dude gave me a poorly manufactured, knock off of a Zippo lighter explaining I had to fill it. I happened to have some in my glove compartment. This was a truly awesome morning and made my #wakeandbake on gifted #marijuana at #710 and again this afternoon at #420. Thanks Mr. Bodega owner for making this #prop215 #mmjpatient and helping me find what will eventually replace #weed on the scheduled substances list. #staylifted #reefers and #weshouldsmoke since #wedontsmokethesame #cityoftrees #sacramento #sactown #916 #california #nerdstoner #stonernerd #weedstagram This is the last post I will make using the #motoroladroidzforce before sending it off to #motorola for a #warranty repair that was a nightmare to get the #rma processed properly. So we will see how the repair effects my posting veracity.

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For some reason, people outside of the bay area and east coast don’t know the term bodega. This is not a bodega than a true blue liquor store.

Do you even realize the level of stupid that exits between your lips carrying the oscillated sound of your vocal chords when you respond that you didn't call someone who simply hit redial in your phone? Are you that technologically inept and unworldly that you don't understand Caller ID? It's been around for more than thirty years. Cell phones have taken it to knew levels. The phone was out of reach, I had to locate it and then it stopped ringing. I hit redial. Technology doesn't make those kinds of mistakes and because we are separated like Kevin Bacon and his acting career which means by now than six degrees. Therefore it is highly unlikely almost too the point of being impossible for to someone who dislikes both of us, to spoofing their caller ID to implicate you. Therefore it means that maybe you let someone use your phone and they did it without your knowledge or you are just a stupid, pathological lying human who doesn't realize how easily people see through your inane bullshit. Stuart Smalley prevails baby. You are smart enough. You are good enough and gosh darn it, people, like you! See, it doesn't bother me, I'm not upset, I am laughing because that level of lying to oneself makes the above your mantra. And to put the words in the mouth of a former president, as Sting once quoted in the song Russians, it's the lie we don't believe anymore. It's up there with the three most common lies: the check is in the mail, I won't cum in your mouth and your ass isn't fat. This is brought to you by my roommates wireless. With the assistance of pirated #weed because I am a #mmjpatient and I rely on medicinal #marijuana to cure the chronic pain that I have due to nerve damage and circulation issues job my lower legs. I am a #nerdstoner who takes pictures of things and makes random off color jokes about the glaring realities of life. The #stonernerd in me has lots of friends in high places in the #norcal #sactown #cityoftrees #sacramento #916 #prop215 community who bless me and gift me with amazing medicine. This is my way if posting them back. If you ever see those hillbilly, @gunnysacfarms guys, but their flowers!

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Why do people feel for the need to lie and say they didn’t mar a call when they did? So here’sa random snapshot of my crazy week. Tomorrow is the Orbit show and I am wondering if I can figure out how to get there and back without my own conveyance with which to make the adventure.

Needing a Miracle

For the first-time in months, I have felt well enough to go to the #weedallstars #orbitz show, a #prop215 #mmjpatient event in #sacramento #california on #friday evenings. This #sb420 compliant event is completely free and is the best place to get medicinal marijuana at prices less than those of the dispensaries for medical much less recreational. This is because Sacramento is the city of trees and this event showers shows that the farm to fork reputation also works for medical #marijuana where it is #farm2bong. Since I am currently unable to drive myself there and do not have another means of conveyance, I decided to act like a DeadHead and hold up 1 dinner indicating that I need a miracle. Here is the Instagram post that I made to ask the community for that ride.

Sometimes life takes you through changes that are almost like a fairy tale. California in the winter has mushrooms, which is the antithesis of the dry arid climate that is the Golden State. Like the mushroom 🍄 I have found a spot that appears to be a place where I can begin to thrive. Now look closely below the mushroom, that green spec is something that has just sprouted and that's the contribution of the mushroom to the world, providing a spot for something else to thrive. Now, if I could just figure out how to acquire medicine. The pain from the weather is acute and once again I am totally dankrupt and wish I had something to pack in my pipe. Anyone or there near Citrus Heights want to help a fellow #mmjpatient out this Tuesday morning and early afternoon? This 🐵 is in misery and could use a smoke out. Just remember 🙈🙉🙊 because it just begets more evil. Stay strong peeps, I think I am on the rebound.

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Now it is just a matter of waiting and seeing if someone will be willing to go a little or of their way to pick me up and take me to the show. Cross your fingers and lets wait and see if I am blessed or not.

Criminal Justice?

As an American, raised in the Mason-Dixon State of Maryland, I was given the belief that our criminal Justice system, while flawed was about truth, Justice and fairness.  That Judges, prosecutors and lawyers all believed in this concept and that a guilty man should go free before any innocent man was convicted.  Television seemed to reinforce this theory showing far more Justice warrior lawyers and police then could ever exist in reality.  It doesn’t work that way, never has and has always been political and socioeconomic.

Another pervasive myth is that police are benevolent, forthright and serve the public trust.  Television shows always show the wrongfully accused of being exonerated and the guilty being forced to plea bargain to avoid harsher crimes.  The public defenders shown on TV are always competent, smart jurists who are seemingly able to get their clients off when they are innocent, exonerating them.  This rarely happens and in many cases they are forced to use a bail bondsman to get out until their trial starts or remain incarcerated.

Mandatory minimums and harsh sentencing often push people in to taking pleas because of the risk of going to court and the resistance their public defender will apply to keep from going to court.  Suddenly that myth of innocent until proven guilty and the entire concept of Justice, innocence and guilt are as pure as the fruit flavors in Starburst fruit chews.

After conviction, going to prison is a nightmare experience that I was taught to justify with the idiotic rhetoric of Barrett’s, don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time which is hilarious given the knowledge of how many are forced in to plea agreements versus facing the potential of being wronfully convicted because your public defender has no experience and just barely passed the bar exam or doesn’t want your case and definitely doesn’t want a trial.  So let’s say they finally make it through to be released back in to the population after being cultured in this environment.

Then you have the reality that you can have other kinds of violations that can get you sent to jail.  See, about four years ago, I was helping my young friend Jose obtain his driver’s license and one night I got a ticket giving another friend a ride to Trader Joe’s.  It was from doing a California stop through an intersection with a red light with no traffic and a clear intersection while making a right turn.  I can accept the violation but the process is bullshit and intimidating.  I didn’t know how to plea, I was guilty but living off financial aid and this was the week before finals.

I could either agree to make payments which I knew I could never pay or do community service.  Community service required a cash payment to enroll in the program that I had to pay immediately even when I told them it would mean I wouldn’t be able to eat for a week.  Then shit went worse because the sheriff’s involved with the community service wanted a $35 a day fee and I had 40 hours of community service.  When I explained that I lived in my car and lived off financial aid, she asked where it went. When I said textbooks, she said I was being uncooperative and stamped me intelligible.  Jose had gone with me so he could take my car and pick me up.  I went back to the court and prepared to throw myself on the mercy of the court when Jose stopped at a gas station and used the ATM to retrieve the remaining cost of the fine because we were both terrified I was going to go to jail for a few days.  I was prepared. That’s bullshit.


Orbit show

This was the second week the Weed All-Stars had a show in their new venue and it was off the hook.  If you don’t know, the Orbit show is a Free private, Prop 215 Patient event held in Sacramento, the city if trees on Friday nights where patients can interact with the growers, extractors and manufacturer of their medication.  This provides a much better pricing structure then the current dispensary models.

Calling all #sacramentodabbers and #sacramentostoners:. Tonight in #sacramento @weedallstarllc is hosting in the #cityoftrees the premier #farmtobong #prop215 patient event held in full compliances with #sb420 outdoors in a safe environment where you can sample products before you buy. What can you buy? Everything you can imagine in a #420 and #710 product line and some you can’t. You will find some of the best #marijuana flowers and #mmj medicines at prices well below those of dispensaries. #staylifted #reefers.

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The Weed All-Star crew are all amazing reefers from Jose the alien leader to Shorty.


Then there is everyone’s favorite reefer, Dank Diggler, Sacramento’s Dankest Weatherman.


I oftwn get there early because back in the day when it cost $10 to get in, it is totally free for patients now, Jose had awesome gift bags. Now they cost $10 and easily contain two to three times that value in medicine and gifts. The line to get in forms rather quickly.


Once inside there is nothing but the best, top shelf medicinal marijuana flowers.


I was gifted an edible donut.


As always Primal Drops was present with top quality, pure and safe medicines at the most affordable and economic prices possible. Cheap in price, high in quality.


Iderb was there and i did a double-cup and got lost.


I got to see Faded Jerry slap a fat dab of SF Labs.


SF Labs always brings the fire concentrates.


This is my Orbit report. Keep in mind i was still in a lot of pain and had eaten a lot of medicine for the pain.

Citizenship,  Patriotism & National Security

I was labeled early in the 2015 primaries as one of them Bernie Bros and couldn’t understand how something like this could have formed so quickly as a universal opposition to a Democratic challenger.   Republicans were using it too.   Then I watched as contests were called and Bernie declared a winner before any ballots had been cast,  the delegates including Super delegates were assigned according to projected polling data and Google searches seemed to report this same data.   Then we came to the first caucus and Hillary was projected to win by a slim margin except she didn’t and lost by a larger margin when you count in the independent block which almost entirely voted for Bernie.

This is around the time that the exit polling  data started to become an issue when third parties made requests of the news media association that pays for and collects the data.   They didn’t want to surrender it and refused so the courts got involved.   The reason the data is important is because it is what is used as the international standard for deciding if there is fraud in an election.   If the polls show more then a +/- of 2% in the results,  fraud is suspected.   There are indications of bigger then 3% margins in some contests and within some contests when votes were cast by ballots where Hillary won. In states where there were caucuses,  in all but Nevada,  Bernie won by several percentage points. 

The Nevada caucus is the single most damning event in the entire Democratic National Convention primary process and shows how overzealous and powerful members of the party can steal a caucus and blame it on the people they silenced for actions that never happened.  See,  the DNC chairperson came out saying  a chair was thrown at the Nevada Caucus causing them to call it early and end the event.   Video shot on cell phone from the back of the room, showing the entire fiasco shows no chair being thrown. 

The only one I have heard thus far make any comments on this has been President Donald Trump and ironically the Republican Party was so busy working  behind the scenes to thwart him that they missed all the dirty,  secretive and potentially illegal conspiracy that was unfolding during  the Democratic primary.   See,  if the primaries had of occurred in another country,  given the anomalies and other issues raised about instate in party voter suppression that they would refuse to certify it.   They wouldn’t allow the process to move forward without major analysis of the numbers and exit polling  data. 

So,  unless you want to drop back to that point and discuss the legal ramifications and prosecutions you have to push forward and decide whom to blame and how to fix it.   The first group to blame are all the media that didn’t report on these anomalies and issues as they occurred and instead chose Benghazi and Emails and trying to make Donald Trump look as bad as possible while stirring up animosity.   The next group are all the politicians and elected officials who didn’t step up and say something.   Especially on the state level who have since moved to the federal level and one’s who plan to do so in the future.   Where were you during this? 

When asking about Benghazi why didn’t anyone ask what role the Ambassador had in civil war that was unfolding in Libya 🇱🇾 that we now know was in silage by Hillary Clinton and her State Department 🏬 which represents the 🇺🇸 United States.   Suddenly this changes the attack on the embassy and everything else,  as it should. 

Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee emails show enough circumstantial evidence to suspect that the party ran a clandestine off books operation to sway the course of the primary and ultimately the general election results.   This is evidence of collusion with media outlets and party officials within state party offices to utilize their rank and position  to squash the efficacy of a large block of voters,  mainly those who would be voting  for Bernie Sanders.  Yet none of this is discussed,  instead we have people who are still upset that the conspiracy failed and Hillary Clinton lost.  She couldn’t believe she lost,  she hadn’t even ever thought about it,  she was that assured of victory that she didn’t have a concession speech.   Like she couldn’t believe the conspiracy failed. Or that people didn’t buy her as being the lesser of two evils when compared to Donald Trump.

I am truly concerned that the witch hunt that is going on to find and report on every  mistake,  to challenge every decision is going  to have the potential to jeopardize national security.  Like it or not,  if you are a US Citizen, Donald Trump was sworn in after meeting all of the legal requirements to obtain the office of President of the United States of America and that makes him,  your president.  It makes him my President.   Now,  I have to support him,  because otherwise it’s unpatriotic and goes against what we are supposed to do as Americans.  See,  I have to hope and dream about him being  the best president ever because that benefits me.   Finally,  I have to ask,  how can we still trust a news media that has been complicit in seemingly trying to hand the election to Hillary Clinton?  The same mainstream media everyone says that they don’t trust because it’s dishonest and political?  The same media that they don’t trust is how they decided Donald Trump. Was a fascist,  dishonest, and bigoted racist even though all of those who would have the most to gain by coming  forward with stories to reinforce it seem to be silent and that says that maybe they don’t have stories because that’s not who he is.  Richard Jewel. Never forget that media can and does paint the wrong pictures of people.   George Zimmerman. End of story. 

20 Years Ago… 

I was 27 and thought that I knew everything about everything and that I was at the top of my game and then soap opera like interpersonal politics took a major role when someone online took a dislike to me and began calling and harassing my employer.  I found myself jobless at the worst time because all of the Christmas help had been hired and this was the last week of September.

Another online friend came to my rescue offering to pay me a decent $8 an hour under the table for three full days of work on Pier 39 I’m San Francisco and I had never been to the city before.   It was a truly amazing and incredible experience that first weekend that turned in to two weeks and then a full-time job. 

I made new friends and people that I began to hang around with and slowly distance grew between me and the online world as my real life friendships intensified.  Then I met Trenine and my life forever changed the first introduction when she smiled at me, I felt my heart beating and my breathing catch in my throat as I felt like someone was tickling my belly button.   Time seemed to slow to a crawl,  that seemed to have an effect on the carousel music in the background. We were closing together and I had been invited to crash at their apartment in San Jose,  another place I had never been. 

I miss Trenine, she left this world after a couple of bouts of cancer and lupus. We had parted company and I was married with children when she passed away.   She had intentionally sabotaged the relationship and driven me away because I think she knew she was terminal and she didn’t want me to see her deteriorate any further.   The surgery and chemo did horrendous things to her psychological self image and she mistook my sorrow for what she was enduring like a champion as something less honorable where previously I had looked at her as if she were an angel. She was,  briefly my angel. 

Right now,  i really and truly miss her because I know that if she were still here that I could call her and she would tell me exactly what she thought without any sugar coating to make the medicine go down.   This might be the suckiest part of growing  old,  ended friendships and friends who have passed on. 

Reckless Driving

I rarely use my smartphone while driving because I understand how much it effects my driving.  If I can’t swipe to answer the phone, I don’t answer.  If I don’t have a handsfree and speaker phone mode isn’t loud enough, I don’t talk on the phone.  I keep a wired earbuds with microphone in my sun visor and another in my car bag.  I also have wireless Bluetooth ones.  The law going in to effect will have no change in my behaviors.

On the way to the Orbit show in Sacramento on Friday, I was in Carmichael, a suburb of Sacramento County approaching Fair Oaks Blvd and this car was driving erratically.  I took this picture and posted it to Instagram.

Sunday morning someone liked it even though I didn’t use any hash tags.  It reminded me and I realized I could read the magnetic placards on the door.

So, I was disturbed enough that I decided to contact them through Facebook since they, believe it or not, don’t have an Instagram or one that can be found searching simply for their name.  Notice the Facebook messenger floating head in the screenshot, it was taken after I sent the message right as their response came back.  Here is the exchange.

I am trying to be cordial and succinct to keep from having any kind of negative emotional response.

Fat fingers and autocorrect make me look like I am illiterate.  Argh.

In the age of cell phones putting 800 how I am driving numbers became a thing.  In the age of smartphones, pictures and video have supplemented this and because everyone uses Facebook, the response from the Account Holder was almost instantaneous.

They were extremely courteous and amicable in their response and I applaud them for that and is why I posted the conversation in its entirety.