Depression & Poverty

So, over the last few days the stress and the slowly changing sunrise and sunset times has caused my circadian rhythm to become maladjusted and sleeping has been incredibly difficult. I have been trying to pull myself out of the malaise I have been in and it’s just been incredibly difficult.

I need to find an envelope so I can mail this SD card to Tad or I need to format a 64gb MicroSD card from ExFat to Fat32 so that he can out it in his phone that tops out at 32gb because the default format for 64gb and above is ExFat while 32gb and below are Fat32. I’m putting this out there to him via the blog to see if he reads every blog I post or not. I was going to offer to put a bunch of music on it as well. Kind of like a Mix Tape from the end of the last century.

If you lived in the #cityoftrees back during the #clintonera, and you did the #nightclub scene, then you know this was THE best club in the #sacramento #metropolitan area. #paradisebeach and I went back in the aughts when it wss running under another name, but they had a DJ who had ADD and just seemed to.mix the best 45 seconds of two or three songs together in a mash-up. Back in the day, I had them for America Live, The El Dorado Saloon, Classic Jukebox, Black Angus and Bobby McGee's because I club hopped. There was usually too much drama at the El Dorado Saloon and the regulars liked to start fights about half an hour before last call which can be the cock-block from.hell and cause you to crash down in flames like Maverick in Top Gun when GooSe died. Too soon? Suddenly Whoop There it is! has seemed in to my brain via my ear and is slithering around like a room. Wow. The 90's. Wow. . #Norcal #916 #sactown #sacramento #cityoftrees #nightlife #bbs #afterlife #icandance #igrewupinthe80s #420 #710 #prop215 #staylifted #reefers #weshouldsmoke #marijuana #wedontsmokethesame

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When I first moved to Sacramento, I had a love hate relationship but the climate, the culture and the incredibly plentiful bounty of the devil’s lettuce made it grow on me. I have a lot of history and memories here and the era had a soundtrack as I had half a dozen of my own mix tapes, some I made and some that were given to me that had a truly varied and eclectic playlists. Many of them were converted to Mini-Disc but the music files were lost in a hard drive crash on my home file server back in the aughts.

My long-time buddy Tad has a blog and I am trying to encourage him to do it because as with anything you out effort in to, eventually you will get better at it. He posted this image of a well trimmed bush and you know how I am #spelunkers and everyone should admire a well coiffed bush. It should be complimented and the owner made aware of the admiration with those compliments. Yes, I did smoke the #marijuanas and yes, I might be #lifted but that's not why this is funny. It's funny because we're spelunking. Now turn your light on and hit this. Check hour his blog at: . . #Weshouldsmoke #marijuana #wedontsmokethesame #420 #710 #prop215 #staylifted #reefers #norcal #916 #sactown #sacramento #cityoftrees #blogger #socialnetworkwhore #wordpress

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I often make seemingly perverted or lewd comments but they are so open ended and innocent that only my smirk and tone of voice give it away and mostly it’s because Americans are so repressed about sex and their sexuality. It’s funny to see people’s expressions and reactions when I refer to flowers as plant vaginas, fruit as late-term aborted plants. Or eggs potential chickens until cooked then they are aborted chickens. We use the term miscarriage when nature aborts the embryo, zygote or fetus.

Why are we still debating the same bullshit political issues and rehashing the same tired and proven invalid and detrimental policies like tax cuts for the rich equating to trickle down economics when in reality the global economy is about to hiccough in a way that is going to make the great depression look like a time of prosperity and peace. What the jobs reports failed to mention ever since the recession began in 2000, after Congress balanced the budget and broke the economy, was that the jobs that were hemorrhaged with the various bubbles like the dotcom bubble or the Enron Bubble or the Sub-Prime bubble didn’t get replaced. Those jobs in the tech sector and the various other service industries that suddenly contracted or were outsourced and then repatriated didn’t replace the same volume or even close to what was lost each time. The jobs that did come in are the unskilled, bottom of the payscale jobs and it’s evident when I see people I know having a hard time finding work where they live and needing to commute further abroad to increase the number of opportunities. Yes, Lisa, I am referring to your blog.

The current implementation of the economic model worldwide is broken and it’s about to implode which causes me anxiety because it’s hard enough to find a job that will pay enough to survive when your in your late twenties and early thirties but by the time you reach mid-life which I am on the cusp of, it’s even more difficult because the majority of unskilled workers are the younger demographic entering the workforce and if you’re looking to take anything, you’re being judged based on your age in a negative way. It’s difficult to accept that the the gains I made climbing the socioeconomic ladder using my own intelligence and cognitive abilities to secure jobs in the Network Security and or IT Help Desk career paths are gone and I may never get to climb back up.

See, I am too old and my health issues preclude me from doing the first teir and field engineer work that requires installing cabling and working where I am frequently crawling under desks and in to ceilings. It’s not that I can’t do it, it’s that the continued wear and tear on my body, that aggravates the chronic pain I live with. Some days are worse then others.

So, ever since my Roommate and friend decided to put even more unnecessary stress and drama on my shoulders, I have been depressed, anxious and the pain has fluctuated from moving as little as possible to walking around to try and ease the pain. Different pain from different sources, namely the warm days and chilly nights. Welcome to middle age and this is why there isn’t a manual for getting old. When I was in high school, my step father would say that growing old wasn’t for sissies after a long day of humping freight.

I had the above poster on my closet door in High School because I thought it was funny in my youth because I didn’t have the wisdom to know and understand what I didn’t know and understand which is somehow related to the Dunning-Kreuger effect. Now that I am older and have acquired the wisdom and knowledge my cognitive abilities allow me to realize how much I didn’t know or truly understand.

There is this myth that CPS and government intervention in to the homes of American families has never been an honorable and good thing for the children it has rescued when in reality it has been anything but. There is an absolute bias in the system that is quicker to remove younger white, desirable children from.their home because there are more open foster homes then for those of color or other minorities. Rich white people want white kids not brown ones. Then there is the other side, the statistics listed here which are probably even worse because of how the statistics are reported send tracked. There should be a tighter threshold to involving children services and there should be more thorough training for guidance counselors and school faculty for the right time to contact CPS and when not to. Often times the rather safe then sorry excuse is used when there is nothing actually.going on and the teacher suddenly found a windmill and became Don Quixote. Scary statistics.

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In July of 2011 my mother died from a self-induced overdose if prescription pain medication which she had been abusing to more and more profound levels since I was 8 years old and while I could tie my shoes, I wasn’t proficient at tying them tight and secure. So, my mom often tied them for me when helping me get ready for school and one day, when pulling my foot down I tapped her ankle and it opened a sore that wouldn’t close or heal. The pain from those open wounds is intense when they are just wounds but when they are infected with a simple staphylococcus virus it’s even more intensense. The only thing that works to dull the pain, truly make it go away are opiates but there is a price for that relief. My mother and my family paid that price when copious amounts of THC and CBD can achieve damn near the same level of relief without any of the negative side effects or the penalties that come with addiction. My realization that my mom was an addict was shocking and sobering because suddenly everything that didn’t make sense when I was growing up, was suddenly crystal clear like Pepsi. All of my mother’s erratic behavior seemed to be the manifestation of her addiction, as it got worse and that realization took away all of the angst and anger and resentment that I had towards her that had estranged us and kept us from having a close relationship. It did it with her and all of my siblings as well.

It was when I went to her wake and arrived back in Baltimore that I realised that it was no longer home to me, it was someplace where I had been for a while and that California was truly my home. I had suspected as much when I flew to San Francisco fr St Louis on December of 1999 to ride the arrival.of the year 2000 and the potential apocalypse with my friends who were doing IT at companies in the capital of the silicon valley. The big names like Deloitte and Touche or Yahoo. I realized just being in California made me feel better and ultimately when I moved back in September of 2000, that being in the Bay Area and ultimately San Francisco made me feel happier.

Believe it or not Sir Francis Drake missed this little gap in the coastal cliffs and beaches when he was searching for the entrance to the San Francisco Bay, that’s the Golden Gate Bridge that spans that opening known as the Golden Gate. I took this a few years ago when I took my son with a me on a good friend’s boat so we could go salmon fishing using my #samsunggalaxynote as we passed underneath the bridge and out in to the Pacific Ocean.


In a Box…

Even when things are in a crappy place for me, I still will randonly find things that will not just make me smile, but make me amused which I then often feel the need to share with others. I went to Starbucks to use the internet and I can’t say that I am not apprehensive after other encounters I have had at Sacramento area locations.

This isn't solely a race based issue and people who live in #sacramento can easily tell how much gentrification and persecution of the #poor and #homeless in that area is. Do the restrooms require codes, tokens or buzzer access or are they free to enter without needing to speak to a barista and pass their judging a book by it's cover using their own prejudicial bias to be granted access to those facilities? How often do Employees call and report people for trespassing, using 911 where they convey that they are feeling threatened or in danger from the individual who is oblivious of the entire situation until LEOs walk up in force because they have been told the person is angry, combative, hostile, etc. The LEOs then use a much more forceful and malignant attitude that causes the resulting encounter to have a totally different tone. Meanwhile none of this is ever usually reported up the chain of management to the corporate office because most corporate offices would be opposed to randomly towing cars of patrons of another business in the shopping center while their employees were parked in 1 hour limited spaces for the entirety 9f their shifts. This is what happens when you give the power of the corporation to bear down upon the private citizen. This isn't what isolated incident, isn't limited to Starbucks and effects all of the at risk socioeconomic demographics. The sooner the working poor realize there is no middle class and that they are part of the at-risk socioeconomic demographics, the sooner this type of behavior will subside. They start with he first group of undesirables and then move on to the next group. It's a times like these that I wish I could roll the world a joint, to pass, always to the left so as to not fuck up the rotation, taking a deep toke and holding the smoke until.peace, love, unity and respect truly gonhand in hand. #plur everything else is inconsequential. #420 #710 #prop215 #staylifted #reefers #weshouldsmoke #marijuana #wedontsmokethesame #norcal #916 #sactown #sacramento #cityoftrees #hippieog #nerdstoner #stonernerd #beatnik #techbologist #scientist #anthropologist

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But the one that I now frequent is off the beaten path and kind of hidden unless you have been there or search and find it. It used to be completed 24 hours but now the lobby closes at 10pm and the drive-thru window is open all night. There need to be more 24 hour establishments where people can go and meet at night.

A friend is someone who will walk a mile through waist deep snow to hang out and an acquaintance will do the same if it's your #weed they will be smoking. You can tell the true caliber of a friendship when situations get normal, which means all-fucked up. It's when they do stupid, selfish shit for no reason that it gets to me. So when I get down at how dark and dreary things are, I can always find respite in the beauty of the natural world around me. It's just much better knowing @tellibear2771 has my back, regardless of how weird shit gets. This image is dedicated to how much happiness and joy she brings to my life. . #420 #710 #prop215 #staylifted #reefers #weshouldsmoke #marijuana #wedontsmokethesame #norcal #916 #sactown #sacramento #cityoftrees #friendship

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My roommate Jarom has this odd behavior of what I can only call permanent closure with everything and it sometimes makes him do things that seem like he suffers from rectal-cranial inversion. It makes it difficult to continue any kind of relationship because his actions are the antithesis of what a true friend would do in a given situation. I knew this was the possible outcome of the roommate experiment when i agreed to accept his offer and try it out. 9vet the course of the two months I realized that he thrives on drama and the seeming need to be the wiser, more adjusted and stable person who gives sage wisdom to everyone else.

Spring is Nature's interspecies festival of debauchery and sex with Bees playing a significant role in the reproduction if most of the fruit and nuts that we eat. Just think about the song in Grease 2, reproduction and where does the pollen go? Up your nose. You inhale it. If you are allergic to plant semen then you'll have fly like symptoms caused by all.of the plant and tree sex happening around you. Keep in mind that flowers are like plant vaginas and the bee in the second image is face deep in that, going to town. Look at the determination in his eyes, he's gonna get that sweet nectar. These images were taken with the #samsunggalaxycamera2 and edited using #googlephotos for your enjoyment. #nature #photography #art #bees #savethebees #420 #710 #prop215 #staylifted #reefers #weshouldsmoke #marijuana #wedontsmokethesame #norcal #916 #sactown #sacramento #cityoftrees

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But he seems to have this perchance for not reading for comprehension and then chastising and reprimanding people for no reason. To make matters worse is that he often spins situations to make himself look like the frustrated adult and everyone else look like an immature and petulant child. He caused a temporary rift with my best friend Angela and I temporarily had her thinking I said she was working against me or some petty bullshit. So when Angie reprimanded me for it, instead of getting a negative attitude I simply asked her if this sounded like me because I never said or texted anything that could be spun this way. A few days went by and she realized that what I was saying was true when I offered to send her the entirety of our text communications.

My long-time buddy Tad has a blog and I am trying to encourage him to do it because as with anything you out effort in to, eventually you will get better at it. He posted this image of a well trimmed bush and you know how I am #spelunkers and everyone should admire a well coiffed bush. It should be complimented and the owner made aware of the admiration with those compliments. Yes, I did smoke the #marijuanas and yes, I might be #lifted but that's not why this is funny. It's funny because we're spelunking. Now turn your light on and hit this. Check hour his blog at: . . #Weshouldsmoke #marijuana #wedontsmokethesame #420 #710 #prop215 #staylifted #reefers #norcal #916 #sactown #sacramento #cityoftrees #blogger #socialnetworkwhore #wordpress

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Interpersonal politics exist in all primate species and Chimpanzees have been known to keep records of wrongs and to gossip or have politics, so this is evidently just a natural reaction to higher intelligence living in groups.

My long-time buddy Tad has a blog and I am trying to encourage him to do it because as with anything you out effort in to, eventually you will get better at it. He posted this image of a well trimmed bush and you know how I am #spelunkers and everyone should admire a well coiffed bush. It should be complimented and the owner made aware of the admiration with those compliments. Yes, I did smoke the #marijuanas and yes, I might be #lifted but that's not why this is funny. It's funny because we're spelunking. Now turn your light on and hit this. Check hour his blog at: . . #Weshouldsmoke #marijuana #wedontsmokethesame #420 #710 #prop215 #staylifted #reefers #norcal #916 #sactown #sacramento #cityoftrees #blogger #socialnetworkwhore #wordpress

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My friend Mykl and Tad have had this decades old, on again and off again friendship where they seem to disagree on who was the best and worst friend. It would be amusing to watch if there didn’t seem to be the need for verification from both parties designed to suck the spectators in and that’s easy to do when you’re friends with both because no one is perfect and we all have personality quirks that annoys other people.

Some people are able to overlook past transgressions and shirk the negative emotions and impact of those events and the behaviors of those involved to move forward. I try my hardest to do this because growing up in a group home with kids who had a far more abusive home then me often had outlandish behaviors that they couldn’t always control.

This is an incredible surgery, especially if it actually works and functions in the future, although it raises a bunch if questions about paternity and genetics. It also can literally allow the guy to say I wouldn't fuck you with someone else's dick. Thankfully, in the midst of the shit storm I am in, I can still be amused by #science because it's totally the plot for some high budget porn film and it could be Science fiction as in this allows the guys offspring to survive his bloodline being eliminated or as a horror movie where the evil penis took control of it's host. Then there's my buddy Brandon, who would add s third option, a porn about a guy who gets a penis transplant too big and that having an orgasm with an erection would cause death. I see a TV series where the penis talks to the guy and tells him how much lower his standards are then the previous guy. #spelunkers unite. Turn those headlamps on. This hole goes deep. #Weshouldsmoke #marijuana #wedontsmokethesame #420 #710 #prop215 #staylifted #reefers #norcal #916 #sactown #sacramento #cityoftrees

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I really don’t have much of a connection to Tad outside of a few scattered and random memories which weren’t all negative. So when we reconnected it wss good to have someone who knew me back then to reconnect with. In the time we have been reconnected, he has been a pretty stand up guy and we have had conversations like I imagine we would have had on the landline back in the day had we not of lost contact.

This gives new meaning to being an #organdonor and this is what the family of the man who donated his penis to the veteran had to say on the matter. This shouldn't be this amusing but it is, blame Beavis & Butthead or @southpark. I'm weak with snickering over each zinger. Some give the gift if life, some give the gift to continue living his guy gave the gift to continue having sex. That's literally giving someone the dick. It has to be the #marijuanas becasue this shouldn't be this hilarious. Or it's the relaxing of the stress and anxiety for a moment has made me slap happy before the depression and anxiety return. #Weshouldsmoke #marijuana #wedontsmokethesame #420 #710 #prop215 #staylifted #reefers #norcal #916 #sactown #sacramento #cityoftrees #science

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As I have said before, in my belief system, what you are ceases to exist the moment the electrical pulses that animate your brain stop pulsing and that life is a frangile, temporary thing that can randomly end at anytime, so the here and now is all that matters. Immortality or the closest one can come is how you are remembered in the historical record and for many of us that is our friends and social networking profile. In the future they will be able to see Trump’s tweets and social networking posts, imagine what Abraham Lincoln’s would have looked like.

Sitting in @starbucks enjoying a refreshing beverage and charging my camera gear and using the #googlefiber internet service to surf the net. I don't intentionally try to listen to conversations going on around me, but I'm alert and if you say keywords like #marijuana, #bong, #bowl, #joint, basically anything #weed related, I suddenly dial in and pay attention. So when the lady in red said her doctor recommended she smoke a bowl every three hours, I was already paying attention to hear her friend ask if that meant the most potent kind and she chuckles Green Crack. Suddenly, I was like PC Principal and Strong Woman on @southpark and suddenly @dariusrucker is crooning #hootieandtheblowfish in my ear and it takes all my strength not to start singing along. Come on, I know I can't be the only one and I know there are women who do this too. I just need to find me one. Or two. Ha ha ha . #420 #710 #prop215 #staylifted #reefers #norcal #916 #sactown #sacramento #cityoftrees #weshouldsmoke #marijuana #wedontsmokethesame #nrrdstonet #coffeeaddict

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So, I try and make my posts in #instagram humorous and snarky in a way that is jovial and not mean or vindictive. I am after all, an anthropologist and that means I really and truly love all things Human and Primate. I am also a long time Medical Marijuana advocate and collected signatures for Proposition 215 the day. Wow, now I sound like Kathy Bates in that Netflix show. So of course, I was amused when the woman said Green Crack because at least it wasn’t Cookies.

Reality Blues

Rainy days in Northern California have always made me want to stay inside, under a warm blanket and wallow through any anxiety or depression going on in my life. It’s the middle of April and it has been a wet winter and spring and there doesn’t seem to be an immediate end which makes me happy because Caligornia needs the rain and afraid because this will cause horrible flooding, landslides and other natural disasters associated with the weather and land cycles.

When I moved to California, I lived in a recreational trailer under the big Oak tree on the pumpkin farm behind Bella Vista High School. The best part about rainy days was the pitter patter of the drops hitting the roof of the RV in some random, natural drum solo that often started slowly, built to a crescendo and then suddenly slowed down as the cloud formation moved on, as if the drummer was marching forward.

It’s amazing the effect that rain often has on retail business as Smart & Final has an almost empty parking lot at 10:30am on a Monday and Gold’s Gym has an almost full parking lot which begs to ask, how can so many men, and it’s mostly men, be in a position to just go to the gym and work out at this time of day on a Monday? Are they there trying to use exercise to sooth the pain caused by the rise in barometric pressure and the sudden drop in temperature that accompanied this rain?

Meanwhile, the events beyond my control that are currently unfolding in my life create stress and anxiety caused by panic that comes from feeling like I have no control and nothing I can do that will change the current situation. This results in a panic induced desire to act like.a hermit crab and retreat in to my shell and watch reruns or binge watch new shows on Netflix while letting Nature piss on everything and wash it clean.

Lost In Space S01E05: Transmission

So this is my nitpicking review of the Netflix Lost In Space Season 1 Episode 5 and will contain spoilers for that episode and potentially all of the preceding episodes, so consider yourself warned and continue at your own risk.

All of the colonists on the planet have United and figured out they need to find a new way to contact the mot\nhership since the mothership’s satellite dish crashed down to the planet with several of the Jupiter Habitat ships.and the leader decided to build a giant light tower that will be visible from space. Dr. Smith turns off the perimeter fence and the Apex predator that has been stalking the area at night gets in and havoc ensues and lives were in danger. The good doctor convinces Will to the robo\nt and remove his restriction forbidding the robot from hurting anyone or anything which is exactly what she wanted. A manipulative and conniving person this woman is. The colonists see the robot, many if whom encountered it on the station and remember the attack. The show ends with the colonists and everyone safe with Will stopping the robot from rampaging through the colonists.

IGN has given the series a great rating and the one character I think is the most intriguing and seemingly believable is Dr. Smith and Judy is the least believable to me. IGN feels that Dr. Smith is unbelievable and they are hoping she will be revitalized for the next season. This is episode 5 and there are 5 more left. I am hoping they decide on how the Robinson kids are going to act and behave, are they going to show the responsibility and maturity of kids who understand the seriousness of the situation or who are petulant and immature because their parents allow them to get away with it. Overall the show and stories have gotten better and only time will tell if they fix the small.annoyances with characters and storylines.

That Ancient Aliens dude with the strange hair has come out raving about the quality of the Lost In Space production and how good the characters and stories are. He hasn’t discussed the crap science in the show like the rapidly refreesing glacier, or the impact of ice to the Jupiter 2’s exterior when it wss accelerating out of the glacier. Nor did they cover how the John Robinson somehow found the perfect clearing to set down, complete with hard packed dirt and a clear perimeter with which to place a fence. It doesn’t explain how or why the mothership in orbit near the planet would need a satellite dish to communicate with the ground.

Lost In Space S01E04: The Robinson’s Were Here

So, I have now completed what should have been three episodes with a two-hour first episode and two individual episodes but on Netflix is four episodes of Lost In Space and the more the story progresses the less I like Will’s siblings or Don West and the only intriguing character is that of Doctor Smith but I think they are overplaying her character to a point where it’s barely plausible or believable. So, this will.probably contain massive spoilers for the fourth episode of the show as well as the other three episodes, so proceed at your own risk because you have been forewarned. Keep in mind I love the premise and this show could quickly change course in a manner that would make it a fairly decent show although it screams of ripping off The 100 at some point.

This was like an 80’s feel good movie like Goonies with Vacation movies thrown in. Judy decided to return home and exile the Robot because she is a doctor and her patient told her the Robot attacked the carrier vessel. So she has taken it upon herself to act and Will tries to sneak the Robot to a nearby cave. Outside of the perimeter defense, against parental orders in cross between Stand By Me and the Wizard Of Oz with the Robinson’s being followed by the truly disturbing and reprehensible Dr. Smith.

Even in the original series he was.evil, reprehensible and self-serving just like the woman in the new one but hers is harder, more refined and truly believable. She tags along behind unbeknownst to the Robinson’s and she has stolen the gun the Robot printed for Will, so now the sociopath is armed.

The Robinson adults finally meet Don West and find out he has been to Alpha Centauri and is a smuggler who replaced radio transmission equipment with liquor Don wasn’t a scoundrel although he was a hot head and was trying to get in Judy’s silver space suit.

Over the course of the journey from the Jupiter 2 to the cave, the robot saves them from something stalking them by growling louder then the predator and helps them cross a sudden ravine by knocking down a tree. Finally there are flowers that open when the kids clap and the Robot’s clap awakens the whole valley and alerts the aforementioned predator. Finally, the kids reach the cave and make cave paintings and he mention the Caves in France where the earliest humans left behind graffiti on the walls. We really don’t know why they chose to do them and it took considerably more effort than displayed in this show but the sentiment wasn’t wrong. They we’re leaving behind marks that they were here and they knew they would stay for a while.

Overall this wasn’t a horrible episode if the kids hadn’t of all reacted in such an easily predicted manner so as to be too predictable. The relationship between the kids seems.almost natural if not a bit too contrived like they wanted Aria and Brandon Stark kind of tension without any background or way to make it happen.

The other colonist and the letter.or folded paper is a prime example of how low this writer understands kids because there aren’t very few who would.have just shut up and not made a huge deal about the entire scenario knowing the adults would be on his side for the Robot information. It’s unbelievable. It’s also too convenient that the satellite dish was where it was… Horrible plot drivers, maybe make them come across it embedded in the ground in the middle of their path.

How did the Jupiter 2 find the perfect round, smooth dirt clearing to land in? It’s almost as if aliens made it for them and it’s the remnant of an ancient crop circle, this points more towards Cylons. What do you think? Hit me up on the comments.

Lost In Space S01E03: Infestation

The following post will contain spoilers from the first three episodes of the new Netflix series Lost In Space as I discuss the issues I have with character behavior, plot points, and other issues I have with the epsode because growing up the original Lost In Space was my all-time favorite show and I have seen every episode at least twice. Did I mention there are spoilers ahead?

This episode should have been dubbed Snakes On A Spaceship as it seems the major antagonist in the episode are slug like eels that feed on the fuel in the Jupiter 2. They are in a race against time to clean the engines and free the ship from being frozen in the glacier because now it’s caving around them. Suddenly the fuel levels begin to drop and it’s snakes on a plane with the robot locking Will and Dr. Smith in a emergency supply closet and refusing to let anyone in or out. It’s where a torque wrench is located and it will take an hour to print another.

More time jumping to discover just how many people Dr. Smith killed to get to where she is and the reasons she killed those people. Her sister was evidently morally corrupt. Meanwhile all hands on deck to save the day and they get the Jupiter 2 free with the escape looking similar to the Millennium Falcon flying out of the asteroid with the opening closing or flying out of the self-destructing Death Star in Return of the Jedi. Did I mention how much the Jupiter 2 looks like the Millennium Falcon?

My Netflix binge of Lost In Space has now concluded Season 1 Episode 3 with the title Infestation which stands for Snakes On A Spaceship as clearly indicated in this scene where Captain Flynn wrestles a snake. I wrote another blog where I point out the absurdity of the plot points and the ludicrous nature of the way some of the characters act. The fact they treat glacial ice like marshmallows that do absolutely no damage to the ship as it crashes through it or is hit by it while it accelerated to freedom. Check out this review and the reviews for the first two episodes at the link in my profile or the link below. . . #lostinspace #review #netflix #scifi #sciencefiction #nerd #science #technologist #tv #television #entertainment #mmjpatient #420 #710 #prop215 #staylifted #reefers #weshouldsmoke #marijuana #wedontsmokethesame #norcal #916 #sactown #sacramento #cityoftrees #nerdstoner #stonernerd,#420 #710 #prop215 #staylifted #reefers #weshouldsmoke #marijuana #wedontsmokethesame #norcal #916 #sactown #sacramento

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The robot. The robot. I like him but he is alien tehnology and we haven’t seen any signs of actual aliens only mechanized units like him. Suddenly it’s like Star Wars meets Battlestar Galactica and he’s a cylon like the one Starbuck repaired in the original series. That would also explain how he knew what a gun was and how he printed one for Will to use to protect himself.

The fight scene with John Robinson and the snake was like a scene right out of snakes on a plain and suddenly Captian Flynn is fighting snakes on a ship. So much of the character dialog and reactions are clearly made by people who are trying to show that while they are brilliant and capable they are kids and will act counterintuitive which just isn’t the case. Will hugging the robot at the end is just not believable just like there would be an obvious record that the ejection countdown was triggered that wouldn’t just go away. So much in this show doesn’t make logical sense at this point but I will trudge on through because it now has an introduction and they are using a variation on the original theme song. So for right now the #memberberries win.

Lost In Space S01E02: Diamonds In The Sky

This is my analysis of the plotlines and oddities in Netflix’s Lost In Space Season 1 Episode 2 titled Diamonds In The Sky. There are guaranteed to be all kinds of spoilers in this blog, continue at your own risk. If you have seen he episode or don’t care about spoilers continue. If you are a fan or are watching the show and trying to be a fan, what annoys and bugs you about the show?

Spoilers! Spoilers! Spoilers! Spoilers!

It really seems like the Pilot was supposed to be a two hour, single episode and this was a direct continuation of the first episode titled Impact. The first episode was almost completely devoid of Don West and Dr. Zachary Smith who isn’t actually Dr. Smith and rather someone aboard the mothership that carried all the Jupiter landing vessels. Through flashback cut scenes the viewer is shown that this vehicle was attacked and that only a few families made it to their craft and that Dr. Smith stole the jacket from the real Doctor and then stole his Jupiter vessel. She invited Don West and another member of the mothership crew to join her as the ship around then is disintegrating.

The Robot makes literally no sense because it speaks the same language as the humans from earth and it wss evidently with the aliens who attacked the mothership. Maureen and John, accompanied by Will and the Robot go looking for survivors and there is a nasty storm coming while Penny and Judy continue to work to free the ship from the ice it is trapped in. Once free, they see the mother of all storms approaching and remove the protective wrap from the Chariot which doesn’t have the wheels on and has a giant sticker that says some assembly required. Penny uses a robot arm to put the tires on while Judy sulks and says it’s impossible. She’s still suffering PTSD from being trapped in the instantly forming ice from the previous episode.

Meanwhile Don tells Smith that she needs to wear these boots he scavaged from the body of a dead colonist they found because the soil is as sharp as diamonds and it will wear through the soles of her shoes. Diamonds are known for their hardness and not for their sharpness, so the statement makes absolutely no sense. Ultimately they have been using emergency flares to try and locate other colonists when Smith decides to abandon Don and take the remaining flare and gun, explaining she will find help and he will know when to use it. He soon realizes she stole the gun and the flare leaving the empty case. They actually used a cut scene to show her doing this as if the viewer was too stupid to understand what Don was realizing without it.

Meanwhile Penny takes off out of the Jupiter 2 alone in the Chariot to rescue her parents using an old school CB Radio Microphone to send out messages calling her parents to respond. She and Judy were below decks in the ship when the parents left and they didn’t discuss directions or any details, Penny just drove off as fast as she could in a randomly chosen direction. It’s a big planet and they could have gone in any direction from the one she chose.

There is also some issues with the casting as believing the three kids came from the two parents isn’t remotely feasible and one or two of them must be milkman babies and since Daddy was a marine, off in war, it would fit with normal behavior seen during the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts.

So, I finished Season 1 Episode 2 of #netflix #lostinspace and I am trying hard not to dislike this show but there are too many glaring issues, not the least of which is genetics. On the left you have John and Maureen Robinson or the actor and actress who play those roles and their daughter Judy Robinson or the actress who plays her. I am a #biological #anthropoligist and I understand genetics and while genotype doesn't indicate phenotype, it is highly unlikely that these two people could ever produce a child who looks like the actress playing their daughter. This is tantamount to trying to pass off Willis and Arnold as Mr. Drummond's biological instead of adopted offspring. #whatchyoutalkingboutwillis it takes #differentstrokes and #diversity is the key here. No, this is like #johnydepp playing #tonto in the Lone Ranger remake. Read the blog at the link in my profile or the link below. . . #sciencefiction #scifi #reviews #nerd #rechnologist #scientist #nerdstoner #420 #710 #prop215 #staylifted #reefers #weshouldsmoke #marijuana because #wedontsmokethesame #stonernerd #norcal #916 #sactown #sacramento #cityoftrees

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What did they get right? I love the concept of the mothership with smaller Jupiter landing craft habitats and it would have been more interesting to see the characters from the beginning of the attack until they landed on the planet in the aftermath. I like the ship, although it kind of looks like a cookie shaped like the millennium falcon. I also do like the robot and I have high hopes for the cast and the overall potential for the show. If I am right and this is the second hour of the pilot, the next episode will have been made months after the first and there is the potential for better acting, stories and character development.

Netflix: Lost In Space

So Netflix has ordered 10 episodes of a reimagining of Lost In Space that starts tonight, April 13, 2018. The trailers didn’t really show much and there isn’t a lot of plot details leaking so I remained excited. Now, that I have watched the first episode, titled “Impact” which isn’t great, shows potential but has some major character and plot development to work on.

Netflix then released this trailer to add or build suspense.

Stop reading now, since there are spoilers from the first episode below as I pick apart the plotlines, storytelling and other issues I have with the first episode. This was my favorite TV show as a kid, beyond Star Trek and Star Wars, I wanted to be Will Robinson. I truly wanted to like this series and it has potential but the first episode was painful, almost as painful as watching the original series today. So without further ado, my episode tear down and review.

Seriously, there are spoilers below.

Final warning….

The story telling in the first episode is choppy and in many ways confusing because you are introduced to the characters and the story jumps backwards in time then back to the present so frequently it makes it difficult to focus on the current storyline much less absorb the details from the flashbacks. There is also some very odd and unbelievable reactions by the members of the Robinson family and as the current situation unfolds, it doesn’t make a lot of logical sense because there is no rational explanation for why the Jupiter 2 craft suddenly crashed through the glacier and sunk in to the liquid water below, nor is there any situation where water would suddenly be liquid and refreeze that quickly. If the temperature we’re that cold, the people who weren’t a wearing spacesuits would have frozen as well.

Up until this point, Will Robinson was only slightly more than a sniveling cry baby, seemingly afraid while everyone else was acting as trained and they would be trained. Suddenly he understands what caused the explosion and sudden melting of the ice, they must have struck a magnesium deposit which triggered the explosion and the plot device that ice causes it to burn hotter which is only true for dry ice which is solidified co2 and it’s the co2 that’s the catalyst. The glacial ice is obvious just frozen h2o since the atmosphere is apparently earth like and that means igniting it on water based ice isn’t going to get the same reaction.

When Will and his father go off to search for the magnesium and get separated, the situation doesn’t seem logical or plausible that he would just slide down a long snow slide in to the forest below the glacier where they crashed. I won’t mention the absurdity of Will approaching and documenting the alien ship or how he reacted to the approaching robot and questioning how he could see him. There is also no.logical.reason for the fire to have taken so long to spread there. This over dramatic environmental threat just cheapens the story.

But the worst plot hole is that he alien robot has learned in such an infinitely short period of time to speak English and learn Will Robinson’s name so that it could issue the catch-phrase the original series made famous. How, in that short period of time did the robot learn English and social constructs like warning of impending danger?

Did you watch the first episode? What did you think? I’m going to watch the series and see if it gets better. Hopefully the first episode just has pilot disease and not series disease.


A Zionist is someone who believes emphatically in a Jewish government in Israel and the overwhelming majority do so because it is part of the end of the world in their religious texts and is when Jesus will come for some for the first time and for others for the second time. I side with these ultra Orthodox Jews in the video below.

I also believe that the United States should cut off all foreign aid to Israel and force the country to accept responsibility for their naval attack on the USS Liberty and pay compensation for all of the damages and restitution to the families of those killed and suffering for all of those involved or be branded a terrorist state.

Israel got away with this attack on the US Liberty and never had to answer for it. This also explains why our government often ignores the bad things Israel does in the occupied territories and how they continue to violate treaties and break agreements they made during negotiations during the preceding decades.

Fake News and the inability or refusal for our trusted news papers, radio and television stations to accurately, reliably and truthfully report the news stories they are covering isn't something new to the internet era and has existed since before the Boston Tea Party. Bloggers and independent journalists have always existed as pamphleteers and publications like the Federalist and Anti-Federalist papers. Always with the task to earn the trust, respect and support of the working class and the poor which make up the majority of this country. How did they convince guys who couldn't afford new boots to abandon work and take up arms to rebel against their government over slavery when they didn't have any skin in the game because they didn't own any slaves? Or after what America did to the Bonus Army and the Black people in Tulsa in 1931, how did they convince so many people to get on board for WWII? The video in the image is in a blog at the website in my profile and explains how and why I feel the way I do about the attack on the USS Liberty. If you aren't familiar, then you should go check out the video because it's not something you would have ever suspected or would believe without the credible evidence introduced in the video. It kind of makes the warning @redacted2night has in their YouTube channel kind of ludicrous. Lee Camp needs to do a story about the attack on the USS Liberty. One you read that particular blog, you should like the blog entry and follow my blog so you can read the crazy shit I write. Keep in mind that I am a #socialnetworkwhore And play it like an #mmorpg so this is just me trying to earn experience to move to the next level. So if you don't read, like and follow, evil wins. Dont let evil win. . #420 #710 #prop215 . #staylifted #reefers #weshouldsmoke #marijuana #wedontsmokethesame #norcal #916 #sactown #sacramento #cityoftrees #politics #truth #history #youtube

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The above post to advertise this blog on #instagram basically sums up how I feel about how mainstream media has recorded history for the entirety of their being a United States Of America and probably all the way back to the first colony at Roanoke. America was founded by a corporation and independence from England benefitted the wealthy and the corporations more than it did the poor. Corporate owned Media isn’t a new thing and as evidenced by the USS Liberty has always been controlled by outside forces that seem to have lots of money and political power.

Bovine Fecal Excrement

The title should have a Male in front of it because the translation should be Bullshit not Cow Shit which was how my we shifted when I found out I had something on my credit report that was preventing me from passing the landlord’s renter check and realized I would have to discuss it with my ex-wife. So,.I swallowed the anxiety that brings and explained my plans to my roommate Jarom. He agreed to drive me on early Saturday morning to get my kids and talk to their mother about things I needed to discuss with her. While we have a communication issue it’s not the same type of issues most other couples have and it doesn’t manifest in the same way as other bad relationships do. My roommate was in a bad marriage where it manifested in very bad way and the skeletons in his closet began rattling their chains and pounding on the door to get out and he called me to tell me not to discuss it with her. When I wouldn’t agree he said he didn’t have the gas money to take me, which is mental control.

So, I have something urgent that I need to discuss with my ex-wife and my.#roommmate who is supposed to have my back, supposed to support me decided he had a bad feeling about it. That he felt something bad was coming and called me late last night to talk to me about it. Ultimately telling me he didn't want me to talk to her about the situation and when I called telling me he wouldn't take me. When he arrived home at 1am he continued and after all the drama blew over he apologized for being so dick and basically.msde me believe he was going to take me to see my kids, pick them up and take them.somewhere after talking to my ex-wife. He comes home tonight and hands me enough for a Bus Pass and says the right rail.wilp get you there. To #lincoln. Bullshit. He waited until 1:30 in the morning knowing I wouldn't have any other way to get there. This is.what #jesus would do right? Now, I have to figure out an alternative plan. All because of this I don't get to see my kids, my.kifs don't get to see me because he can't control the situation. Anyone wanna give me a ride from Citrus Heights to Lincoln, so I can see and talk to my ex-wife? See, what I need to talk to my wife about is a legal matter that prevents me from beib able to rent an apaetment or get on the lease as an appeoved tenant. Which he supposedly wants but doesnt feel comfortable doing. So he waited until the last minute to tell me and talked to everyone we have in common to stop them from driving me. Mental f–king manipulation. #420 #710 #prop215 #staylifted #reefers #weshouldsmoke #marijuana #wedontsmokethesame #norcal #916 #sactown #sacramento #cityoftrees

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Now, I will forgive you, if you ask for it and apologize accordingly by acknowledging your behavior was wrong. I won’t bring it up again unless the transgression becomes a pattern because that translates to mental abuse.

This is why i despise all.of the #abrahamicreligions becsuse each in its own way has this same incredibly inane and at odds concept with a character totally the opposite of what is being said. Kermit would forgive and Kermit would.forget and he doesn't have #alzheimers which shouldn't be joked about. #rainbowconnection The person who shared this professes to be a Christian which is incredibly ironic when compared to this meme, because much like Kermit, Jesus would forgive and Jesus would forget because his sacrifice was supposed to wash away the sins which allowed everyone who believed in him.and repented was in. See, most Christian's different than any specialty nerd group as Nerds in general. Trekkies being the most diverse and easy to compare group. Trekkies verses Trekkers versus Fans kind of deal. It's like orthdox, reformed and interdenominational, I don't have a religion, I have a personal relationship kind of thing. Think about it Kirk vs Picard and suddenly it's Mohammad vs Jesus with Abraham and his brothers being Spock vs Riker. You can use this kind of comparison to say so much about it all in a way that is quasi-offensive.but valid comparisons. I need to work on a blog. #startrekisareligion I'm weak. . #Norcal #916 #sactown #sacramento #cityoftrees #420 #710 #prop215 #staylifted #reefers #weshouldsmoke #marijuana #wedontsmokethesame what's green and smells like pork? #kermitsfinger just think about it. #spelunkers double-tap and check dropping a things up.

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The sudden onset of rain and drama translated to stress, anxiety and more pain and depression. Thankfully a local privateer, true gentleman and friend, who is an entrepreneur, graciously gifted me some organic, homeopathic pain relief in a stinky bright green and orange flower with the most distinctive and noticeable of leaf styles. He included only the good stuff without stems or any seeds which i graciously accept with proffered thanks and genuine gratitude. That’s who I am and when I apologise, it’s always genuine and sincere. So when my roommate apologized that night and told me he would take me on Saturday, I believed him.

It's amazing how mentally abusive behavior often hurts worse and.reaches deeper in to our soul then physical abuse and pain. Now that the #adrenaline from the #stress of someone I trusted essentially toying with me.and trying to control me. Now, the stress is turning to anxiety and depression and everything that comes along with it. It's truly an incredibly sad turn of events where suddenly instead of an enabler, you have become.a.manipulator. it's really and truly an eye opener because this is the kind of behavior that can only be explained as institutional power Trip where you have the power of the ride as leverage and want to then see what level of control.and manipulation you could exert and when I countered you apologized and plotted to just wait until the last minute to refuse to do it. It done now, I don't believe in karma. I believe that you are on a sinking ship.and you know it. Your sense of dread is the rising water level in the boat. The ironic part is that you just tossed the one person who treated you honestly, respectfully and like a friend with trust telling you thinks I didn't share with anyone else. You won't have that now and you know that anyone who knows your skeletons won't do this and they will.ultimately find out because yours rattle their chains too often. . #420 #710 #prop215 #staylifted #reefers #weshouldsmoke #marijuana #wedontsmokethesame #norcal #916 #sactown #sacramento #cityoftrees#deoression #anxiety #chronicpain #chronichealthissues #panicattack #depression

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So when he told me at 0100 hours on Saturday morning that he wasn’t going to take me and handed me $7 which is the Sacramento RT Daily pass price it felt like an act of betrayal because he had also talked to his step-father who I had mentioned as a potential alternative and it was like being with an abusivr significant other, usually a boyfriend. I wasn’t about to call him and stir up family drama because that’s not who I am. I am not above going to church and having a private meeting with the bishop, of whom I have an existing relationship.

Sometimes, I need a diversion from being alone inside my own head because when I have a lot of stress, anxiety and pain it can lead to essentially feeling like System Of A Down where I am dreaming of screaming. That’s when I usually text friends and I hit up two of the people I am.closest to, my friend Someko
Indaodd on WordPress and my bestie who’s more like a sister and bestie because she and I communicate more then someone in twelve step talks to their sponsor and we know intimate details about each other that bring us closer. She knows my roommate and he made the mistake of calling her and talking to her for hours. He made the mistake of opening to door to her because she will tell you the truth of the matter. She knew everything that was going and she messaged Jarom and then she called him. I don’t know what she said to him but he I’m me changed his mind and apologized even more genuinely and profusely.

Thanks @tellibear2771 for swooping in like Batgirl and knocking some sense in to my #roommmate and clearing up the situation. This is my #saturday morning #cartoon #superhero become real life hero. Now, hanging with my kids and I discussed the important issue with my ex-wife and she is going to check in to doing what needs to be done. Now, if I can just get everything to fall in to place with the job and have her take care of what she needs to, I might be able to actually get up.of my knees and be able to stand on my own two feet again. It's been awhile. Beautiful day today and the drive to #lincoln was so green and the 200+ goats off of #ferrariranchrd were the highlight of the drive as they ate what would otherwise grow in to a fire hazard. . #Norcal #916 #sactown #sacramento #cityoftrees #420 #710 #prop215 #staylifted #reefers #weshouldsmoke #marijuana #wedontsmokethesame #parenting #divorce #depression #anxiety #chronichealthissues #pain #onestepatatime

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So I got to talk to the kids mom and retrieved the kids from their grandmother’s house. We stopped at the 98 Cents store and got some drinks and snacks and then went to the Apartment. Where we hung out ebfore going to meet my roommates oldest brother and his kids.

So #kethry, my #daughter likes to show me the toys she earns and collects, which she carries in a woman's purse and she knows dolls give me the creeps especially if the eyes and mouths move because my sister had one where cranking the arm.changed the facial expression and we didn't know olit and every time I came across it in the toy box it had a different face. She likes that they give me the creeps when they have big eyes. This one reminds me of the little girl in the first episode of #gameofthrones beyond the wall. So my daughter began setting them up.and asked me to take pictures, so I did. Here they are, with the creepy doll. Who's head kept falling of which just made her creepier than Freddy Fasbear. Screw that #fivenightsatfreddys game creeps me out. I'm not afraid of #freddyfasbear I just don't like him. Ha ha ha. When it came time for she told my #roommmate that she didn't want to go.home. I win. #Norcal #916 #sactown #sacramento #cityoftrees #parenting #got #fnac #fstherhood #daughters #divorce #chronichealthissues #pain #anxiety #depression

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When it was time to leave, my daughter told my roommate that she didn’t want to leave and wanted to stay rather than go home. Fist Pump for Dad.

My roommates love my kids and my kids like my roommates. All in all I love and enjoy my roommates but I think the collective close quarters and the extreme amount of time we are together causes a natural friction. And since we are all sort of like the inhabitants of the Aisle of Misfit Toys which is a play on that copyrighted Christmas animation about an elf with a desire to become a dentist and his exotic and strange crew which included an abominable snowman or a yeti that lives in the artic and an island full of oddly designed and poorly marketed or dysfunctional toys. It’s also where Samsung disposed of all of the Galaxy Note 7s like some abandoned US Atomic water sight. So, I have forgiven him again because the skeletons banging on your inner sanctum door can be truly unnerving because they often whisper your greatest fears and humiliations.

So #kethry, my #daughter likes to show me the toys she earns and collects, which she carries in a woman's purse and she knows dolls give me the creeps especially if the eyes and mouths move because my sister had one where cranking the arm.changed the facial expression and we didn't know olit and every time I came across it in the toy box it had a different face. She likes that they give me the creeps when they have big eyes. This one reminds me of the little girl in the first episode of #gameofthrones beyond the wall. So my daughter began setting them up.and asked me to take pictures, so I did. Here they are, with the creepy doll. Who's head kept falling of which just made her creepier than Freddy Fasbear. Screw that #fivenightsatfreddys game creeps me out. I'm not afraid of #freddyfasbear I just don't like him. Ha ha ha. When it came time for she told my #roommmate that she didn't want to go.home. I win. #Norcal #916 #sactown #sacramento #cityoftrees #parenting #got #fnac #fstherhood #daughters #divorce #chronichealthissues #pain #anxiety #depression

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Then takes is a few moments remembering your greatest successes to realise how full of bullshit they truly are. Those skeletons, not my roommates, they just fart a lot and one of them poops in a box in the corner and on the floor in front of it when his box has something in it, but that’s different.